Retired - Spring Sunrise Necklace

Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Fresh and bright, this pretty necklace shimmers like the morning rays of sunshine on a Spring garden. The delicate sterling silver chain supports a bounty of Austrian crystal wave beads and pearls.

Note: Components and tools listed within this INSTRUCTIONS box and the printer-friendly PDF, if available, may have been discontinued since this project was published. Refer to the PURCHASE COMPONENTS and TOOLS AND OTHER SUPPLIES sections for current availability.

  1. Start by deciding how long you want your necklace to be. For this design I chose 16", so I cut my beading chain to 15" because the clasp is going to add an inch. Use your flush cutters to cut your chain.
  2. Thread the tail of one end of chain into the Sterling Silver crimp bead with the single loop. Push the tail into the crimp bead so that it is just to the point of coming out the other end, but it does not. Crimp the crimp bead.
  3. String onto the other end of your beading wire, string 1 Austrian Crystal 19mm wave bead in crystal luminous green, 1 Austrian Crystal 8mm round pearl in rose peach, another wave bead, another pearl, etc... until you have strung all your wave beads and a total of 9 pearls.
  4. On the other end of your beading chain, attach another crimp bead with single loop and crimp the bead.
  5. Open a Sterling Silver 6mm jump ring and attach it to one of your crimp beads with loop. Before closing the jump ring, also link onto it another 6mm jump ring. Close the ring. Open a third jump ring and attach it to the second jump ring you linked, creating a chain of 3 jump rings. Close the jump ring.
  6. On the other side of your necklace, attach a 6mm jump ring to the crimp bead. Close the jump ring. Open another 6mm jump ring and link it to the one you just attached and also link onto it the loop at the base of your Sterling Silver spring ring clasp. Close the jump ring.
  7. All done. Enjoy!
WHAT YOU'LL NEED: (scroll down for purchase options)
  • CHA-1280 - Sterling Silver Fine Snake Beading Chain .5mm Bulk By The Ft.
    Project uses 2 feet. You will need 2 packages.

  • FCL-01061 - Sterling Silver Spring Ring Round Clasps Closed Ring 6mm (10)
    Project uses 1 piece. You will need 1 package.

  • FCR-2319 - Sterling Silver Cord Ends / Crimp Beads With Loop 1.7mm x 2mm - 1mm Hole(10)
    Project uses 2 pieces. You will need 1 package.

  • FJR-03062 - Sterling Silver Open Jump Rings 6mm 20 Gauge Heavy (10)
    Project uses 5 pieces. You will need 1 package.

  • SWBB-8706 - Austrian Crystal, 5525 Wave Beads 19mm, 1 Piece, Crystal Luminous Green
    Project uses 10 pieces. You will need 10 packages.

  • SWP-8092 - Austrian Crystal, 5810 Round Faux Pearl Beads 8mm, 25 Pieces, Rose Peach
    Project uses 9 pieces. You will need 1 package.

  • XTL-5600 - Xuron Sharp Flush Cutter Pliers - Wire/Soft Flex
  • XTL-5200 - Standard Size Beading Crimping Pliers (For 2x2mm & 2x1mm Crimp Beads)
Additional Information
Theme Spring
Ingredients CHA-1280, FCL-01061, FCR-2319, FJR-03062,

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Sterling Silver Fine Snake Beading Chain, .5mm, by the Foot
You will need 2 package(s).
1 package = By the Foot.
$3.59 / Package | SKU: CHA-1280
Spring Ring Clasps, Round with Closed Ring 6mm, Sterling Silver (10 Pieces)
You will need 1 package(s).
1 package = 10 Pieces.
$4.87 / Package | SKU: FCL-01061
Cord Ends, Crimp Beads with Loop 2x1.7mm, Sterling Silver (10 Pieces)
You will need 1 package(s).
1 package = 10 Pieces.
$2.69 / Package | SKU: FCR-2319
Sterling Silver Open Jump Rings 6mm 20 Gauge Heavy (10 pcs)
You will need 1 package(s).
1 package = 10 Pieces.
$5.99 / Package | SKU: FJR-03062
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Tools and Other Supplies:

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