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hi everyone welcome to the beadaholique design studio I'm cat Silva and I'm joined today by Julie beam and we are here and we are talking all about tassels and fringe this is one of the latest summer trends and we are so excited to show you guys how you can bring it into your DIY jewelry and really get the most from this trend yeah and this is such a fun and easy trend to incorporate into your designs absolutely and it's so colorful we are just so excited to kind of show you everything that we've been working on and we've had a lot of fun for pairing we had I came in one day after being gone for a couple days and cat had literally made like had a project I get a little carried away I think you were having fun you know and the thing is I love how versatile it is and we have so many different styles that we're gonna be talking about and all kinds of different ways that you can wear the trend as well yeah and this is something we are seeing in boutiques we're seeing it on TV and movies in fashion magazines we're seeing tassels and fringe everywhere and we're seeing them from teeny teeny tiny little ones - yup huge like tassel earrings that go down to here so this is really a trend that we're seeing everywhere and as fun it's playful and it's really easy to achieve if you like making your own jewelry which we hope you do if you're joining us because you sure do so yeah so as we're kind of chatting here sent in some questions we're here to answer any questions you might have about tassels or air hey what's that show it again we're here for you because we want you guys to get the most out of this class we love doing these we do these once a month and it's a great opportunity for us to kind of interact with you guys in real time so speaking of commenting we actually have a giveaway so if you joined us live previously you know that we always love to do a giveaway so for this class we are giving away some really great things so we're gonna be giving away a couple of different styles of tassel here I have some of those nylon tassels with those little caps on them and then we also have some chain tassels and the neat thing about this is you're noticing some kind of funky components here well actually let me draw your attention over here we are giving you the full components to make the Valencia earrings and Julie made these and they are just so fun and really fashionable and this really talks about what Julie was talking about where it's like that really nice long elongated beautiful piece there so you're gonna get all the components to make those earrings yeah and we do have a whole video showing you how to make them so if you win this you could go check out our video and see how to make these from start to finish and we're also giving you some other types of tassels we're giving you some beautiful silk thread that will show you how to work with as well and then we're giving you a little ream of seed beads now you're probably wondering what that is for and I'm about to show you here in just a moment so all you need to do to win the giveaway is just leave a comment below say hi let us know where you're tuning in from or if you have a question that enters you for the giveaway as well so I don't know Julie are you ready to dive in I am ready to dive in and I can't wait because I know what you're going to do first yeah then I have not actually seen you do this before I don't know how to do this all right well I don't I did do this in a video so I'm this is sort of my my read you to show you guys here but this is a technique that I discovered that I was really excited because I love the end result and how you can really make it your own you can do a little bit or you can do a lot so the first technique I'm gonna show you is something that I've searched for and I've heard it called quarreling or beaded coral so it's just kind of whatever you want to kind of call it I like beaded coral we'll go with that one alright so here's an example of that now this is that beautiful beaded coral tassel and I added some beautiful wood beads and seed beads at the top there with some lovely sea glass let me just kind of set that down there for you so this is sort of that coral so I'm just going to pull one out to the side so I'm gonna show you how to do this with some seed beads now if you joined us for our live class where we talked all about seed beads we talked about Czech glass being a little irregular and this is one of the applications that I love using those Czech glass beads for because they're irregular so you're getting this really organic feel of that beautiful beaded coral so to make that coral I have some coral seed beads here now this is a beautiful mix of that lovely red and orange coral and today just so that it shows up for you guys I'm going to use the fireline the black set and I'm gonna use a four-pound but definitely go ahead and match your fire line to your seed beads if I was doing this for a real project I would probably use some crystal just because I wouldn't want it to show it but I want you guys to be able to see what I'm about to do here and then I'm going to be some gold closed jump rings here now you're gonna kind of see that I have my needle threaded here and what I'm going to do first is I'm gonna pick up that closed jump ring and just kind of thread it down almost all the way to the end and now I'm just gonna tie a couple overhand knots and the thing I love about this is you don't have to worry about making this part nice and pretty because it's all gonna be hidden under a beautiful bead cap so I'm actually going to do one more knot just for a little security all right so now I have my closed jump ring with my little knot on it so now I'm ready to add my beading so here's the fun part and here's where I say that you can make it as long as you want and just add as many coral pieces as you want so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up a whole bunch of seed beads and again I just love this mix there's some shiny there's some matte there's some frosted pieces in here so you're really getting just a beautiful mix of colors and we have several mixes of the Czech glass so these are just really fun and these are 11 OC beads now if you're wondering and if you kind of see something that we're working with here today we do have a product collection and that is available by going to be two Halik we're actually also going to kind of include that link here for you just below and this will give you all the options to see the stuff that we're working on so if you're like what's that head over there and we'll be able to kind of show you a little bit more specifically what we're working with all right let me get a few more on here that is such a pretty color combination I know I love this I think I might have to make a third one I already made I already made a second one I think I might have to go back and make a third one well I like it cause it almost transcends every season like you could wear that in the bottom you could wear that in the spring or the summer it's just such a pretty pretty color combo alright so what I've done here is I've strong about two and a half inches or so just of my little beads here just right up next to that jump ring so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna take my needle and I'm gonna skip over that first bead there and I'm actually gonna go back through I'd say about seven or eight beads or so there and this is again where it's totally personal so what I'm gonna do is just kind of string up there and now as you can see I'm sort of coming out to the side with my thread right there so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pick up a few more seed beads let's see maybe like eight or ten or so all right I'm just gonna string those all the way down and now I'm gonna do the same thing on this side so I'm gonna skip over that first bead and I'm gonna go back through all those little beads that I strung and I'm gonna come up so that I have a little piece of coral now I'm going to continue working my way up by going back through that main section there and bringing my needle up a little bit further so now you can see that I have that little piece of coral at the bottom there kind of turn that around for the camera there you go so now let's say I want to add a few more but I want to add just a couple of beads this time just I want a little tiny piece of coral and I'm just gonna turn that around again skipping over that first bead there going all the way back through and I'm gonna try to do this all in one step try to get it back up through some of those beads going up through the top there so this is the whole technique and this is just a really fun way and you can kind of see that it starts to develop and when you put a whole bunch of these together you get that really beautiful beaded tassel and you can actually do one more thing that I'm going to show you quickly here is I'm going to add on a whole bunch here and I'm going to go out to the side and now I'm gonna go only back through a few of those beads because I'm going to add an extra piece of coral out here so it's just creating these little branches of coral and like I said when you put them all together you can just see the result is just gorgeous and this is why I love using the bead mixes you don't have to use the bead mix one thing that I've also done and I'll show you I have a little example here that is actually a little bit more of a fringe where I've added it's been the same color of the coral but then I've added a little accent on the bottom there so I'll show you that in just a moment all right now I'm headed right back up to the top for this one I think this piece of coral is done for me so all I need to do is bring it back up to the top there and then I'm just going to go through my little jump ring and you have to use a closed jump ring for this I'm gonna make a little knot there pull it down and then I'm ready to start my next little branch so what you'll do for this piece of coral here is you'll create three or four as as full as you want pieces of coral and you'll do this for several separate jump rings and then what you simply do is just add it all together and then you're gonna pull it through a bead cap here so you can just see that I have a few pieces in there pull it through a bead cap using some Griffin silk for my purposes here you can also use some beading wire but then you'll get that lovely little result there of having this beautiful beaded tassel so I did that one in a sort of oceanic color I did this one in a silver and that other technique I was telling you about I did one single color but then I made sure that each little tip had a little rose gold seed bead to it so there's a lot of different ways to do this it's really really fun and with those bead mixes it is absolutely perfect and this again is a great way to use those czech glass seed beads that are a little irregular so you're gonna get that nice little kind of coral defect i love that to watch your video yeah and I love this really organic I think that's what I love about it too cuz you can actually make it really really long or you can make it nice and tight and short so it's it's really fun there's no wrong way to do it that's what I love about it I love I love what I can say there's no wrong way to do it thank you I enjoy that I might continue this and make another project out of it and you'll have to yeah alright so Julie what do you have for us I know I have something a little bit different but this is something I have been seeing are these little tassels here that are made with ultra suede and they're really very very simple and they're one of these projects that you can use some of your old scraps for so I tend to not toss anything I like to just you know not waste and also I always think I'm gonna find a use for it so this is a great application for some old scraps of ultra suede and you can see you could do it in a variety of colors and what we're going to be doing them around are these little tierracast rings and these are a little connector links there's a whole bunch of different ones and different finishes and they're about 20 millimeters there's also other sizes available so you can check that out too at but for my purposes I'm going to use this little guy right here and I'm going to be using some of this microfiber suede and you see it comes in a variety of colors actually many more colors than what you see here and this is nice because you get a three-yard spool and to make each tassel you're in need 27 inches so you can make 4 tassels out of a spool of thread so the way you're going to do this is you're gonna measure off three lengths that are nine inches long each and you can definitely mix and match colors that's what I did with this one again that was my little scrap piece I think it looks really nice yeah I love that two-tone style that you did there yeah I thought that actually was nice because it was just like you could really play with the colors he can do three colors if you wanted to because you're using three strips okay so we got three strips are 9 inches long each and we are going to do this very easily and so you're just gonna line up the tips now we're going to be making a larks head knot here and so we're gonna pull this down and we're gonna try to find that middle point so we've got the middle right here I'm gonna fold it over keeping them all together and you're going to feed it through your ring just like so and you want to kind of put your finger in here so you have a nice little loop we're just gonna go ahead and make that larks head knot by tucking those ends through and pulling them so this is what we've got and you see it's a little bit loose right here so just keep holding on to it and then pull down and what you can do at this point is you can kind of try to straighten this out a little bit if you want to and you want to make sure pull all of these together and tight you can't keep pulling the strands figure out where that loose one is there we go and then just pull it really nice and tight and if you pull it tight enough you're gonna notice something that this has some texture to it it has some grip to it you don't need to use any glue these are this knot is not going to come out and then you just decide how long you want it to be and trim the ends and you have castle I love that that's so great yeah and you know what I could definitely see a design where you stack up a whole bunch II make a lot of different colors together and I think we talked about this before we started this broadcast about like purse charms yes so that would be a really fun purse - I look out and what you can do this if you want to turn it into a finished piece I just took a jump ring and a finished chain and hung it on it so it's really simple really easily we're talking a you know an item of jewelry that takes maybe two minutes to make oh if you're looking to make some gifts or you know you just want to have a really fun on-trend piece of jewelry that's quick and easy this is an idea for you okay all right we do have a question before we move on here Kimberly is asking what is the size of the ring that Julie's working with there so this is a 20 millimeter ring it's a little bit under an inch I mean is by tierracast and they have several different styles in that size but you can really use a bunch of different sizes okay and I think we have another question as well oh absolutely so this is from Paige she's wondering if you can use different sizes of beads to create the beaded tassels here absolutely I've done this with 15 O's and you can get really crazy with the tiny ones but you can also use a toes I might not want to go a little bit bigger than that you could absolutely use this technique to do that I just have only used 15:11 and eighths so I know that those ones work but I think you could use some six O's if you wanted to we have some again some great color varieties in that as well but yeah there's like we said there's no wrong way to do it so you can definitely do a little bit of bigger bead if you wanted to kind of get that technique especially if you are making something that's really big and you want to go big and bold why not I the only thing I would say is you might want to these are five millimeter jump rings that I'm using here if you're using bigger beads I would suggest going up to this up a size in your rings or up a gauge to really help that out and I was using the four pound if you're using an 800 or a 600 something that's a little bit larger go ahead and bump that up to the six pound or the eight pound so that's the only adjustment that I would recommend that you make just to really make sure that your beads aren't gonna kind of fall off or be too heavy on the 4 pound because you can actually this is great for the 11s but I would go up a size so that's what I would recommend but absolutely yeah it could be really pretty if you mix and match - oh like you could put like big ones at the tips or you could do something like that yeah cuz I I just did colors at the tapes but yeah you can do bigger beads at the bottoms to kind of give it that little weight we have another question so Reed is asking what size thread I was so I was using the 4 pound for this for the examples that I showed here but again if you are using bigger beads you can bump that up a little bit but for today for the 11 o's for the czech class 11s I was using the four pound Fred and keep those questions coming we love here yeah and you know the thing is is we've done a lot of trial and error with stuff so we know what works goes first so we're here to kind of help you guys out because we've definitely wasted some stuff sorry but that's how we know and that's how we kind of design we get a chance to really play with a lot of the stuff and work with it in our space to make sure that you guys are getting the right size and the right fit for everything so you it gives you a little bit more of a stronger jumping-off point yeah I know Katz mentioned this before but we have hundreds and hundreds of projects on so if you have an idea for a project and you're not quite sure what thread size to use or what bead size you can go onto our website look under the projects and then find one that's maybe similar in technique to what you're trying to do and see what we recommend because a lot of that will translate to other applications yeah and actually so I do a lot of the answering of the Facebook questions as much as I can I know customer service is wonderful for helping me out but I actually had a question for hey Kat I want to use this bead and I want to use a bead cap can you recommend a couple different sizes and styles that might work so I was able to kind of put some stuff together and go oh this one will work and I've tried that one before and I directed them to another project that we had done and I actually directed them to another kit so there's a lot of things that that we can kind of help you guys out so if you're not sure and because we don't want you to hesitate to buy something or get the wrong thing because that can be really disappointing too so we try to help you out by kind of mixing and matching and helping you guys with the right fit for everything so don't be afraid to ask yeah where we are and we love doing that too I think I really love helping so definitely ask away whether it's during a live broadcast or any other time on Facebook or calling in to our customer service absolutely alright so Julie was actually talking about purse terms for a second so that's a great segue for me because I want to talk about another way that you can use ultra suede but I'm actually using ultra suede strips here and now these these we usually use for beating foundation so today I'm actually going to show you how you can cut these to make little tassels so I have a couple examples down here and let me start by showing you the purse charm that I made so this I put together a couple different styles and you'll see that in one of these we have a beautiful pattern ultra suede now the pattern ones I will say are limited editions so once they're gone they're gone so be sure to shop early again this is all in that product collection so we do have these beautiful pattern ones and we do have some solid colors as well but this is a great little way to use these ultra suede strips and we were talking about kind of sizing it to your right size so we have this is similar to what I'm gonna make here using a bead cap with the ultra suede and then we also have one that's nice and tiny and teeny-tiny q and then I have another one here where I actually used the Swarovski crystal hotfix to create a little studded look and I love how it looks with that little Rivoli setting and that's for offski crystal this sits right on top so here's a couple of little examples of some of the bead caps so you can do something a little smaller you can do a cone these are the ones that I used for that beaded tassel but you could use it in this application as well and then we also have something that's a little bit larger so if you really want to go go for it and make some bigger tassels we have a lot of different varieties and this is a very small collection of the types that we have so so go nuts and have fun but let me just show you kind of really quick what I've got working here so I have a couple pieces of the pattern and then I have a piece here that is that sort of flat beautiful sort of royal blue so what I'm gonna do here is all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my little snips here and you're gonna want some sharp scissors for this now this piece here is about two and a half inches I believe I cut it - nope three I lied three inches so what I'm gonna do and this is where you can kind of make it your own is just take your scissors and cut your strips all the way up towards the top now you're gonna want to stop when you're at the point that's gonna fit inside your bead cap so I have just a little bit of space there so I'm gonna take one of my bead caps and just kind of sit it up there and line it up so that's about where I want that to be so you can actually draw a line because that'll be kind of closed into there if you want but all you're gonna do is just continue to make those strips now I'm gonna go a little little quick here so please forgive my cutting but be sure to take your time when you're doing this but this is a great little way to utilize these as well I think the advantage for using the actual length here of the ultra suede versus what I just used is there you are connected already yes as individual strips that you would have to then somehow connect mm-hmm yeah cuz you can also use the material that julie was using but you'd have to kind of gather them all together in some way and then really glue them up in there so this is a little kind of way to get around them it's a nice little trick yeah and just to talk a little bit about the hotfix that I used there so what I ended up doing was I cut all these little strips and then before rolling it and you're gonna see me do that here in just a minute before rolling it up into my bead cap that's when I put the little hotfix on there so if you're wondering at what stage that happens it's after you cut your little strips here but before you roll it up into the into the bead cap also that way you'll be able to see like oh do I want to add it on each and every one do I want to add every other one however it's gonna kind of roll up there for you all right this is some sloppy cutting I apologize I apologize live audience okay all right just a few more here I think I'm actually getting towards the end of where I need to be so I'm actually gonna kind of trim that off there we go all right so now I have my little my little fringy tassel that is sort of undone here so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to use some e6000 and I have a little post-it here where I'm just gonna kind of put that down and all I'm gonna do is put a little bit of glue there and I'm gonna take a toothpick and before I roll it up I'm gonna get that glue in there because I want to kind of really make sure that it's gonna be nice and coated in there and the nice thing about a 6000 it actually starts to create like a little tackiness and that's what I want cuz I don't want the glue to be too wet when I put the ultra suede in because the ultra suede is a fabric so it will sort of take on this sort of the coloring so it could discolor so do your glue first let it sit for a second and then just roll up your tassel just on the side here there we go and now I'm just gonna fit that into a little bead cap and I like to give it a little twist just to kind of make sure that they're all gonna be up in there and nice and tight there we go all right so now I'm just gonna let that sit but you can see how easy that is to create a little tassel with just a little bit of that e6000 so ya see and the thing is is you can make this as tiny as big as thick and you can actually create multiple strips use this pattern stuff it looks really cool and really fun when you kind of get it in that tassel form so that's just a great way to use the ultra suede strips to make a tassel very nice quick and easy yeah they're all perfectly the same way and that's what we make it nice and easy because if you cut your strip here you know that even if you're kind of making some jagged cuts in here that actually kind of you can you can see how sloppy I was with those cuts but they actually kind of disappear a little bit when you put it into the tassel because you're creating that movement with it thank you all right Julie so what do you what do you got next for right you're gonna talk about some different types I'm gonna start talking about some different types of tassels so we've covered the beaded tassels we've covered the ultra suede tassel so now let's talk about chain tassels and then we're also gonna talk about some more fabric you type tassels both the ones that you can make and the ones that are pre-made so in front of me I have some chain tassels and these are actually what I used for the Valencia earrings right here and you can see this is a little ball chain and these come pre-made which is nice because that makes life really really easy so we have some ones right here and this size and style is really great and you see it's that little cable chain and what's nice is you can add extra beads to this so if you wanted to kind of decorate this a little bit you can definitely add little beads with jump rings to the tips of these so I'm gonna draw your attention over here right now now this is something different this is something I have made a little fringe but if you see how I put that little seed bead on the little four millimeter jump ring and then connected it to the end of the chain you can do this exact same technique over here for this tassel so that's kind of a fun versatile way of adding just oh some color to these if you want to do that then we also have these ball chain ones and you see they have these great bead caps are already on it and they already have an open jump ring as well I think you can just hang this from a chain and call it good it's a simple piece of jewelry but it would look just really beautiful and very on-trend and then we also have these other ones Ridge here which are a little bit more of a petite scale and again it's a nice chain tassel with that open jump ring and you can see that that was used right here in this piece so they add just that kind of the updated look for you so if you're really wanting to have something that looks very fresh adding one of these chain tassels is a really nice idea and now these are all live on the site today this is a brand new product for us and we've had a lot of fun playing with it and if you are commenting right now you also have the chance to win some of these so let's go ahead and look at our giveaway again if you've joined us live before you know during these classes we always have a giveaway and you enter by commenting either question or just a Hello or where you're from we love hearing where you're from so Kat has a giveaway I think we're going to look at it again right now because so these are the ball chain tassels that Julie was just talking about we're gonna give you this silver and the gold version and then we have some of those other little tassels here that have that beautiful chain we're also gonna give you some little capped tassels and we're going to actually talk about that in just a little moment here we have some with the jump rings but you're seeing some beautiful components here and you are gonna get all the components to make the Valencia earrings that Julie made for it to go with our beautiful chain tassel launch so you're also gonna get that lovely coral a seed bead mix that I was using earlier today so yeah so we wanted to give you a full project to use some of the tassels and then we're also going to be giving you some of the silk cord as well so we're going to talk about that in just a moment as well and we do have a question before we go on sure so the question is how many thank you how many strands of coral can you put on one jump ring before moving on to the next I recommend if you're using eleven O's I recommend about four to five it depends on how full you want to make your coral so just so you know under here is about four of those jump rings with five on there so it also depends on the size that will fit underneath your bead cap so for example this is the bead cap that I use you can kind of see the size difference and sort of see the well there but if you wanted to use something that has a little bit of a bigger well or something that is a little thicker you might need to sort of adjust that also again if you wanted to use something a little thinner adjust that as well now this one is a little bit tough because you have to be aware of the size of jump rings that will fit into that cone so I recommend trying to use something a little bit bigger if you want that nice full tassel but I would recommend doing about four to five corals per jump ring and then inside here it's about four to five jump rings again just however thick you want to make it you'll notice on my little example here one of the things that I would caution you about is so I have my little jump ring here and you'll notice that most of the quarreling is at the bottom I wouldn't go past about a half an inch or so because you're gonna need some of those beads at the top to sit inside of that bead cap so make sure that you're quarreling stops about a half an inch from where your jump ring is because you don't want to kind of try to light coral up here because that'll make it too thick to kind of fit inside of your bead cap so hopefully that helps you a little bit and if you do watch the full video that I did for this you'll get to see several of the pieces laid out and how I gather them all together to actually put them through the bead cap so you'll get to see that step as well I just I don't have I don't want to take the time today to do that but I already did that in a video so if you are curious about that be sure to check out and if you're looking for these this is the sea side tassel necklace and both of these are listed actually in that product collection that we were talking about so I'll make sure that those links appear for you down below alright more tassel more cattle get the fringe to wait for sure well there's just so much so many tassels and they're so fun well you know tassels and fringe are kind of interchangeable so we'll be popping back and forth absolutely you can make tassel fringe we're going to show you about that so let's look at some of the cloth tassels and then I'm going to show you how to make one yourself so if we look down at this tray here you see that there is a wide variety of pre-made cloth tassels now these are great if say you have a piece of jewelry which caps going to show you in a little bit here that's already made and you just want to pop a tassel onto it so these are really ready to go they're nice and you see that they come in a variety of colors they've got that cap on it where you can easily link a jump ring to there's also tassels with a jump ring on them already so we've got like this black one and they're all tied very neatly and then there's other ones that you can go ahead and add your own jump ring to whatever size you want and you can see some examples here down this is a previous kit that we've done that has the little tassels and the little charm so very fun there and then up here we have some great examples where they just been added to the adjustable bracelet so a lot of different options and what's really great about these is that instant pop of color it's at an instant kind of gratification that you've just really made a very updated piece that's really finished so maybe this is a good time for cat to show you how sure add one and then I'm going to show you how to make one yeah so this is actually a project that I had done previously and I just wanted to create a lovely little way to show off those jerseys and I did this memory wire with noodle beads and lava beads so again this is the original project and we didn't quite have the tassels in when I made this but now that we do I want to add a little tassel to it so I brought out this little black and silver cap so all I'm gonna do is take a five millimeter 20 gauge jump ring and this is open so I'm just gonna open that up with my pliers slip on my little tassel and I'm just gonna add it to that last little loop of my memory wire just on the outside there and then just close that up and that's it so now I have tassel jewelry I just added a tassel you can just do that I love it it's just and then it just again if this was sort of let's say it was all black and silver and I wanted to add a little pop of red I can do that as well I can just add that color to it and tassels are another great way to sort of stack so Julie was talking a little bit about our adjustable chain tassel bracelets so I made one with light blue and one with dark blue but if you kind of put them together you could just stack these up and it's a nice little sort of fun fringy sort of look when you kind of add all the tassels together and just make it your own so just a great little way to sort of personalize any any piece of jewelry now what I love about this is you could actually if two tassels are too much you could add a little crystal to one side or a little charm and you know let's say you wanted to add a little moon charm and then you could add one tassel so there's no wrong way to do it and that is perfect well I'm gonna now show you how to make a longer tassel so these tassels we love them but you'll notice they're about let's find a ruler yes the ruler isn't me trying not to topple our giveaway tray look at how big these are they're really nice size you know they're a little over an inch like looks like about an inch and a quarter and that's true for all of these witches are really very easy to incorporate size that works great for bracelets necklaces whatever you want to do especially you're gonna stack and layer them but what we are seeing with the tassel trend is there are some really really large tassels out yes like huge tassels big and bold and look at me tough yes yeah I think it's really one of those situations where you can't go too big yep I mean we've seen everything so and if you make your own tassel you can go as big or as tiny as you want exactly so first for this exact trend we've just brought in a new product to and is a silk thread and I'm gonna show you it right here because it is a beautiful thread to make a tassel out of so you see here I have a bunch of different colors of spools and you get a lot there's actually a hundred and forty yards on every spool that's a lot of tasks it is a lot of tassels and it comes in a variety of color beautiful colors and it's so soft I know that that is really luxurious yeah it's silk it's a hundred percent pure silk and it is just it feels great I was surprised at how soft and drapey it is I'm now look at this one right here and I've done a lot of different projects both that you see here and then that we still don't have live yet so I've used a lot of my spool but if you look at how this drapes it's really got a nice drape to it and it is very very silky again it's size F and that correlates to about 0.3 4 millimeters okay so that's the size of it and I'm actually doing something with this right now that I'll show you guys all in probably about a week or two where I put a big eye needle on this oh nice so you can do a lot of different projects with this besides tassels but I do want to show you how to make a tassel so talking about tassels so I'm gonna show you how to do it very easily with a piece of cardboard I literally cut this out of a beadaholique shipping box residue probably so you get a free tool with your order there you go so um so that you don't waste make this as big as you want your tassel to be so if you're just gonna make like a little tiny tassel like you see here make it about this big you want to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room but don't use this big of a card to make this size tassel you'll end up wasting a lot of your silk and we don't want to do that we want to make this stretch as far as it can but I'm gonna make one of these big tassels right here so that's a very simple technique first we're gonna go ahead and cut off about 10 inches or so and I'm gonna have a pair of tweezers handy I found that the pair of tweezers is super useful in this technique it just gives me that little bit of extra control okay so now I'm gonna unwind a bunch and this is gonna be a pretty big tassel but because you're getting a hundred and forty yards you can do that with this if you are trying to make a tassel with something that you maybe only got like three yards with it would be a lot harder that's good so yeah cuz there is a different you know you can make it as full as you want or as air as slim as you want so yeah I love it that she got that big spool alright so we've just unwound a lot alright so I'm gonna hold it against my card and I'm just gonna wind it now I think we do have a quick tip video that shows winding it around your hand which also works but you're limited to the size of your hand also I always have trouble trying to get it off my hands this is a little bit easier and I think if you know that way also sometimes even even when you're using your hands sometimes your fingers will separate so it's not as consistent as say you know a piece of cardboard or something that you've pre measured so if you are trying to make let's say a pair of earrings or have all the labels definitely a structured piece probably works a little bit better alright so just wind it as much as you want again you can make it as thick or as thin as you want it's really just a personal preference once you have it about where you want it just cut now what we're gonna do is we are going to hold it in place and we want to just go ahead and have something that anchors it so we're just going to slip that cut piece of thread that we already had under all the strands and we're just going to lay it down and tie a knot and this is really an anchoring knot it's just so that I'm going to put it up towards the top and I'm going to tie it again it's basically just keeping all your strands together now we're going to open a jump ring I have a little 5 millimeter jump ring right here so I'm just gonna open that up and have that ready to go I'm also gonna cut myself off another length and this is gonna be about 20 24 inches and now we're going to flip this jump ring under all your strands and you can actually this has some flex to it which is nice it's not rigid so you can actually pick this up and just slide it under to make sure that you've got it around all the different strands and then just close it back up now I've done this two ways at this point I have actually gone ahead and just put my jump ring up near that anchoring knot and then you'll see in a minute I've just kind of incorporated that into my design other times I've put it like up here and I've just cut away that knot Oh so kind of a personal preference whatever you want to do but basically at this point you want to slide it off and again you've got some flex to this and you've got you can bend it and I'm just gonna slide it off and you're gonna try to hold it together and now you're gonna fold it there you go so you've got this so you're holding that up you're probably gonna wanna make sure that that open part of that jump ring is up top in case you want to use that to attach it to something here shortly that's a good tip so now we're gonna take that cut piece we have and we're gonna hold it so we've got one tail that's four inches or so and we're gonna start winding you're gonna whine whine whine Dazz much as you want to wind again personal preference I think you're hearing that probably a lot in this class mm-hmm and that is because there's just so much you can do with tassels and it's really up to you what you want to do well as you start to work yourself you'll start to see oh I think it needs a little bit more or let's do a few more whine so that's why we're had hesitant to tell you oh it's four whines yeah exactly so I probably cut too much here so I'm just gonna cut it off so I have a manageable amount again I'm going to just hold everything in place and this is where I like my tweezers again it just gives me that extra control I'm going to use my tweezers to help me tie a knot and I'm gonna do that again I'm actually gonna make this one a double knot and just pull it down and pull it really tight and you see we have a tassel and at this point just go ahead hold all of it down I feel like I'm cutting hair at this point yep pull it all the way down as long as you want it to be and trim the ends so this here is our finished tassel and now I'm gonna give you two options for this back piece you see right here so these were the strands that we tied you can either try to just incorporate them into your tassel so you see I've done that here with this one they do stick out a little bit but I think over time gravity is just gonna help to kind of pull them down and also put that into a bead cap so then it would kind of fold it down for you so that's an option as well for sure yeah if you put that into a bead cap that would just fold down you can also put a little bit of glue and trim them now I did use some G's hypo cement and it does cause the thread to darken a little bit so that's my only thing I kind of just want you to be aware of well enough with the ultra suede as well you know it just be careful let it kind of because it will adjust cuz it is fabric it isn't abric yes and if you've ever gotten even water on like a silk blouse you know it darkens yeah but if that's the back of your design then there's no problem you just can see that it looks really nice and neat and tidy and so there we go that is how you make your own tassels especially if you want to make long ones alright we do have a question actually so the question this is does this type of project work with beading wire and can we ask you which project in particular you're asking about hi Gerry yes a so we're just trying to get some clarification which project you're talking about are you talking about the silk tassel that Julie was just making or something something else that we would call it where the quarreling yeah we've had a few questions about that so just clarify for us and we'll get right back to you absolutely all right but let's go ahead and move on for right now but Jared please do answer because we want to make sure that we answer so the technique that Julie was talking about speaking of you know if that is the question other types of styles we do have some beautiful metallic thread and this is a great to use this is really really nice and thin this is a two-ply and this is 25 yards so you're getting that beautiful kind of metallic polyester tassel and that's sort of great to actually add so you can create that purple tassel that she was working on and maybe adding a few strands of the gold so or would be really an idea yeah do that winding bit with the goal with the gold Oh back yeah do you have that band of metallic I like that yeah so we can use the metallic threads and we also do have some beetle on that is a cotton as well and this is going to be a little bit more similar to the silk so we do have that as well so all right question the off loom beadwork that we were just working us at the coring then this okay yes of the Coralie the purple okay I would not recommend doing the tassel and this technique with the beading wire yeah because it's stiffer and it's not gonna have that nice drape to it oh so you're not gonna be able to do that tied band you can't really not beading wire yeah if you wanted to do something with beading wire my recommendation would to try to do something where you have a closed jump ring but you're gonna need to sort of anchor or clip it to the bottom or you could do like loops of tassels something like that but yeah for meeting wire I think it might be too stiff I think sighs really use in that kind of winding application my okie - oh I've got something else like hitting your neck it might be a little bit rough hmm yeah yeah good question and yeah thank you for watching and clarifying yes sorry I know we're kind of we're jumping around but yeah if you have a question about something that we did in the beginning and you want to still ask please still ask we're still live so anything that you guys have keep throwing at us absolutely I think are we bout ready to move on to fringe let's talk about fringe just talk about French talk about okay so I'm gonna start over here cuz I do have this example here of the chain and so this was something that I was doing and I definitely just created the little wire wrapping at the base I was like you know what it needed something in the middle so I did this little chain fringe right here and then if you look down here this also is a chain fringe now it's interesting because you can do chain fringe in a couple different ways you can actually just literally sew it on which is no this is this is actually stitched on there with the same beading thread that was used to make the actual piece of beadwork so that's definitely one idea and then if you look up here we just used an eye pin so basically it just has like a suspension rod yeah so that's definitely an idea and then there's other types of Fringe of course here is actually a little knotted beaded fringe yes that's a little macrame kind of style and that uses metal seed beads so if you're wondering what those colorful seed beads are at the bottom those are metal seed beads they're gold very cool and saturated yeah I love that again it's just so summer and just juicy I love it mm-hmm dagger fringe dagger Fran that's a fun application especially like this peacock design you could do a dagger fringe here's actually even a fringe with actually gemstones and you see there's a little a petite fringe happening here and then that nice big one and then what I'm wearing today and what you see down here is our fringe earring kits and you see that fun movement and it is beaded and if you're curious how to do this check out the the video for this kit and then another quick tip is it's actually very similar to what catches did with her darling except for she we didn't go into branches well and one thing that we haven't talked or one material that we haven't spoken about yet is using Nemo so now mo when you're doing the beaded work like that will actually give you that flowy flowy fringe where you want it to just kind of sit really nicely so that is the Nemo size D and we pulled out just a few colors there we do have a lot more on the website and you can find all those in the private collection but yeah and I Moe's a great thing to create that nice flowy fringe because it has that sort of it's not as stiff as like a wire or even a fire line might be so the fire line works really good for the Coraline because it kind you kind of want it to be that stiff and jagged and you know kind of have that style but the Nemo will kind of fall nicely you actually remember when I was designing this kit I started with the fire line yep and I couldn't get it to kind of have that that night it kind of like oh yeah yeah that's soft right that's a good way to put it perfect and then I know you've got an interesting fringe with it's actually made our tassels oversized yeah so so another way to kind of do the fringe style is to do a fringe of tassels so I did this lovely little gemstone piece here and these wood beads here these are actually aromatic so they actually smell like cedar wood so really nice and fun to have you know in the summertime but yeah so this is actually just sort of incorporating and this is just a strong project so I just took those tassels and just strung them right in between all of those beautiful gemstones so that's another way you can kind of do fringe another way I want to point out is I actually have this gemstone chain fringe so this is a little bit more of a kind of thicker fringe and you're going to get a lot of those little like kind of chain pieces so again as you wear that you're gonna get that lovely lovely movement so and then one more kind of example of a little fringe is this is just some eye pins here I'm sorry some head pins with little balls on the ends and these are the true twos and I wanted to use that sort of structure of the geometric post and these have been really popular for us so I'm so excited that I could kind of add a little fringe to it but again anywhere you can add that little pop of movement is always just really really fun and you know you can create like we were talking about earlier you know a fringe of tassels so there's this option as well to kind of bring that together and just create that movement but then you can create a lot of tassels and you're going to get that beautiful sort of fanned out fringe so I guess that's kind of the way that it's different and yeah you know fringe is maybe more fanned out yeah I mean it's all the same it's all the fun and it's all about the movement and how you can kind of create that in your designs and just make things really colorful and you know kind of segwaying into something else that we have going on right now we actually have some brand new kits launching here so kind of speaking of something really colorful if you're ready for summer we have some beautiful rapat kits now these are actually really really popular and the reason I wanted to bring these out today is so we had gemstone rapat kits earlier this year I'm sorry at the end of last year excuse me and they did really well and I actually had someone who tagged us on instagram with their version and they actually added a tassel to it and I was like that's so fast so now of course I just want to add little tassels to all of my little kits here and all you need to do is have a jump ring a tassel and that's and that's you know so yeah it's just adding the the little tassel with a jump ring and you can just make the design completely your own which is really cool but yes these are two whole honeycomb wrap it kit these are of course launching today at Vita Holly so if you're curious you can get the refill kit and the full kit which will give you all of the tools and everything to make this so it's actually if they're really fun and I loved designing these they're really summery and fresh and you know again I just like I said I just want to sort of take a little tassel and just add it I just I just want to add test tassels to everything I know it's like you need a tassel party you just need like your friends come over yes this is our tassel party there are tens tassel I think I think the hard thing will be for me to like move on and not make as many things with tassels now because I've obviously made a lot with tassels well I think we're almost ready to to wrap up this class but we have not chosen a giveaway winner yet so you still have a few minutes to get in your comments and again this is Lou I guess falling I got you so this again is a giveaway it's all the ingredients to make the Valencia earrings it's a spool of that size F silk thread that you just saw me make some tassels out of extra chain tassels these wonderful fabric tassels like the textile so and then this beautiful beautiful hank of seed beads to do your quarreling so you really get to do a lot of the things that you've just seen in this class if you win this giveaway so definitely leave your comments and you know that we'll enter you to win if you're watching this live and if you're watching this after the fact and you want to join us during a live broadcast do you subscribe to our newsletter we always advertise it it's on our homepage at when it's going to be so you can find out that way on Facebook and Instagram so you know that's what another great thing is you know connect with us we talked about you know reaching out to us asking questions but if you make something with the beautiful things that you've bought from beadaholique to sauna Instagram we love to share what our customers are making and we love to see it it inspires us you know and also if there's something that you were thinking about making and you're not quite sure how to execute it let us know cuz we take video requests and we very often do them I mean we tried it we try to get to everyone's requests and it's actually really fun for us as designers to kind of see hey what do you guys want to see let us know cuz we want to make sure that you guys are getting a chance to be heard and make the designs that you want to make and if there's any way that we can help let us know we're here for you yeah and it's a fun design challenge for us yeah yeah when I would like I said when I was choosing Mills bead caps I was like Oh what does go with that so I had to you know kind of design a little bit myself and it's always a fun little challenge yeah absolutely so we're about to announce our winner as that name is being picked I do want to show one more piece it is cats necklace because I do not want to end this broadcast without showing cats necklace yes this is another sort of little fringy thing that I did and these are beautiful Dakota stones and this is that white howlite and I'm gonna kind of separate it out here for you so all you can it's just a little wire wrapped and then added with gemstones on to this Nunn design finding and I just wanted to kind of create again just that little movement here so I have all of my little gemstones here and I just love this little piece it kind of rains me a little like um like little snowballs kind of be I created this and I you know this is something that I've actually made in a couple of different gemstones and just different styles and I use all one color obviously but you could do color blocking kind of different you can do a mix-and-match I love it well thank you again one more question one more question yeah so if you're watching this later still keep asking your questions we have us ready and we'll be willing to answer questions after the broadcast and then if you are watching this live and you just tuned in don't worry we are gonna post this later today it'll be on the beadaholique website it'll also be on YouTube as well so if you're catching it there it's okay - oh okay that's a great question um so thank you for asking the question is is there a rule of thumb for draping tassels I don't think there's a rule of thumb per se I think it's a comfort level it's what I would say like if you are draping tassels and you're gonna be wearing them so you're going to be wearing this big one definitely use the softer material it will feel better yeah on your ears but you see like this is where it's gonna hit you I I do notice I don't know if this is quite the question but I do this for a lot of the designs that we've done the tassels come in an odd count and it's usually so that you can kind of have a center point so it's you know it's five or it's seven or it's three again I don't know if that's quite the question but that's sort of one thing that I know as designers we use a lot we like to you know as Julie's earrings here they have a nice Chevron so you're gonna want that like Center Point but yeah I think there's um as far as a rule of thumb it's sort of the design that you're working on and how long you want to make it we've made teeny tiny tassels and larger tassels so yeah and just look at your other materials look at the a scale I think that's kind of a well then this is actually a really good example to show kind of scale so I think it's great that you put a little bit of a larger piece on top here because this is kind of weighty and it's it looks heavy it actually doesn't wear that heavy which is which my ear is always loved but you know you kind of balance it out there and you balanced it out with a nice little ear hook at the top we have a winner and our winner is Carol Deaton Carol congratulations so all you'll need to do is just email service at and we'll get your information and we'll send this giveaway out to this case so congratulations again Carol and thank you so much for tuning in and again keep those questions coming we're still here for you but yeah anything else you want to say Julie nope just you know that's it keep the questions coming we'll be checking in and thank you for joining us we know time is valuable but we love you know being here with you and and hearing all your comments is seeing where you're from so thank you again for joining us yes thank you so much have a wonderful weekend everyone and we'll be back with you live it's very soon have a great week everyone bye you

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