Product Guide: Create Recklessly Artist's Concrete & Pigments

Create Recklessly Artist's Concrete & Pigments

Part of the **Create Recklessly** line, **jewelry concrete** is a versatile medium for creating custom jewelry components. Needing only water to set and about an hour to cure, this lightweight concrete is great for filling bezels and molds, or for embedding with stones, beads, crystals, and other objects. See our instructional videos and project tutorials to learn how to create jewelry using Artist's Concrete.

Artist's Concrete Instructional Videos

Learn how to mix, color, pour and set Artist's Concrete with instructions and tips from our designers.

  • **How to Make Concrete Jewelry**
  • **How to Add Color Pigments to Concrete for Jewelry**
  • **How to Make a Concrete Druzy**

Artist's Concrete Project Tutorials

Our designers have created several projects using Artist's Concrete. Make the project as shown, or use as inspiration for new creations.

  • **Retired - Industrial Design Necklace**
  • **Step Up Necklace**
  • **Modern Muse Necklace**
  • **Concrete Bee Necklace**
  • **Retired - Desert Walk Necklace**
  • **Retired - High Sierra Necklace**
  • **Urban Chic Earrings**
  • **Desert Jasper Earrings**
  • **Jade Zen Earrings**
  • **Retired - Art Stone Necklace**


Shop Artist's Concrete and Supplies

Ready to create your own custom concrete jewelry components? Shop Artist's Concrete and pigments, as well as molds and bezels to fill. Add glitter to your concrete for a special effect. For a glossier look and to prevent scratching, we recommend finishing your concrete piece with **resin spray**.

  • **Create Recklessly Artist's Concrete**
  • **Bezel & Resin Pendants**
  • **Molds**
  • **Glitter**
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