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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique - how to bead weave a circular frame using two whole beads so for this project I'll be putting together a downsized version using some six millimeter honeycomb beads 11 o tuhoe seed beads I've got an 18 inch finished chain some six by eight millimeter oval jump rings and my little bee clasp some fireline flush cutters pliers and thread snips so this is going to be the beekeeper necklace and for reference here the variation I've done is the C keeper necklace and this is just one millimeter larger still with two whole beads and these are size 8 o Toho's so the nice thing about this design is you can make the exact same design using different size beads it's same count same configuration so to begin I've got my size 12 needle and I've threaded on three feet of fireline and I'm going to begin by alternating 1011 o seed beads with 10 - hole honeycomb beads the finish on these honeycomb beads is called blue travertine and I just love the all the different colors in that two whole beads are always fun to build with can come up with so many creative designs I enjoy nature themes for my projects count here one two three four five six seven eight two more of each nine ten and ten so I'll bring those down toward the end of my thread maybe a couple inches of a tail and tie an overhand knot once and twice just for security I'm gonna come around and do a surgeon's knot where I double around once twice make sure that's nice and tight and then I can snip my tail now from here going to thread up figure out which side of the touhou I'm on and thread up through my two hole bead the second hole of my honeycomb and here I'm gonna build a second layer by tucking another honeycomb in between each one and again that will be a count of ten fits nicely in there so what happened to my thread there we go this is a nice way to feature a charm the trick is just to find the right size charm that will hang centered in your piece coming around go last one yeah coming through what I will do next is start on the third layer here and I'm gonna again come up through the second hole of that second layer so I mean the outer ring of my pendant and now I'm going to add for Toho's in between each honeycomb I'll do this all the way around the edge and then we'll tie off the thread and go to the next step all right so I'm up to my last section of four beads string those on and I'm ready to tie off my thread our security I'll pass through and do one we're not on the other side here in between these two hoes and thread it in and then I'll clip so you can see how easily this comes together and then we're nearly done use my thread snips to put the extra now I'm ready to take my pliers and add on this little bee charm I've already put my 6 by 8 oval jump ring on there I'm gonna open it up a nice thing about the oval jump ring is the opening is along the side so that when you're stringing on to something that has the potential of slipping through that crack like thin fireline it helps to have the closure off to the side make sure it's nice and tight there's my charm it's nicely in the middle now I'm ready to attach my chain so this is a finished chain 18 inch cable chain and I'm gonna go ahead and find at the center link here got it and we clip that here we go and then take my two jump rings and fasten the links on so in looking at my spacing over here I've got them on either side make sure I get it centered close that up you know do the other side bring that around watch it on and get it centered on to the other side of my beach arms that hangs symmetrically so there's the smaller version after the very same configuration a bit over so it's front-facing now what I will say about this seahorse necklace is these are made with checkmates cabochon beads you can see they're flat on the back side so you'll just need to make sure you get the round front facing bead going the same way by threading the same direction through each hole as you go so I hope you enjoyed this video that's how to bead weave a circular frame using two whole beads you can find these project bundles tools and supplies at and please subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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