Beach Vibes Design Share Gallery

Thank you to everyone who shared their wonderful creations for the Beach Vibes theme! It was tremendously fun to see the artistry and creativity when interpreting this theme. Without further ado, here are the lovely designs! 

Design by Marilyn Reed
Design by Kate Mulligan
Designs by Creativ Quirks
Designs by Barb Goodling
Design by LaRayne Conley
Design by MDS Jewelry on Etsy
Design by Veronika Kralovicova 
Design by Heather Drinane
Design by Nikki Stoneroad
Design by Niamh O'Shaughnessy
Design by Poppy and Jewel
Design by Nancy M. Peterson
Design by Elizabeth Adams Smith
Thank you again to everyone who submitted these wonderful designs!

NEXT DESIGN SHARE: Our next design share is just getting started! This month's theme is Halloween Jewelry! Have a spooky good time designing to this theme! Don't forget, you can always submit a project that you have made in the past that fits the theme and you can also provide a social link to help others discover you. 
Please submit your designs on our Facebook page under the post "Design Share: Halloween" and you can read all about how our design share works here.
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Kate - September 12, 2023

Thank you so very much for including my earrings in the Beach Theme Design Gallery!

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