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hi this is Rachel with beadaholique to show you how to make the cabaret earrings using to hold gem duo's and Pitt beads so this earring uses two lengths of beading wire to create a tier dot structure that really shows off these really shiny sparkly gem duo's and the Pitt beads with seed bead accents in between and this earring was really inspired by the gem dode because they're so beautiful and so versatile so they're similar to diamond duos in shape and are the same size they are five by eight millimeters and they have a diamond shape with points at the ends and two holes by the two points the difference between Diamond Joes and Jem duos is really the top the gem duos are more faceted on top and they have these pretty beveled edges so you get a lot of definition they look really sharp and very gem-like so they come in lots of beautiful colors this is just a sampling of the colors we have and we have some nice suede colors really rich lustrous colors and some metallic colors and my favorite over here is this line of backlit colors that they introduced with this release so this backlit collection just has really deep rich flashy vibrant colors and I made some little clusters just so you could see so I'll point out some of these colors here on the bottom here we have purple haze which is a very deep smoky purple and we have petroleum which is a very cool flashy blue kinda like a swimming pool you have utopia here which has a range of gorgeous colors menthol kind of a shimmery brown and up here we have tequila back with tequila's the name of this color and it's just so bright in and really fresh looking this is backlit peach this is spectrum which is what I used in this earring and this is uranium kind of a more pale lustrous blue so they have some really awesome names for these backlit colors and they're truly vibrant flash very eye-catching as a finish so let me show you how to make this earring so to make the companion to this earring you'll need some gem duo's in spectrum you'll need some Czech glass Pitt beads and this color is Helio purple crystal and I think it matches really well with this spectrum color next you'll need some Toho 11 OC beads and galvanized starlight and Silver Line purple you'll need some gold beading wire you'll need a crimp tube or a crimp bead you'll need a gold fold-over crimp and you'll need an earring wire or earring hook of your choice and you'll need some GF hypo cement glue and as for tools you'll need some crimping pliers I like these double notch crimpers you'll need some flush cutters and you'll need some flat nose pliers so the first thing we're going to do is take your beading wire and cut about eight inches it doesn't have to be exact next we're going to string one gold seed bead followed by one gem duo and you're going to repeat this pattern sixteen more times you have a total of 17 gem duo strung okay once you've put on your gem duo's go ahead and add one more gold seed bead to the beginning of your strand so that you have gold seed beads on both sides of the Strand next you're going to take one crimp bead string it onto one of your wires and you're actually going to cross both wire ends through this crimp bead and pull that down you have a closed-up form here and you're going to crimp that crimp bead so pull your wire tight but not so tight that it warps and get the crimp bead into the notch of your crimping pliers and crimp and then just fold it over and the end of your crimping plier and now you're going to take flush cutters and with the flush side close to that crimp bead get in there and cut off as much of that wire tail as you can do that for both of your wire tails so now your inner ring of the earring is done and the next thing you're going to do is cut another length of beading wire because now we're going to make the outer ring and I would say maybe cut about a foot of wire for this outer ring here more than you'll need but I always like to have a little bit more to work with so now the first thing you're going to do is feed this next length of wire into the outer hole of the first gem duo and you're going to intersperse seed beads between the outer holes of all of these gem duo's on the inner ring here so feed your wire through pick up one purple seed bead get it onto the end of your wire and then just keep feeding the wire through the second hole of that next gem duo and you're going to repeat this another five times so get another purple seed bead into the tip of your wire feed that wire through and you might have to use your finger just to guide the wire into the second hole of that next-gen duel and then repeat the process again pick up a purple seed bead get it on the end of your wire and feed that wire into the outer hole of the next gen zero once you have six seed beads between the outer holes of your gem duo's you're now going to put a few pit beads between your gem duos so just like you're doing with the seed beads pick up a checklist pit bead slide it on to the end of your wire and seat that wire into the hole of the next gem duo and you're going to do that three more times if you have four pit beads lining the bottom of this earring once you have your four pit beads strung onto your second wire then you'll go back to stringing seed beads so just like you were doing in the beginning of this loop pick up a purple seed bead slide it onto the end of the wire and then feed the wire through the second hole of the next gem duo and keep just snaking that wire around when you have all of your seed beads strung on between your gem duo's you're now going to string six gold seed beads onto both ends of the beading wire kind of a rounded shape but we want to create a teardrop shape with this outer wire so go ahead and pick up six seed beads string them on your first wire end one two three four five six and one two three four five six go ahead and slide those down now we're going to do a kind of tricky part we're going to attach the fold-over crimp to keep our wires in that stiff teardrop shape and one important thing is that we want to attach this crimp so the back is facing forward but that's smooth back that it has there and the fold-over size will be facing backwards so go ahead and fit both of your wire ends into this fold-over crimp with the back of the crimp facing forward in the earring and hold on to that with your non-dominant hand because with your dominant hand you want to add a little bit of hypo cement glue so just the piece over and get a few drops of glue in the well of your fold-over crimp and you want to have some paper towels handy to put your glue down and then just tighten your wire inside this fold over crimp not too tight that it works your piece but you want to have it nice and snug you're not seeing a lot of that beading wire outside of it and then with your dominant hand take your flat nose pliers and fold over the first side of the fold-over crimp and press it down nice and tight because this beading wire is very thin and these fold-over crimps are actually meant for a thicker cord so the glue is going to help hold it in there and a nice tight closure will help hold it in there so when the first side is done flip your piece around and then fold over the second side of this fold-over crimp and squeeze it in nice and tight okay and then you're going to go in with your flush cutters again with the flush side as close to the crimp as you can and just snip off those wire ends now you'll want to let your glue dry for approximately 10 minutes before you add your earring hook once your glue is dry the last thing you're going to do is add your earring hook so I have a gold earring hook here I'm just going to take my flat nose pliers open up that loop and then just fit onto the loop the loop of the fold-over crimp on the end of the earring and then I'm just going to close the loop of the earring hook back up and this earring is finished so that is how to make the cabaret earrings can find all of these gem duo's and all the other supplies shown at beadaholique.com thanks so much for watching

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