Designing Men's Jewelry

Designing traditional men's jewelry has much to do with the individual who will wear it. When you start off, think about who the recipient will be and consider what they like in terms of colors, personal style, and even their hobbies. Some men like bracelets while others prefer necklaces, some like bold colors while others like subdued, and some like statement-making designs while others prefer simple. Designing jewelry for men is a lot like designing jewelry for women in that there is a vast range of tastes and what you can do. For this guide, we will be discussing traditional men's jewelry and classic styles, but if your recipient likes other colors and motifs not usually associated with men's jewelry, go for it! It's about what brings you and the recipient joy.

If you don't know who will be wearing it, consider using neutral tones of blacks, browns, grays, sage greens, ochres, deep blues, and creams. Neutrals are more versatile than purples, bright greens, pinks, etc.

Inspiration Color Palettes

Some good materials to consider are leather cord, hemp, chain, wood/shell/ceramic beads, metal beads, and gemstones. A nice durable metal to use is stainless steel. There is cut chain available along with all the findings needed to finish it. Antiqued brass and antiqued silver components are nice too and go well with the neutral color palette. Remember to account for larger wrists and a bigger bone structure in terms of size and scale of your designs.

For focals, there are some great charms available that feature coin motifs, Celtic designs, yoga and zen symbols, and more. 

Here are some projects that we have created with the male wearer in mind but remember, all designs truly are unisex and can be worn by all.

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Cherlyn - February 5, 2024

Hi, Priscilla,

Have you thought about beaded bracelets using genuine stones? Onyx, lapis, and various agates and jasper stones are great colors for men.
Whatever you decide, I wish you success and hope that your grandson enjoys them!

Priscilla Osgood - February 4, 2024

My grandson wants me to make him some bracelets. Anything with gold and silver is too flashy. Really having a difficult time suitable ideas.

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