Product Guide: Create Recklessly Faux Leather, Leather Working Tools & Findings

Create Recklessly Faux Leather, Leather Working Tools & Findings

Leather working tools, accessories and beautiful faux leather components have a staring role in the **Create Recklessly** line from BeadSmith. Learn how to create beautiful jewelry using innovative tools and supplies with tips and techniques from our design team and directly from Create Recklessly founder Melissa Cable.

Create Recklessly: Leather Working Instructional Videos

  • **How to Make a Create Recklessly Faux Leather Bracelet with Melissa Cable**
  • **Show & Tell: Create Recklessly Faux Leather, Tools, & Hardware with Melissa Cable**
  • **How to Sew and Lace Create Recklessly Faux Leather with Melissa Cable**
  • **Create Recklessly Faux Leather: Prepping Your Hammer**
  • **Alternative Uses for the Create Recklessly Tool Kit with Melissa Cable**
  • **Finishing Techniques for Faux Leather with Melissa Cable**
  • **How to Set Create Recklessly Spots in Faux Leather with Melissa Cable**
  • **How to Set Create Recklessly Snaps in Faux Leather with Melissa Cable**
  • **How to Stitch Bead Embroidery to Create Recklessly Faux Leather**
  • **How to Cut Create Recklessly Faux Leather into Shapes**


Create Recklessly: Faux Leather Project Tutorials

Our designers have created several projects using Create Recklessly leather working tools and faux leather. Make the project as shown, or use as inspiration for new creations.

  • **Retired - Prescott Bracelet**
  • **Midnight Forest Earrings**
  • **Retired - Fringed Leaves Necklace**
  • **Retired - Stella Watch**
  • **Lakeside Dock Loom Bracelet**


  • **Cutters, Scissors & Zappers**
  • **Rulers, Mandrels & Design Tools**
  • **Beading Foundation Materials**

Compatible Products

Find more options for working with Create Recklessly faux leather, or for using their tools and findings with other materials. Expand your design possibilities with TierraCast findings including more rivets and closures, or mix in Regaliz Portuguese cork, Lillypilly patterned ultrasuede, and other animal-friendly leather-like materials.

  • **Beading Foundation Materials**
  • **Regaliz Cord**
  • **Faux Leather Cord**
  • **Angelus Paints**
  • **Leather Punches**
  • **TierraCast Findings for Leather**


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