How to Use the BeadSmith Cordless Thread Zap II Thread Burner Tool

SKU VID-0287
Designer: Andrea Morici
The tip of the Thread Zap II heats instantly with the push of a button. Trim, burns, or melts thread with one touch. No more frayed ends. Extra fine tip allows for precision application. Ideal for finishing beadweaving and stringing projects.
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Hi. This is Andrea for and today I'm going to demonstrate how to use the Thread Zap II Now this tool comes without a battery. So you want to go pick up one AA battery and screw off the end. Insert the battery and close it back up again. To use it you're going to take the cap off and my piece of beadwork here that's finished. This is used to get a very precise cut on your thread very near to your beadwork. So you want to exercise extreme caution when you use this because the tip of this tool gets really really hot and it can burn you. It will burn you. So be very careful. And to use this you're going to press down this button. You can probably see that it's glowing red. I have my thread that I've tried off. I'm going to try to get as close as I can without touching the other thread. And there you have it. That's it. Now you want to again be very careful and let this cool off for a little while before you touch it because the surrounding beads can get hot or if you're using a synthetic thread it can instead of just cutting it, it actually melts it a little bit. So you don't want to get that on your fingers either. Just set that aside. And there you have it. The Thread Zap II from Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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