Retired - Time Spent with Cats Cuff Bracelet

Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
Calling all cat lovers! This cuff bracelet proudly displays the quote time spend with cats is never wasted." It's a fun way to show you are an animal lover or special gift you can make for a friend who loves felines."

Note: Components and tools listed within this INSTRUCTIONS box and the printer-friendly PDF, if available, may have been discontinued since this project was published. Refer to the PURCHASE COMPONENTS and TOOLS AND OTHER SUPPLIES sections for current availability.

If considering purchasing this bundle, please review the supplies and tools sections carefully to see what you might already have or will need to purchase to complete this project. For instance the actual letter punch set is listed in tools, and not part of the project bundle.
  1. To see how to make this bracelet, please watch the video: How to Make a Metal Stamped Cuff Bracelet with ImpressArt Tools.
  2. In the video you will see how to make a similar bracelet from start to finish including how to metal stamp your bracelet, add the extra details, color in the impressions, and bend the bracelet blank into a cuff shape.
  3. The lettering for this bracelet is smaller and closer together then the one shown in the video. A tip is to write your phrase directly onto the bracelet sticker guide. For this one I placed one letter for every notch on the guide and skipped just one notch between words.
  4. After you have stamped your letters, randomly stamp your sitting cat and hearts. Next fill in all the impressions with the stamp enamel, making sure to wipe away excess with a paper towel. Then the final step is to bend the cuff into shape with the bracelet bending tool.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED: (scroll down for purchase options)
  • XTL-8261 - ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar Kit, Includes Bar and 7 (5/8) Blank Strips, Bends Strips up to 1-1/2 Inch Wide
    Project uses 1 piece. You will need 1 package.

  • XTL-7200 - ImpressArt Antique Stamp Enamel Marker, Darken Stamped Impressions, 1.1 OZ, Black
    Project uses 1 piece. You will need 1 package.

  • XTL-8242 - ImpressArt Metal Punch Stamp, Sitting Cat 6mm (1/4 Inch), 1 Piece, Steel
  • XTL-8244 - ImpressArt Metal Punch Stamp Kit, Assorted Hearts 1.5 / 2 / 3mm Sizes, 3 Pieces, Steel
  • XTL-8259 - ImpressArt Bracelet Guides Booklet, for Spacing Stamped Designs in a Line, 36 Stickers
  • XTL-6236 - ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block, Small Size with Rubber Feet 2x2, 1 Piece, Steel
  • XTL-0277 - ImpressArt Brass Hammer For Metal Stamping - 1 Pound - 1 Piece
  • XTL-0727 - ImpressArt 33-Piece Lowercase Alphabet Stamps Jeanie 4mm - 1 Set
Additional Information
Theme Pets/Animals, Personalization
Ingredients XTL-7200,

Purchase Components

Purchase the components needed to make this project. Change quantities as needed to make multiple pieces. This project is RETIRED. Please review project instructions carefully—some items may no longer be available for this project and will not be listed below. Tip: Save this project to your wishlist to easily return to project instructions.
ImpressArt Antique Stamp Enamel Marker, Darken Stamped Impressions, 1.1 OZ, Black
You will need 1 package(s).
1 package = 1 Piece.
$12.99 / Package | SKU: XTL-7200
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