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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy pair of earrings using the tierracast matching wings so these are really pretty so you get that left and that right which i love for a nice pair of earrings so it'll just really be lovely and frame the face and i wanted to not embellish these too much i wanted to just pick a simple baroque pearl now these are swarovski baroque pearls you can also choose a gemstone or maybe a crystal something really nice and simple to go for this design because i really just want to highlight these beautiful wings now we also have these wings in silver and antique brass so if that is more your style please feel free to use that alright so what i'm going to do first is i'm just going to take one of my eye pins here slide on one of my pearls and now i'm going to make a simple wire loop but you'll notice that the loop is facing this way so i actually want to create a loop that is facing perpendicular to this loop so i'm going to bend it back this way and then bend it up and over my pliers bring it around and wrap it around that loop so i have two loops going the opposite way so now i'm just going to come in with my flush cutters and just trim that off and i can set my little scrap aside all right so i'm just going to repeat that one more time so you can see it so again just go ahead and slide on your pearl and we're going to do that perpendicular loop so go ahead and press it backwards and then we're just going to wrap it up and over the top here bring it around and trim off that wire just like so all right so now i have my two components ready to go so the last thing we need to do is just start assembling so i'm going to take a pair of chain nose pliers here and i'm just going to open up this loop same as you would a jump ring just give it a little gentle twist open slide on my little wing there and close that up now you can see that mine is really nice and tight i don't want to give too much like swing and movement to this just enough so that it can be mobile but not too tight that it's stuck there okay so i have that ready to go and then i can come in with my chain nose pliers one more time and just give a little bend and a little open to my earring hook slide that on and we want to make sure that it's facing the right way here there we go and just sort of close that up and i'm just going to give it a little pinch just to make sure it's nice and close and secure and then we have one completed so that is the one side this side will be the second side and again the hardest part really is just to make sure that they're all that everything is facing the right way it's really easy so if you can open and close jump rings and you know how to do a simple wire loop that i've just taught you here you can make these earrings and these are really just fun i think they're really pretty they're nice and subtle um so they're not too too crazy there we go beautiful so now we have a matching pair of the left and the right of the angel wing earrings all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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