Product Guide: Large Hole Beads - Design Ideas & Project Tutorials

Large Hole Beads - Design Ideas & Project Tutorials

European style large hole beads continue to be popular year after year. The demand for these beads means that many different styles are available for every taste and occasion. You may already be familiar with PANDORA® beads and charms. Though the name has become nearly synonymous with this type of large hole bead, PANDORA is actually the name of a Danish jewelry company that, along with others, manufacturers this style of beads for use on charm bracelets. These beads are sometimes referred to as "European style" or simply as large hole charm beads. While we do not carry PANDORA products, we offer a wide selection of large hole beads from other manufacturers. Some have their own line, as seen with the Swarovski Crystal BeCharmed Collection.

Traditionally worn by sliding onto a European style charm bracelet, an individual bead by itself is an excellent gift to mark holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. These large hole beads are more than just for gifting and bracelets; they can be used in a wide variety of jewelry projects from earrings to necklaces and even bookmarks. Check out our project tutorials and instructional videos for some design ideas for working with these popular beads.

How to Make a European Style Charm Bracelet

Learn the basics on how to put together a traditional European style charm bracelet with these large hole beads. See our project tutorials for specific design ideas and patterns or shop our entire large hole bead collection.


Large Hole Bead Jewelry Making Projects

Our design team has put together a collection of free project tutorials and design patterns for working with large hole beads.


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