Beadaholique Live Class: Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

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In this Live Class Event, Kat Silvia and Julie Bean are helping you get ready for the holidays. Shop Beadaholique's Holiday Gift Center to get inspired on all the things you can make for friends and family this holiday season. And while you?re there it?s okay if you add a few items to your wish list as well!
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hi everyone welcome back to the beadaholique design space I'm Kat Silva and I'm joined today by Julie beam and today we are going to be talking all about our holiday gift Center so this is our shopping guide to kick off the holiday season and basically the shoppings you will just say oh yeah we wanted to give you guys this class now and not wait until December because we know that you're you know formulating some great ideas and like what to get people so this is a great chance to see a lot of the things that we've put together in the holiday gift Center and I provided that link for you guys up above so you guys can check that out and start shopping but we're gonna kind of give you a little nice little overview today of what is in that holiday gift Center yeah and we have a lot of fun picking out things that we thought it would be really great gift items for if you are giving a gift to a beater maybe you want to give them a tool we're gonna be demoing our very favorite tool so we definitely have our favorite yes we do sorry we've demoing how to use our favorite tools that might be an idea for a gift for someone or it might be something you want to put on your wish list to tell a loved one that you would like we're gonna be showing you our kits where our most popular projects from out from the year so just a lot of really great stuff personalized jewelry really easy quick ways of making a very personalized piece of jewelry so we've got a lot to cover and we thank you for joining us and if you've joined us before you do know you are eligible to win a giveaway if you're watching this live we have a giveaway for each one of our live classes that we do once a month here at beadaholique talking about one of our kits and projects here so kind of just a little quick overview the differences is with a project you'll get all the ingredients you need to make the project and you'll probably get a little extra with our kids they come in these really beautiful boxes here and this is one of our brand new kits launching today at and we have four different color variations but we wanted to give you guys the beautiful purple and silver and this is the art gala so this is the modern elegance jewelry set featuring Swarovski crystals so it's beautiful fancy stone crystals so we're giving you guys this kit and you'll be able to make this pair of earrings here so this is just my little example but we're gonna give you all the little ingredients to make these beautiful little Christmas tree earrings and I just love how they sparkle and they're so pretty in green so you guys can start getting ready to wear all the holidays jewelry as well and then we have some beadaholique basics kits and we are gonna give you guys the jump ring variety pack because we know that whatever you're making you're probably gonna need a jump ring and that one does come with multiple finishes so if you're a similar person a gold person antique Brad yes all in there yeah yeah I have her different sizes so if you find you know because we always say like sometimes you need a dude's slightly different size gauge it's just you need something different so this is a great little little gift and this is a nice little plastic case that you can refill with your own jump rings as well and then this is one of my two favorite tools that I'm gonna be demoing later this is the spool tamer and you can see on the back here I'll just kind of show you that you can use it for all different kinds of wire and cord and thread so this is a great little gift so you know hi Julie was saying you might get several gifts in one here I mean you can get a pair of earrings and like you as the winner you'll win all of this but you might already have some gifts checked off your list which is such a great feeling it is it is and if you want to know how to enter and if you're joining us for the first time you entered simply by commenting and it can be a Happy Holidays oh my gosh we got to say that Happy Holidays Happy Holidays it could be a hi I'm watching you guys in New York it can be a question that's why we're coming to you live because we want to be able to answer your questions here live on the air it could be anything it can be you know let us know what's on your wish list yeah you see something to say wish list exactly enter you to win and so at the end of the broadcast what we do is we choose one random winner from all the comments and we announce them live and they get that lovely gift fantastic so yeah so start commenting every comment from here on out enters you to win yeah so have fun and I would love to hear people's wish list that would be kind of fun yeah what's on your wish list or do you have a beater friend and you want to know what to get them or you know them let us know yeah all right so I want to show those kits in more detail that the new so what if Kats gonna bring it over so if you do win the giveaway you're gonna win this kit but I want to show you what it looks like outside of its box because pictures are lovely we have a wonderful photographer here at beauty but sometimes it's fun to see them Sparkle outside of the box you want to see the kiddies yeah so this is our new kit for November and these are available for sale at and they're actually 30% off right now yes so we're having a 30 percent off sale on our holiday gift Center which includes all of our kids we are going crazy is time to get kids get them now yes yes yes and the favorite tools we're gonna be demoing here yeah let's have a lot of fun stuff so this here is what a complete kit looks like it comes with a necklace and a pair of earrings now you're gonna make these so these are the finished pieces you're gonna get all the crystals and the components to make these and there are beautiful Swarovski crystals this is a holiday party version and I love these because you can wear them together you can wear him separate you can keep one give one or you can give them both as two separate gifts yeah two gifts yes so here's the art gala this is the one in the giveaway love how it sparkles this one here we've got these beautiful majestic blue earrings this one here is the cocktail party and then the final one over here is evening soiree which is a really great kind of classic neutral so that's gonna be beautiful come New Year's oh yeah we're here giving a gift for a person you don't quite know what colors they like this is a really good kind of like everyone's gonna like a little gold and silver in there I know the necklace is gold but it's kind of got that just striking crystal yeah beautiful so I wouldn't you know another comment if you're looking for something to comment about I'd love to hear your favorite color oh yes we had fun this actually took a long time to pick out the color so we had a lot of fun so yeah so each one of these kits comes complete with everything for the necklace and the earrings so that's kind of fun that you get a whole set and what okay so the tools don't come with our kids but truly what tools do we need to make these so all you're gonna need well a popsicle stick does come with this a wonderful so that does come with it which is gonna allow you to set the prongs so you're not gonna need a fancy prong setting tool or anything like that we're gonna provide a popsicle stick there is a full video both and you tube showing you how to make these so that is also available and then you're just gonna need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to do your easy so if you've got some chain nose pliers at home or chain nose and a round nose I know sometimes you can use you know that instead of two pairs of chain nose and then if you want to adjust the length of your chain you'll need a cutter oh so you'll need to cut your chain so a cutter and a couple pairs of chain nose the popsicle stick is included and you're good to go nice hello I love its basic tools it's very easy and you know so that way you if you want to give it to someone who doesn't normally make jewelry how great of a gift would it be to give a kit and a tool kit as well so then you've got a really nice little nice little gift and that is something we try to do with all of the kits that we make upbeat AHA League that's kind of one of the criteria that we look at we're like yeah what tools does it need so just so you know when we're designing the kids we really try to make sure we stick to just basic tools like a pair of scissors a chain nose plier a cutter or something like that we don't even like I'm gonna demo here in a second memory wire cutters which are my very favorite one of my favorite tools but if we have a memory wire kit we pre-cut the memory wire for you so you don't actually have to have a pair memory wire yeah so we try to take that into consideration with our kids because we know that you're probably gonna be gifting them and if that's the case we don't want you to gift it and then the person has to go out and buy a twenty five dollar specialty tool yeah so we do definitely try to talk about that all right so one of the other things that we had in the giveaway are our beadaholique basics variety packs now we have the jump ring one here but Julie's got a ton more over there yeah what do you got okay so these are new addition so we had a couple of these kits last year and they were so popular that we came out with a whole new collection of them they're launching today at and they make a really great gift item and maybe it's a gift for yourself because you're gonna be making a bunch of projects with them or a gift for a friend it's a great value it's a really good value would give you a ton of pieces and they're right over here so here is an earring wire variety pack and this is a silver plate it comes with 262 pieces so if you figure you need two earrings kit yep you're gonna be able to make 131 pairs of any different styles so I think this is one of our very favorite styles here is a long elegant earring hook there's a kidney there's leverbacks so just a bunch of different styles and there's available in a silver plate as well as a gold plate we have earring backs and now this is something we've been digging into in the design space cuz yeah funny how often you need an earring back well and this is something good to keep around even if you don't make jewelry I don't know about you guys but I am always losing these things it should always always always and so this one comes with 520 pieces you see it comes in different colors and then we've also if maybe you have a little bit of a sensitivity just to metal or you just want a little clear kind of stopper on a earring wire we have these earring backs that are in this clear which is really nice it's nice if they're so they're all divided so it's not this big old mess in there yes and that's one of the key things about the variety packs and that was really essential for us is we wanted to be able to provide a nice hard case with defiers keep it organized we have a head pin an eyepin variety pack and again it's in the silver plate and the gold plate and then we also have done a mixed one so this one here has some antique brass and you see these little tabs here these are the dividers and what we've done is we've left them in there so once you've gone in and you used up what's provided with the variety pack you can just put these in here and organize your beads mm so they're still there for you there's also a split ring variety pack again in the different finishes and then like Kat mentioned the jump ring in the silver and gold and what I love about the jump ring is it not only has the different size it's different gauges it provides some oval jump rings those are actually really useful they're super useful we've been using them like crazy mm-hmm yes so these are our new variety packs and I think they're a really great gift maybe for that person who you're not quite sure what they're gonna want but you know they love to make jewelry and you know that's a great little stocking stuffer I'm always looking for fun little you know small things to put in stockings and those are yeah yeah speaking of stocking stuffer he's got a couple good things on your side so um before I jump into that real fast I want to show you guys okay so I brought my iPad out here because I want to show you what the Holiday Gift Center actually looks like now I hope this is coming up on camera for you but if you click that link in the description up above this is the Holiday Gift Center so when you scroll down here you're gonna get our holiday collections and we have a Christmas classic our winter wonderland and our gifts for beaters so we're gonna kind of be talking about that but just to go over it the Christmas classics is gonna be all that beautiful red and green jewelry and then our winter wonderland all our snowy and blue beautiful crystals so it lots of fun shopping to be had in there and then the featured categories which is what Julie and I are really focusing on here today is we have our ready-to-wear jewelry our designer must-have tools our most popular projects and then we have personalization headquarters which is great for all of those initial charms and stampings lovely and then we have kits and of course our gift boxes and bags because you're going to need to give these things to someone so that is what we have here going on in the gift center and of course we have even more project tutorials by scrolling down here and more of our featured videos so just in case you guys are staying here with us I don't want you to miss out on what that looks like but you guys can absolutely go there and shop as soon as we are done here but stay with us for now alright so the last thing I have here is I want to show you guys what these spool Taymor's do so basically this is what it kind of looks like so you'll get three in the pack here and it's this nice little elastic piece here and it's got this little plastic sort of button on the front here now it has a hole in the center and then these little tabs here help you adjust it as you need to so you can actually use this on different sized spools which is really really great so just to use it so I've got my wire or I'm sorry at my thread here so all I'm gonna do is I'm just going to take it and just sort of thread that little piece up through that little hole there and just hold it there and then I'm just gonna take that elastic and wrap it around and that's how easy it is so now my thread is always gonna be right here everything is where it needs to be and you can just pull it and it'll just go all the way around which is great and then let's say you pulled too much you can just take this little tab and just swing it around again and it goes right back in this is a wonderful gift I had never seen anyone pull the little tab to kind of tidy it up yep it's just like it's one of those things where it's like duh it's just so genius I love it all right so we have the spool timer so you'll get a pack of three if you want our giveaway today but this is in our collections there as well and one of my other tools and I'll just show you using my wildfire here is this is a nice little thread zap now this is great because it has this nice little guard on it so if you try to push it up you know it's safe around the kiddos so always good to keep that in mind so I'm gonna take my little my little guard off and then what this does is I'm gonna press it up and the little tip there is actually heating up as I keep it pressed and what this is is it's going to zap off the thread so instead of using a cutter it's just gonna zap it just like so now I don't know if this is coming up on camera I don't think it will be but if you can just see on the little edge there there's almost like a little bead of the cord and it actually seals that nice little cord so if you're doing any bead weaving and you don't want to pull through this is a great little thing because it kind of creates a little sort of knot now it's very small you know so you'll still need to knot your thread but just a nice little thing and of course don't forget to put that guard back on all right so that's the thread zap and the spool tamers and the last little tool that i want to show you guys I'm going to show this to you before but I just love these these are the little bead Stoppers these are our little things that we use a lot with stringing and you can actually use this on a thread as well so it'll still stop your beads but again great little stocking stuffer it comes in a pack of six I have three here but these are the larger size and we also have the little mini ones so again it's something that if you know that someone makes jewelry or especially strong jewelry they can never have too many of these we have these all of our design space and we were saying earlier if you have a cat they will often end up on the floor it's just want it off anyway so yeah so bead Stoppers spool Taymor's and the thread zap great tools and it's probably something that they might not have so but could help them out a lot yeah it's kinda like for that you know you always have that person who has everything yep I like I've got everything what do I get them that's different but but still like personalize it you yeah you thought about it and then it's not just like a coffee cup you know like yeah these default should we all do like okay you know they like to make jewelry and here's something really unique for them yeah so I think we all appreciate that very nice all right all right so you've got some tools over there is what I do so I have some of my favorite tools set aside here and I think I'm gonna start with my very favorite tool because I know I've talked about this all the time if you've watched our YouTube videos you see it all the time in action but I do want to show you it because it is my number one all-time favorite tool it is a pair of wire looping pliers so I do a lot of jewelry that requires simple wire loops and wrapped wire loops and so this takes the place of a round nose plier you have one round nose and one concave nose and what it does which is so handy is it does a lot of the work for you so you take your head pin or your eye pin you put your bead on it you then go ahead and grip the wire where it exits the bead and you squeeze and by that squeezing motion you've already made half of your loop almost then you bend the wire over you rotate the pliers to the top and what I really like is it firmly grips that wire I find a round nose plier doesn't grip it quite as well when you're holding it it's a little slippery yeah so then you just pull your wire over and you've got your loop and then you just take your cutters and you just snip it where it overlaps and then you can take your chain nose and just straighten it up and you've got a really nice loop and it's so easy and so if you're doing jewelry where you're making a ton of these maybe you're making a selling jewelry or you've got a necklace at maybe you need 50 little simple loops this is so handy so this is in our holiday gift Center as well so that's one of my favorite tools a new favorite tool of mine is the needle safe and this was fun because our favorite tool section of the holiday gift Center is stuff that Kat and I personally picked out absolutely this is def kind of stuff that we've tried that we use all the time so this is a needle safe it is a container for holding your beading needles and it is really nice because it's magnetic on both sides nothing falls out of it and I don't know about you but it's sometimes hard to see like if you've got a pack of needles it comes in like a kit like a little plastic case that has holes and you're trying to poke your needles back in that hole those holes after you've used it it's hard and so this is really nice because you just take your needle put it in there close it up and you're good to go and that's good if you're traveling during the holidays but still want to do a project you know so that's a great little case to keep with you so I love that speaking of needles the color I needles have been something that's really been a great addition so these are cool because this here is a variety pack and they do come with just the single sizes but here you get needles that are color-coded so this one comes with six needles the black tipped ones are size 10 the kind of tealy blue ones are size 11 and their red are size 12 so you're not having to look at the eye of the needle and try to guess is that a 10 or 12 yeah so that's really nice another favorite tool I already showed talked about this a little bit as a memory wire cutter so you know not to use your regular flush cutters on memory wire it will damage them so you need a specialty cutter and this is very easy to use so you just place it where you want to cut snap it makes a nice clean cut and it doesn't take a lot of strength or effort so memory wire is incredibly strong it needs to be to hold its shape but these are very easy to use very nice some of them I got more I know I was like we have somebody let me you know it's one of those things we're like even a pair of flush cutters just like that yeah let's say they already have a pair of flush cutters you know we kind of would go through them you know they do wear out a little bit so if it's something that you know that they do a lot of you know get him another one I am going to show you I think one more tool in action here just because I think it's fun to see how tools actually work so I have a pair of cut of punch pliers so these actually will hole punch a metal stamping blank for you so you just go ahead put it in wherever you want it I mean you want a hole punch go ahead and pull it out and you have a whole so and then you also have this option to if you'd rather have this which does a hole on each side there's a 1.5 millimeter and a 2 millimeter so yeah so that gives two and one yeah that's you and I well that's great cuz you know we just recently launched a lot of you know we had a big sale all about stamping blanks and personalization so we've created a personalization headquarters which includes all kinds of stamping items but it also includes little initial charms or a zodiac you know just still very trending so we love that so truly you've got a beautiful tray up there to kind of showcase some of the personalization that we do so I think everyone during the holidays definitely wants to give a gift that is meaningful to the recipients and so sometimes you know it's really fun to maybe give them something with their zodiac sign or give them something with their name on it and that's really easy to do or their initial the initial is such an easy option so at and in the holiday gift center we have all of these initial charms we've got these zodiac symbols we've got the scrolled out words here's Aquarius that one that's mine we've got these great little letter B's you could spell I spelled out love right here but you could spell out mom sister whatever you want Christmas we've got adjustable bangle so you can easily put charms on so you see right here and that's another good gift just because if you don't know someone size you know it's it's adjustable you don't know their wrist size absolutely and then here I really want to highlight this because I am always looking for gifts I can make multiples up yep so I'm always getting that you know five pack of candles and breaking it up yeah so here is a little kit and you get five complete necklaces with it so you're gonna get five chains five jump rings and five of these little stamping blanks and I just stamped this with the letter B but you could stamp it with whatever you want and it comes in silver plate and gold plate and it comes in different shapes there's like a long bar there's a square so really a lot to choose from and for each one of these kits you're gonna be able to make five gifts well and you know what's really funny is I see this trending a lot still is you don't actually have to do anything to these you just have just the little tiny gold circle and that's it there's not even any stamping on it like which is so funny you know but it's it's kind of ready to wear jewelry you know it is and I think that's a good point this is in our ready-to-wear section yeah of the holiday gift Center yeah so I've seen that too where it is it's just that pretty little shiny metal like medallion yeah so you've got five gifts ready to go so if you know someone who doesn't wear a lot of heavy jewelry or any major colors but you know she likes gold it's just a nice little tiny you know little recognition so yeah you can always add a little crystal to it if you wanted to but yeah I just love it and yeah I was talking in this week's Facebook live about taking our aromatherapy bottles and sort of breaking those apart because yeah you know you do look for like I mean every store starts to sell these the 10 pack of chapstick and hand lotion so you're always looking to break it apart that's a great option to break apart a piece of jewelry as well so then you can get them a nice little initial medallion and you know you just need to buy one set of letters and then you're good to go and you've got everybody covered oh yeah you are so yeah you could buy two packs of these a set of letters and make ten gifts beautiful yeah buy gold and silver and everybody's happy or if you don't wanna buy letters like you said like maybe a little flat back crystal I get our birthstone mm-hmm oh that's a good idea you could do a bunch of those it's a good time for birthstone jewelry as well you know you're always giving giving getting ready for the birthday gifts and everything like that oh for sure so yeah so speaking of personalization we have projects and our projects these are some of the best-selling ones of the year and this is an opportunity for you guys to take the designs that we've created and personalize them for yourself so let's say you wanted to do one of our centerline cuffs and these are really great and this has a nice full video so it'll show you exactly what you need to do there but what's nice is that you guys can choose your own beads and make your own pattern and make it your own but get inspired by some of our best-selling projects yeah yeah and I think the projects range a lot so we've got like stringing projects you've got a little bit of like loom work this is epoxy clay source if you're looking I know I like to be really artistic at the holidays and of the time I allow myself at home yeah I like a new technique so it's kind of fun you can even be inspired and try epoxy clay for the first time or this is very similar to so a lot of different fun things you can do yeah so even you know simple things complicated things so check out our top projects from this year and our project bundles are 10% off so if you did want to get all the ingredients that you see there you get a nice little discount on top of the sale as well so just just food for thought but yeah all of this all the items that we're showing you guys here today if you go over there in the holiday gift Center and our holiday gift Center is 30% off right now so it's a good time to get some stuff so speaking of that one of the things that the other things that we want to highlight for you guys are the kits now before I do that if you're just joining us today welcome we are talking all about the holiday gift Center and getting you guys ready for a gift buying and making and all kinds of stuff for the holidays so if you're just joining us I want to show you the giveaway really quick one more time so this is our giveaway for today so we are gonna give you guys the ingredients to make these beautiful little Christmas tree earrings with Swarovski crystals we also have our modern elegance jewelry set with again Sourav ski crystals and this is the art gala version so you're gonna get the beautiful earrings and necklace to make in this kit we're gonna be giving you the jump ring variety pack from our betta holux basics line and then we're gonna give you a trio of those spool Taymor's so some nice little gifts here to you know get your holiday shopping started or to get you guys inspired all right so all you need to do to win the giveaway is just leave a comment below and let us know where you're tuning in from heck let us know what your favorite holiday tune is any comment and just you guys to win so we are gonna announce the winner live here in a little bit so stick with us and we'll hopefully you'll get this all right so let's go back to the kits here because I want to talk about what you guys get when you get a kit and we talked about this a little bit more but I have one of these kits here so this is the odd count peyote duo and this is the Athena so you can actually see the finished pieces here but this is what the kit sort of looks like so when you unbox it you're gonna get all the nice little beads here that you need so we have our beautiful beads and then we have our clasps that you need here as well our cord our fireline there we're going to give you a nice pack of beating needles and you actually get four which is lovely in this particular kit some more of our beads there and then here's what you guys are really getting a great value for so we do full videos to show you guys how to do the kits but this is what you also get so if you are giving this as a gift and they can't watch the video we give this to you guys so this one has a lot of fun paperwork but you get this nice beautiful colored pattern that is nice and big so you guys can easily read it so this has the first one and the second one so you get both patterns of course and then you'll also get these lovely written instructions here I wanted to do this one because it's got a lot of paperwork to it but this will also actually tell you how to do odd count peyote so again if you haven't done it before we always recommend watching the videos but if you can't you know where if you're traveling and you've just got this with you it'll still walk you through all the steps and then we have our nice little basics here on the back just to show you some of our favorite knots and we talked about some of those and we refer to those in our instructions so you get these really nice instructions so if you are curious and you're like oh no I don't know she's gonna know how to do this it's a full-on kit you get everything that you guys need to do this and actually why don't you explain a little bit about what a refill kit is because we have that for a lot of our kits as well we do alright so kind of go back to what Kat was talking about we have different criterias that we use for when we design the kids yeah one is that it has to be pretty basic tools as the essentials it can't be like it needs a specialty tool because we want to make sure that you're able to make this with the basic tools you have at home yeah also we have we make us so that you have to be able to complete the kit without watching the video yes so there's always gonna be full instructions and there's gonna be diagrams and whatever we feel that you're gonna need so that if you're not near a computer or you do give it as a gift you know that you don't have to like go back and watch the video right so the video is there as a tool but we also give you the full instructions the charts everything now we have full kits and refill kits so let's take for example a kumihimo kit so the full kumihimo kit would give you all the beads the cord the clasp the glue disk the kumihimo disk the bobbins and I forget anything nope okay instructions everything okay so that would be a full kit now a refill kit would give you the instructions again it would give you the beads the cord and the clasp but it would not give you the bobbins again and it would not give you the disk again or the glue or the glue because you would already have those from your previous kit right so and it's a really great value so you're not having to end up with multiple discs or having to essentially buy those things over again right and we try to make sure that all of our kids are really great value to well and that's how that's one of the things where we when we started to do these refill kits we know you know just from seeing you guys and and actually it was kind of a group suggestion of hey I just want to buy the beads again cuz I already have the discs and the bobbins we were like let's make refill kits that's so yes smart you know so that way if you did want to you know make multiple gifts like you know we were talking about and sort of breaking out gifts you can buy one full kumihimo kit and then you can buy the other colors in the refill kits so that you can make all five bracelets but you only need just the the discs once you know it's it's not a one-time use type of thing so that way you don't end up with this stack of foam disks in your house and you haven't spent all the extra money that you didn't need to spend so that's a that's why we do the refill kits especially you know kumihimo is one we actually have it for several of the Behaving videos any of our loom for sure because you don't need multiple loops right you don't need yeah so anything that actually requires that big tool like that I mean the rapid looms we offer the refill kits in so if you've bought that over the course of the year and you want to go back and buy some refill kits it's a great time to do that yeah so if you're thinking of giving a kit as a gift if you're not sure if a person has a bead loom or has the kumihimo disk give them a full kit and then maybe for the birthday get them a refill there you go you'll know that they have it but like I said if you're doing it for yourself it's always great to start with that full kit unless you are someone who loves kumihimo and you already have a disc in bobbins just get three fills yep so kind of whatever works for you we give you a couple different options yeah and and our kids are nice because they're everything you need and a lot of times we've broken down the which results in an incredible value yes so with our projects you're getting like full lots of jump rings and head pins and such but with the kits if it needs five jump rings we're giving you five jump rings and we're putting a few extra in there in case yeah we're really trying to make it so it's very easy I know I'm a big kit person right now yeah keep buying them mm-hmm III keep buying candle-making kits and felt animal kits and jewelry kits I love kids well and they're great especially when you want to try something new and you don't know if you want to make this huge commitment to it you know so she's like oh let me try loom I've never done it before so let me get a kid that way everything's laid out for me and it can just walk me through but then it's nice and easy and I love kits and like you know it like yeah candle-making I've never done that before I'm probably not gonna start by buying everything I'm gonna look for a kit yeah be like okay break it down what do I need what are the essentials that I need them that's why we we love our kits and we know you guys love them too so we're constantly trying to make more and get inspired by some of our designs from projects and we actually sometimes ant wrangles into kids and if you have a cute idea tell us yeah in a kid comment to this pose to this broadcast tell us what you'd like to see for kids going into 2019 because we are working on our 2019 kit designs my goodness 2019 Shh no I don't hear it all right so if you didn't want to get a kit or you know if one of these isn't on your wish list just yet we also have some great ready-to-wear jewelry as well so this is stuff where we've created a collection where we have some beautiful stacking rings we also have some rings now this is all stuff that you could do something too but you absolutely don't have to like this is actually something that I did in a project here and I added some patina to it but it's just a really nice antique brass cuff we also have some lovely bangles and you can see on this one here it's got a nice texture to it and it has those riveted holes you could hang chain or charms or whatever you like from that slide but you don't have to which is really great so some of this stuff is ready to wear and also in that collection you'll find a lot of our finished chain jewelry as well and I want to point this out to you so if you guys really love those beautiful large whole style beads this is a great little one so this is sterling silver and if you just look on the edge there there's a nice little crystal there but one of my favorite features about this is that it's actually flexible so it's nice little bendable so you can just wear it just as is which is very cool now let me see here so okay good I chose the right one so this actually has a little screw end on one side so all you need to do whoops there we go is take that off and then you can slide your beads on here and then screw it back on so you don't need any tools if you're gonna let's say you want to give a large hole initial charm or a birthstone charm you just slide that right on there and then it's all closed up and ready to go and it's a beautiful sterling silver bracelet just as is so you can see that we have some other little cuffs here and again some of our stacking rings that we have we actually have a little adjustable one there as well so those come in sterling silver gold filled and rose gold filled so just some beautiful stuff if you just want to buy some hoops or just get some stuff this is a great chance to do it again it's all 30% off right now and then I think this is a really great time to show the packaging because let's say you're buying those you know little stacking rings and you're like okay I want to just get everything done I want to make it I Fizi and here there's some packaging options so we have some some great fun little boxes you know if you want to get a little funky we have some zebra and we also have our little leopard cheetah print here but yeah so even we have these white little boxes and we have these nice little organza bags here as well you can see that I have one of those craft boxes in the front there and I've just added a little ribbon to it we sell the ribbon so it's just beautiful and you know one-stop shopping I feel is the name of the game when it comes to Christmas so but we also have these lovely little bags here and let me just kind of sneak one out of here so we have these nice little bags and they come in some different finishes and this is something where I recommend that if you are selling jewelry for the holidays have a nice little bag and a nice little extra package thing that you might want to do so we have some nice ones there that you can actually stamp on and have some personalization there as well and of course some lovely gift bags so you guys you know it's all about personalization and making someone feel like you've taken the time to get them a really special gift that you know is true to them so yeah so we have some lovely gift packaging there as well all right so I think let's show give away one more time I've got one more section to the gift Center that is super fun and then we're gonna be ready to announce our giveaway winner antastic all right so one last time guys we have our little Swarovski tree earrings which we're going to give you the ingredients to make and you get all those little beads right there we're gonna be giving you the modern elegance jewelry set with Swarovski crystals kit and this is the art gala and then we're giving you the jump ring variety pack gold silver antique brass all kinds of fun jump rings and different sizes and a little trio of our spool tamer so all right so we've demoed all this stuff here for you today so go ahead and leave your last little comments and we are gonna choose a winner in just a moment so also guys if you have more questions if you're watching this after that with the live broadcast continue to ask your questions we do try to monitor the comments feed even afterwards so if you're curious about something that was shown and you're not quite sure where to find it it's everything here is in the holiday gift Center but if you need a little extra help reach out don't don't be shy yes and do that all year all year yeah we're always checking comments customer service is always feeding us questions so definitely reach out to us we're here to help that is what we do yeah and if you guys want to see something in a future class you'd like to see a class all about this or that let us know that information as well because we do love taking your suggestions because we want to give you guys great content for you all right so the last little section that I have here is this is some of our gifts repeaters now this is in here you're gonna find some more tools and whatnot but one of the things I want to point out is that we have these nice little designer palettes so this is one of them here so in our palette you get four color-coordinated pieces that we have hand chosen and these are beautiful we have miyuki delicas we have check check seed beads as well we have Miu key rounds so even toe hose so lots of different colors but one of the things that I want to show you guys is if you do want to purchase a pallet we do also have this little mini B Tower now we've had the Big B tower in the past so this one is a little half sizer so you actually get a chance to fit all of those tubes in here so it can accommodate the large tubes and the small tubes and this actually you can fold up and take with you or if it's at home for you you can actually put the velcro together and it's a nice little feed Tower so you can have all of your items ready to go and this is good if you're trying to wrap gifts and clean up but you want to keep your beads at the ready so but then everything is nice and organized because I know for a lot of people and this is one of the gifts that I tend to get a lot I don't know if my friends and family are trying to tell me something but I often get organizational so if you do know someone who's already a beater this might be a great addition because if you know someone who's a beater they always need more beads so this is a great little thing to get so the mini B Tower is also part of this collection and it's also 30% off so happy Holi there we go yes if you guys are new to joining us here at beadaholique retailer and we have we bring all kinds of things together we have kits and tools and ready-to-wear jewelry so we have lots of different things over at lots of ways to get inspired and we love hearing from you guys we love interacting with you so we also do YouTube tutorials so we demo everything to show you how to use all the tools so we are hopefully your one-stop shop for feeding so thanks so much for joining us guys so we're going to choose our giveaway winner here in just a moment but any last little questions go ahead and get those in right now and you know we love doing this so and we love your feedback so thank you so much for joining I'm gonna say that as we're getting our giveaway winner right now thank you for joining us we love sharing this time with you and we would love it I know some people do this but we would love it more if you shared what you guys are working on yes so we would love to see what you're working on we have fun we inspire each other all day so wait that's it kind of facing each other and we're always like what do you think of this some news were like so we would love you know in 2019 maybe you're thinking of your New Year's resolutions at this oh yeah you know share more of your stuff get it out there like we love I know that we always kind of keep it you don't a lot of us keep it it's our art you know alright but share we we love to see it and you know sometimes it inspires us and it's wonderful to see thank you all right we have a winner and this person's gonna win that lovely giveaway mm-hmm and our winner is drumroll all right Valerie Jackson so congratulations Valerie so go ahead and send us your mailing address um where you would like this ship to at service at so just email us service at and we will get your information and get this out to you so you can start making some wonderful things so I just want to say we usually do these classes at the first Friday of every month but because we're not gonna do a class in December we're gonna do our next class November 30th so it'll be a Stila Friday but it'll be the week before the first Friday of December so it'll be the Friday after Black Friday so you guys will have had a chance to do a little shopping but then we're gonna be back and we are gonna be doing some really fun Christmas items and holiday items so stay tuned for that and of course I post all the events on Facebook so you guys will get all the information but it will of course still be at 10 a.m. Pacific time so thank you so much for joining us guys it's been wonderful now okay go shop go shop we won't we won't take up any more airtime have fun and we hope you have a great kickoff to your holiday season so thanks for joining us guys and we'll see you back here soon okay you

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