Beadaholique Live Class: Bead Weaving Inspiration with Leslie Rogalski

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Designer: Leslie Rogalski
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Beadaholique designers Kat Silvia and Julie Bean are joined by Leslie Rogalski, creative director of the Beadsmith, in this inspirational show-and-tell featuring a dazzling spread of beaded creations by members of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. Learn about a variety of 2-hole Czech glass beads and how to use them to create beautiful bead woven designs.
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hi everyone thank you so much for joining us on a very special Facebook live today we are joined in our beadaholique studio by leslie Rogowski and she is here from the beadsmith so we are so happy to have her here she has been doing some great videos for us today and she's happy not to just showcase all these beautiful projects and just really expand your inspiration on what you can do with a lot of these beads that's the most fun part of my job as their creative director is just to you know pump everybody up and to share the work of our inspiration squad today and show you guys some of the things that can be made with all the different beads I know with the new bead shapes just coming at us minute by minute playing with this one yes so I just wanted to show some of the things that are really hot and also just you know give some shoutouts to some of the members of our inspiration squad who are from all over the world we have 30 designers from world yeah I'm sorry I can't represent everybody but these are the pieces that we brought so one of the things I guess I can start yeah yeah we are just wowed by everything I want to I want to actually start with these cute little beaded yes these are so it's horrible and what's green is are really lightweight very low you can stack a bunch of them on a single piece of jewelry it seems like you can hollow they're self-supporting beaded beads I designed these actually and they featured the nib it says look at this up close they do or little corn right and I've worked them up into these self-supporting beads using super duo's size 11 seed beads in size 8 seed beads and you can see that I just went to town I love the colors like these guys the colors haulers are matching a lot of the other Czech beads that are out there they you know just the finishes and the services so you have metallics and you have opaque sand you have a B finishes look you even have duets and we'll talk about that in a minute can you see how they're striped like that yeah that's so cool and what the design you did here that has such a nice entry point and exit point for stringing I worked in the as these were developed you know you realize that you need to have sort of a small opening yeah control how it's strung so that's how that evolved look there's the Tweety nib it's the pearly the metal lost which is that like anodized aluminum looking stuff and you can just play with so many millions and millions of color combinations with that and I strung them on a necklace which is down at the end of the table so you can see that there's a lot of ways you know it's a beaded bead you can make it you can make two and have earrings you can make one and up a pendant or you can string them out wherever you want and you have a ball and then are these here the check last doughnut beads they are I love those we got those like a month ago maybe two months ago and there's so much alikum yeah they are that's the Labrador finish and the fact that they're Donuts and not rounds adds yet another element of design and texture to it almost like a stripey thing so plus it helps to keep the beads sort of under control right yes oh my gosh well we have been so blown away and I think I just if it's okay I just like to start showing people some of these amazing pieces and then you can tell us a little bit more so this is like my favorite color scheme in all the world gold accents these wonderful gold findings and that's a tear cast that's right yeah that's right so this has a wonderful ombre effect and you can maybe tell us who did this and a little bit more about it this is by designer Susan Sassoon her her alter ego is so sassy so then I look her up right she's a New Jersey New York lady and or gal or whatever and she has done this amazing thing pairing the duets with the matching solid color super dough's in a way by turning the creating this ombre effect on the rope that's so smart they love it it's so effective so that's another way to bring some visual interest into it and she has just worked this to the max so you can see even in her pendant here she's using the duets with the solid colors she's got size eleven seed beads and honey combs and she it is it really built up this dimension so you just have this this fabulous piece that Susan Sassoon has done for us and finished to the nth degree like you said with these gorgeous TC beautiful findings and yeah yeah I just love that she just makes it look so seamless like you never know unless you looked up close yes yes but it does have a gradation of family one of the things that the duets let you do which is just awesome you have that nice little gold spiral just cascading right there so I say this was tubular peyote that she did here I do want to mention we're gonna try to provide links to as many of these bead artists yeah that you mention on here so that you guys can look them up and see some of their amazing work because this is just incredible and I feel so fortunate that we actually get to have this in the studio and look at it and I know it's so and we're fortunate to have these people doing these these women and men doing work for us and if you go to the beadsmith website there are biographies a very funny too so those of you who I wasn't able to represent here are gonna be represented and you should definitely check them out because they're just a fabulously talented and wonderful to work with bunch of designers well I think we love beaters group of folks and thank you guys for being part of that community the people are watching this it's so cool we send them beats they send us these amazing things and we have some more duets if we want to yea the duets here yes you can see how this is one of mine and I've used the duet to make kind of a modified herringbone chain and if you think about it if you're familiar with what a super duo is you can know right away that if I used solid colors super duos here it would still look really cool but it would have a different look and by using the two colors and stringing them directionally it gives it that little extra minimal details yeah it creates an effect with the beads that's exactly I created this woven on one of our Eternity frames so it's it's a little channelled a circle that has holes pierced all the way around it and with a little Rd I figured out how many beads and what size they could fit in there and you can see again that there's duets with us all the colors and we'll provide links to to our duets we do have duets here at beadaholique we're seeing all these amazing inspiration pieces and let us know things you'd like to see more of to carry that beat Halik right yeah right and we do have the attorney frames as well and yeah yeah they're really fun and they just you know when you bring metal into something it really enriches it to a certain lock so so what should I tell you about next we have so many quarters yeah as we both points of this television is right here so these are components joined together made with our gem duos and you can see that they're you know little diamond shaped beads with an interesting top and they fit together really nicely not only with each other but with the super duos this piece uses I think it's chalk lava red gem duos with black and white duets and solid color duets and there's little 15s spaced in a little glint of silver that you see um I like to call them bridge beads because sometimes depending on how big or small a component is you want to use they're they're not gonna sit right together depending on happening you have around you have to play with that so a bridge bead is something that'll fill that little gap and add another little detail and you know I've never heard them called bridge beads before come seed beads you know but what's really great is you can actually just by adding one sometimes you need a little step up with your needles yes you kind of add just that little extra and it's you know it's barely there that's true actually that worked over here to that in order to do a turnaround for the herringbone stitch without it showing between beads I did almost like picot it along so smart back and forth and back and forth so fifteens which I swore I would never ever use I was like Elevens my smallest well see these components were actually used to create these pieces here that's correct that's an example of these are right and one of the cool things about these bracelets is that it really shows how the color families are being created by the manufacturers we're directing them to make sure there's this family of colors so when you have solid color super dose solid colored gem duas and then you have the duets these happen to be polychrome so it's got that great like sweet kind of family like yeah right right so they can really mix and match and and when you buy beads to make a project or to play around yourself you should always sort of have that mind right now keep your colors together that are gonna go together they don't have to be matchy-matchy these are match matchy but I like them like that because it shows off the way so absolutely yeah like that'sthat's that and just you guys know mostly just do this in a video for us you'll see a video coming soon on that one so you can learn how to the component and connect to components and then you're off and running and you can figure out how to do a little loop to add to make appending just string together you'll get the hang of it when you see the video and how I talk you through it so that was really fun it's really fun yeah we've had a fun day thank you all my bosses for sending me well and it's you know what a job I get to like try to convince people how much fun this is and look at all the beads and I know there's ones that aren't even here and there's ones coming out us down the road so we can talk about all of these things can we talk about these we're gonna jump yes a little bit yeah these absolutely gorgeous peyote stitch cuffs are by our designer Carol Dean sharp she's really known for her peyote work and it's picking up 1 2 3 beads at a time and these are her original patterns sand fiber is the name of her alter ego so you can look her up and she has used our bead slide clasps on these yeah I love these and this this one here is actually a two drop peyote so you can even so you don't have to use a loom or there's no good way this is all this is long peyote yes you really see how it's attached there on the end and that's so genius the estimate our little tubes with little like trapdoors on the side so you're gonna build up an end you're gonna finish your end and then you're going to attach another row of beads just to this out ease as I called them and so you have a straight row across and then you just slide that into and show them what it looks like when it's closed oh yeah one of the cool things about a bead site is it doesn't leave a gap between your clasp and the beadwork which just really is so classy you know and it looks expensive yes it does sound nice like you know and there's lots of different finishes the basket weave mmm she nearly matches kind of her texture and everything yeah and even on the basket weave here so you can have a bright silver or for this pattern I left on and off that sort of antiques yeah so Lots lives there's three different widths and there's at least two or three I think there's three design service designs and there's smooth finishes there's a black one that I really like oh that can and that can be nice and just seamless you know that's exactly what it does it makes it seem like yeah and I like how shallow they are they're not you know really it's nicer because I always I'm like am I gonna snag that on a sweater or a shirt or something cuz I do every time it just like go like this and there's threads coming out of my sweater yes I think open yes so that's a really clean finish to the beads lives left um with delica beads in this but of course you can fit up to a size 8 bead through the bead side too that's good to know yeah so you want to keep that in mind and you know just make sure that the width of your piece is gonna be okay with it but you can see Carole's major pieces wider than the clasp and she just brought it in so the attachment yes you can figure that out right because the sides of pieces you can fit it over netting confited over a lot of techniques besides lumen and peyote I just have to remember that the edge of the VHS to form a straight line across for the tube you can't have something that's staggered because when you slide the tube over that's gonna hit the end of a bead that's why with peyote we add that around just on the out beads so you have something straight they're really gorgeous and then one thing I do if you can hand me this little tip because I love these I've been in him a lot with the loom and I'm excited to do them with a parody of their perfect photo loom I take my class when it arrives and I line it up to an existing piece of jewelry I've already made that's wider than it and then I count how many rows across so that's more and that's it was really well for me if you're trying to figure it out so I get the class first I have my needs but before I make my pattern I just line it up and then I count the rows and I'll tell you another little tip that I know if you the piece you want to make is just slightly smaller than the tube so it doesn't slide back and forth you know you know I like this you can sew on that last row that's going to be hidden in there just so another little v eleven on either hand and it kind of acts like poking out your pants so it stabilizes it there you go that's right that's right that's right and these are pretty easy to get on and off yourself very easy and they're lightweight so let's see else do we have well having a pattern lasered on to some of the seed beads is something new that we're exploring and they're really really fun and here again you're bringing like another texture into your PS even though the piece itself is flat it still gives you this extra detail you know it's just all about the details and the rhythm of it and the music of it so this is the laser honeycombs in a beautiful jet a bee and kite beads nice hen seed beads and I love the laser is actually on both sides of those beads so it is not just a top or bottom kind of thing which is which is lovely in this case no that's correct it is and it come they come in all different colors and and shiny not shiny and different pattern and so we can really find stuff that you're gonna like that's one of mine maybe this is a good time I actually showed again something else that features that okay this is a very similar we have the daggers here yes this is a piece by Betty Stefan another one of our valued designers and she's using the jam duo's and the kite beads and the laser daggers in this absolutely just like drool-worthy dollar canyon is right on the beaded toggle here that's so nice she's finished it really really beautiful really finished it well and she's got some Obi's and some I guess size eight just you know a few beads beautiful colors and again the daggers by themselves would still made it like a really cool necklace but I love the fact that it has this target pattern on and it just draws your eye in right away yeah unique it is I think I'm loving the combination of so many different shaped beads in one project yeah I think that's really fun this is another thing that Susan Sassoon does really helped she did the ombre row then I we had seen before so she did this necklace this scallop necklace using three different colors of super dues to create an ombre in the scallop and another kind of honeycomb we call honeycomb jewels which are faceted on the top like almost like vintage nail heads yeah so here we are again bringing more texture into something that with a with a straight honeycomb would still look really cool but this takes it to the next level and it's just gorgeous her with the seed beads very very fun you know when you can picture putting all different things on here and she just I love this I just love this another necklace by Susan will come up here we have Picasso kite beads and little smaller size silky beads the many selfies right so in this quilted collar she's done that and you can see here how the kite beads were there a bead Smith's designed bead and we really worked hard mathematically to get them to fit together so you can see and then quilting is what comes to everybody smile yeah Amy's right like little quilted pieces but what I love about them is they're so sharp you know yes they really they're not rounded at all and so that you can really create these nice like diamond jagged just even just here these lovely little sort of almost points idea it's very point sette and that's exactly right even in this bracelet here which is by Aki John cough she's one of our designers in the Netherlands and you can see the kite beads are used in we think these look like poinsettias too kind of yeah even if it's black and red these also show another bead that we do netted which is by polish rounds and you can see the little round beads are black on one side with the hall and white on the other side so by facing the colors in different ways she's she's um enriched her her bracelet that way you create those little cuts as your eye dancers around the design Aki is a graphic jewelry designer so check it out really yes she has really brought her stuff to the table this way and you know matte black that's a personal thing like a Miss klegg and then just right it does yeah well playing Matt off of shiny is really fun and when you're just getting started as a beater if you already have a pattern that you're familiar with you can just just switch these things out in your pattern and make it look totally different even with if you know one technique and have one pattern by playing with color and texture and finish it completely changes it right it really does I know when we're coming up with color palettes we're always like we don't want necessarily all shiny in the water palette we want you wanna shiny yeah combo because it does balance they'll look almost um your I won't focus I think sometimes if it's too you know all one texture yeah it's gonna lose lose it and you want something that's cohesive but you want this to be interesting that's like brings in the what-if factor yeah like what else what if this what if that here's a great example this shiny black really pops against like the kind of matte metallics right exactly with the Archos beads and latinos and then the kites and this is your bracelet this is beautiful we see you finish it with a magnetic clasp which is our personal favorite of ours here me I just did a Facebook live on you know why magnets attract me because it makes it so easy you can just flip it on and a lot of the a lot of beaters are at a point in their age where it just becomes a struggle to get things on and off I mean for most of us how we're always fiddling to try to get the clasp so the magnets really work really well and it's also just clean it has a low profile right and there's some beautiful magnetic clasps out there - I'll have to be little tiny pancakes as I call these but yeah and looking at this I'm actually thinking of something I've never really thought of before you can definitely extend the length of your bracelet by adding extra jump rings to that magnetic clasp is absolutely true so that was kind of fun idea maybe miss I know I've made something before and has not been long enough you know we do it I somehow just miscalculate but that would be a really nice simple way of just adding some extra length yep it's add some extra jump rings to go to that magnetic clasp always think about that especially when you're talking about a bracelet like let's say this where I don't need a whole one maybe after so I just need just like a quarter right so it's perfect if there are like larger units like that where you don't want to create that whole extra one so sure that's great all right you can also add a little piece of extender chain right so I was looking for the little tricks yeah and there are a lot of tricks and it's it's our job to share the tricks if anybody coz we've been down that road before and it's paid forward and are you now as it's definitely paid for it somebody taught us or we figured it out so we paid forward to share the good knowledge that's right speaking of sharing I wanted to point this bracelet out because this was a collaboration between Deb Moffett Hall and myself Deb Moffett Hall is the inventor of the endless loom and she put together the base cuff here with these gorgeous lab door honey combs and I need the focal and the edging so we work together on something she gave me the cuff and I came up with something that you know - just to add that piece of focal so we were talking about this about yeah let's have like a round robin see what they do it and that's said that to somebody else after that would be really fun I think that would be so fun get like five or six words together and everyone ends up with a finished piece at the end but it has the touches of everyone hey I think this just looks so great on I just want to put it on my wrist this statement it's beautiful it feels really good it's actually kind of cool that's part of the experience is tactile oh for sure and this is just like shiny and smooth reminds me of that like 1930s mess oh yeah it does look very fabric yeah very fabric II and then from the largest honeycombs we're gonna go to our little tiny true to fire polish these absolutely gorgeous beaded beads are made by sherry Maura shucks she lives in the States she's really known for her beaded beads and these cy yeah they're just spectacular she beads around and inside bead so they really hold their shape and she will string different kinds of also unusual different beads between them but one of the things I love I mean being a beaded bead lover the sky's the limit we know how you string the beads so you can think about other beaded beads that you make if you want to be strung in there you can use other artists work polymer glass or or different things like that to to bring in to enhance the craftiness and of course it's finished absolutely beautifully and I want you to look at how she added two clasps and put another bead at the back so if you're gonna wear this to a soiree and you have an updo with about his neck is showing there you go the jewelry is 360 degrees I love that because yeah as we don't think about that when we're creating pieces yeah you don't think about adding a little adornment ation to the class or what not right that's true that's true not always sometimes we're good your brain has it swimming so yeah these are more of the super duo duets which are the two turn to wets and I brought these to show you that here's a piece of herringbone a modified herringbone that just uses solid colors it's really cool but here's the exact same stitch using duets so it has an instant texture a completely different it's completely different I'm making things completely different something that I do all the time is I picked my beadwork up I don't know if you guys do this and I start to like just play with it in my hands like I'll have it so I picked up my pieces and I started to just like squash thumb together and see what else I could do with this little swatch and I thought oh wow that looks so cool like this like a rope so that's how these came to be and it has a natural twist because of the spiral direction that I stitched it right so we have opaque black and white duets with white and black seed beads alternating and then we have the matte black and white and I like read-throughs yeah because then you really do see that beautiful spiral it creates a spiral yes and now I don't have a pattern written for this yet but I will I will I will everybody likes it and these Mendel is this is one of the ways that I play with my beads where I start to bring together colors and try this and try that it gives me a component so it's not putting in the effort to make a whole finished piece but it shows you how the beads are gonna go together and everybody probably has their way of doing this but you can't really tell when you spill stuff out how things are gonna look when they're stitched side by side oh yeah well and I want to kind of pick your brain here for a second yeah show so these are the back lit gem duis so if you kind of flip it over it has that silver on the back so talk to us a little bit about the difference between a back lit and a solid and okay so when something is there you go so what solid is a solid and it's coded all the way around the back let's say kind of save the best for last back lids are illuminated and look like they have that inner opal fire because they have almost like a foil backing yeah yeah I guess it is it is so that backing enables the colors of the glass to really pop through it's almost like having a mirror underneath it so that the the kind of iridescent of the colors of the glass just it's like they're lit up from underneath so the gem duos you can see bring a whole other level did yours blow it really does explode and Mary even if we're looking at a piece where there's a single gem do oh here's another Betty stephane piece and she's worked them so that they're featured like truly these little treasures they're set off in these windows of the delicas against these other colors that just complement the colors of the gem duos and enhance it and the gem do is in turn enrich and again look there Matt be really helps to set them off yes they are light yeah that's right that is right and then she has the super key ops which are pyramidal shape dimensional mm-hmm so you can see that that's just amazing and then I look at the back side of this even I love that square it's just so beautiful that's Betty and of course finished with a gorgeous gorgeous glass yeah I'll go clasp that complements the design of the piece yeah just again it's got a nice seamless right and I love the way she did the little Pecos on top of that spacers the beads so again here's a piece that began flat like this and she added these dimensional aspects just little pieces of it and along the side it's almost medieval kind of I just think that's gorgeous and the gem duos and the backlit gem duas are just available in a lot of different colors and finishes metallic this is crystal Capri so you can see there's crystal on the other side mm-hmm and a metallic this is all the gem do I think we its petroleum with the crystal Capri and it's just gem do ozone around and kind of a circular peyote and then this is the exact same technique but I've added little size eleven seed beads so by bringing the seed beads in it gives it a lacier look it's a little you know a little more texture but usually dimensional things with the gem do is to this again is another instance of where I wanted to squash a piece where I started with my circular motif with a few beads and I added this fifteens in there so that would lay better right there's a mathematical way to determine like how many beads in a circle before it starts to ruffle and if it ruffles add some seed beads and then I played with a matte finish of the metallic and then the gem duo's on the outside with a little crisscross of embellishment around the outside and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with these I've been making my cap for those feel like she's like I'd like to see this an earring just picture like a whole rope oh the crowd so I don't want to miss anybody this guy here the centerline cuff so the centerline cuff has a cutout inside and it's pierced on either side of it so it's screaming bead on me so playing around you can bead on the inside of it and keep it in the little window I took the gem duo's and here again you have the backlit played against the matte metallic with embellishment on top and I attached it just I had the piece already made and I just attached it so you can see it's stitched clean on the inside so the center line cuffs are built in to do all kinds of stuff yeah and they're really fun and it takes this happens to be rose gold and they're in I think there's a rhodium and have a gold a bright gold right so I know beat Holly can beat Smith would love to see it Creed's a nice little frame for some beadwork if you do just kind of a little focal that is just along there and then and that's a good point you know you can do just a little piece of something you don't have to have it's a good way to use up your orphan beads if you want a little thing you can bring here's the back let's again that I've sort of bezel and once again using a metal component a nicely crafted metal component will enrich that piece of meat where I give you a foundation to take it to a different level if that's what you want mm-hmm well I like what about what I like about this if I can talk my words here sorry I would think this would make such a nice gift item for the holidays it's a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry it has a beautiful focal but we all know that some of these pieces take longer this that's made like four or five gifts and you absolutely have a great idea I think this would be such a lovely I'm imagining that in a gift box for my friend you know it's this beautiful piece of handmade jewelry it's beaded but because you have this nice base to it it saved some time they cut down on some athletes of the labor-intensive part of it and then you attach it and we were talking about the holidays and we were talking about party jewelry yeah you see if jewelry and certainly anything with sparkle yeah bring something to your holiday attire I think gem duo's too because like I said they just kind of glow and there's really yeah well as oh yeah serious right yeah my first visit to New Orleans I I did this whole series of stainless window colors how can you not so the other illness like ethereal windows or something with these and again they're all pretty much the same technique using different beads you can see I have some seed beads in here to help to control the way the chelate according to how many I put around but we all know that super duos fit together really well and they make nice shapes and the gem do is fit together even more and make my shapes mm-hmm so you can just picture like if this was like a whole necklace oh yeah I know where you symmetrical little ones and big yes there you go there you go which is what I'm wearing yes seriously so because we always try to provide color variations when we when we do a project because sometimes someone might look at something go oh I don't wear red you know oh but try it in green right and here's my green one yeah so we're always thinking about that so and sometimes it is difficult to visualize what its gonna look like in a different color so I'm just gonna we're just gonna do a little a yeah so you're gonna see the green one and then see the red one here but it's just it's a completely different necklace which i think is kind of amazing you know usually choose your color and make it your own that's right and that's another reason why making components is really a cool smart thing yeah because you can get an idea of what the colors look like together so all you have to do is make a little I mean even just a little so yeah I actually just want to put it Christmas tree hook on one of them well the ornaments Christmas tree this year I think I do all right I'll send something in and these are neons another fatty Stephane piece very bold colors but because she's using a mat and she has a little bit of shine and sparkle in there it just so works together it looks nice green how can you go wrong but she puts them together and it's unusual and unique and and again she has a beautiful beaded clasp to hers as always and in the center here these are Rula beads they are rule is that's correct yeah so the rules are two whole cylindrical beads and make a perfect little center of a flower there I love that it gives a dimension to it and then she has some fire-polished rounds in here to give it some sparkle yeah it's nicely you almost you almost don't see them until you kind of hear let me start go ahead yeah so you really kind of just see oh there they are you know right it was just so mean but yeah and then just looking at so you see there's a lot of stuff you can see the dimension of those Rula beads it's a very dramatic piece it is the color palette really add it is it's like wonderful drama to it I was telling you guys that Betty is very fearless with color and that's something I so admire because I tend to stick to my favorite colors so do we black and I think it is fun there to challenge yourself we'll do that sometimes of the bead will be like okay this is out of our normal realm but it's a personal challenge like what can we do with it sometimes if I'm working with a color palette that I know is very Julie I'll be like Julie what do you think we got opinions does this work yeah yeah we share a lot of opinions expand help each other out sometimes because it's difficult to sort of step back from some of the designs coat is this really working or is it just not working we have to yeah for a while I was I was like the first really bead designer to come in to be at Smith but there's a number of people in the office who are really excellent designers too and our web designer Maria has a really good eye and they just hired me another Leslie and now I really have somebody that speaks my language all that was all a respect my boss all have very interesting and sophisticated opinions about things um and make suggestions and they'll come over and say have you tried this or have you tried that so while they don't have the needle and thread skills yet they know a lot about this and they see all the colors Perry Bookstein who also helps to actually help work with the glass people and develop the colors we talk a lot about what's going to work together and what can we bring in that's new and what's exciting so here we have some of the latest most exciting things well we are definitely excited and very inspired by all of this one it's gorgeous and thank you so much for being here and taping a video for us and being here for this Facebook live and if you guys are watching this after the Facebook life be sure to leave your questions here on our comments and because we want to know what you guys want to see what happens you what colors or patterns or any things so yeah let us know anything here for you right well this is it is absolutely my delight and my privilege and thank you for sending me for a long time but I never really met these guys or Rachel who's behind the scenes or Chris who's behind the camera and and it's just like we said in the very beginning it is so much fun for us to inspire everybody by what inspires us and beyond and to hear what inspires you and that's what it's all about yeah it was worth traffics hours from Philadelphia to California to share this with well thank you we are so inspired and I just all this amazing work by all these amazing talented artists thank you for bringing them maybe it's with inspiration squad check them out there's also a phenomenally talented people yeah thank you so much for joining we're having me and we will provide all kinds of links to all of our beads that we have here and all of the lovely designers whose work we have shown here today so if you are inspired by them and want to check them out further we will be providing that to you as yeah absolutely all right thank you so much thanks about you guys you

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