Design Theme: Nautical

As I have written about over the past several weeks, I am ready for some warm weather and blue skies. As spring and summer approach, I am looking ahead to all the wonderful design options that these seasons bring. One of my favorite design themes is nautical. I love the classic and timeless look of nautical designs. They are “in” year after year and always exude elegance. Consider pairing your nautical designs with jeans and a white t-shirt or a striped sweater. As summer approaches, you can wear flowy dresses with your nautical designs and accent them with straw hats and scarves.

What defines nautical jewelry designs? Usually, but not always, they utilize navy blue and white as their main color palette. Then those colors are accented by a metallic hue, usually gold or silver. Ropes, braids, chains, and knots are commonly used. Also, hooks, anchors, and stars are popular elements to incorporate into nautical designs. You can easily use nautical charms or create nautical designs in your bead weaving or embroidery. Don’t forget about stripes and chevrons! Stripes and chevrons are an easy and fun signature of nautical designs. If you want to push the design further, consider incorporating some shells or other ocean elements into your creations. Nautical is all about the ocean, sailing, beach, marina, and summer breezes. Have fun designing!


Some fun inspiration projects!


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