Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Marine Layer Earrings

SKU VID-1672
Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to easily make these earrings using cultured sea glass and metal beads with assorted TierraCast charms. You will see how to use 22g wire to create simple and wrapped wire loops. You will also see how to string on your beads, hang the charm, and attach an earring hook.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to make the marine layer earrings so here I've got a completed earring and this is a really quick and easy DIY jewelry project and you'll notice that I've got a little star starfish at the bottom of my earring and what I'll be using here is the sea life mix charm assortment by tierracast now the fun thing about this is you could mix and match these any way you choose and using the supplies from beadaholique that you would buy for this project you could make three pairs of earrings so I think for the pair to this one is this pretty she'll let me bring this down and also show you some other beads that we'll be using so this is cultured sea glass in a he-she button shape 9 by 3 millimeters and we'll also be using some 3 millimeter round silver plated spacers I've got my ear hook here and then up here for tools I've got some flush cutters chain nose pliers and round nose pliers I'm going to bring in some 22 gauge tarnish resistant silver plated wire and go ahead and cut myself two and a half inches to start clip that off with my fresh cutters and now I'm going to take my round pliers and grip about half an inch from the bottom the top bottom either end and create a 90-degree angle then I'm gonna shift my plier around loop over the top to create a simple wire loop I'm gonna clip the extra off of that end open it up with my chain nose pliers and slide on the loop of my charm and I'll close that up and begin sliding on my beads so I'm gonna start with this pretty dark blue color and then put on a spacer I chose these round spacers because the holes of the beads are a little bit big and they would rattle around if they weren't set together properly so these round beads really help to anchor those bead holes so I'm continuing with my pattern here like so get my last bead on and at the top I'm electing to do a wrapped wire loop and that's going to further anchor my beads in place so I'm looking at the orientation of my loop at the bottom and I'm going to grip with my round plier right at the tip over the top of that round bead at the top and angle in the opposite direction of my bottom loop then I'm going to shift my plier again so the round nose is over the top and create my my loop and bring in my other plier I'm gonna grip that loop I made in one hand and coil with the other this is standard wrapped wire loop technique and I'm coming around two and a half times till I know those beads are nice and snug on there I'll clip the extra wire with my flush cutter tuck that little tail in and that's it so now let me get my earring hook and with this type of earring hook all I need to do is just gently open that bottom loop and slide on my completed earring so that the front of the charm is facing forward close up that bottom loop now I have two earrings that are mismatched in a really fun way so I was so happy to discover this assortment that we sell here at beadaholique of earrings so those are the marine layer earrings I hope you enjoyed this video all these beads and supplies are available at beadaholique.com please also check out our youtube channel and subscribe thanks for watching

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