PRESTIGE Crystal Innovations - New Releases

As a designer, I LOVE having new items to “play” with. It’s refreshing and inspiring; breathing new life into my designs and feeding my creative soul. I am very excited to share with you the new PRESTIGE Crystal Innovations collection just released.

There are two brand new pearl colors that are part of this collection. They are Crystal Iridescent Dark Turquoise and Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise. Both are wonderful ocean-inspired hues, reminiscent of the water and waves of a warm tropical sea. Not only do they pair beautifully together, but they look great with colors such as Rose Peach, Blue Zircon, Pacific Opal, and Violet. Consider pairing them too with coral and gold for a summer resort look or white and navy for an updated nautical design. They also pair beautifully with all metal finishes including copper!

Another new item that I cannot wait to work with is the Trilliant Cut Pendant. This triangular pendant is available in some of the most popular PRESTIGE crystal colors and comes in three easy-to-work-with sizes: 8mm, 10.5mm, and 14.5mm. The shape itself is more than a simple triangle with numerous facets and an elevated table top that gives it an alluring elegance. I like how the sizes will work well for both earring and necklace designs (and bracelets too of course!).

The Daydream Fancy Stone is also being introduced. This fancy stone is completely symmetrical front and back with numerous facets creating intense sparkle. Its round shape and low profile make it an incredibly versatile design element which I can see being surrounded by a beaded bezel or wire-wrapped into a gorgeous pendant.

Speaking of fancy stones, there are three new effects being released which are available in fancy stones, rivolis, chatons, and flatbacks. They are Crystal Linen Ignite, Crystal Flamingo Ignite, and Crystal Sky Ignite. All three share a calming muted quality and bring a touch of pastel colors to your spring and summer projects. Crystal Linen Ignite is a great neutral with a very soft cream tone. Crystal Sky Ignite is a light crisp blue that is fresh and clean. Crystal Flamingo Ignite is a dusky pink but still falls into the range of a pastel color with its softness. All of these would look great paired with the two new pearl colors of Crystal Iridescent Dark Turquoise and Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise.

Also worth sharing is that the fan-favorite color of Blue Zircon is now available as cube and olive beads; I know I will be using these a lot! Also, Rose Peach is available too as an olive bead, round, chaton, rivoli, flatback, and several fancy stones!

Over the next several weeks, keep an eye out for projects and videos using all these lovely new items from PRESTIGE Crystal Components.

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