Amethyst - February's Birthstone and Color!

Happy birthday to all those February birthday gals and guys! I too have a February birthday and have always loved my birthstone, amethyst. Amethyst gemstones are so pretty to look at and can range from a light purple to a deep rich purple color. According to our Gemstone Meanings and Metaphysical Properties Guide, amethyst gemstone properties include calmness, clarity, peace and courage. 

The amethyst color itself is such a lovely hue and pairs well with both silver and gold findings. It can be accented by greens, browns, blues, and many other colors. It's hard to go wrong with amethyst! It's also nice that you can choose to embrace amethyst in your designs either by using gemstone beads, incorporating PRESTIGE crystal beads, pendants, fancy stones or flat backs in their Amethyst color, or use one of the many amethyst purple colored beads available at Beadaholique. Whichever direction you choose, it is a great jumping off point for a design. I have selected some of my very favorite amethyst beads that I hope will inspire you!

If you are not a February baby and want to learn what your gemstone is, check out our handy Birthstone Guide!


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