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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy pair of pinch bail earrings now the only tool that you're going to need is just one pair of chain nose pliers and that's going to help us out when we attach our earring hook later but the great thing about the pinch bail earrings is that they're so soft that you can actually open them with your hands so it doesn't take a lot of strength so let me demonstrate that here for you so i'm going to use these little diamond shapes here and these are really cool so this is what the pinch bill looks like from the side you can see that it's got those two little prongs there on the side and then we're just going to separate it and let me sort of flip it this way so we're just gonna separate it just enough to fit our bead in there now today i'm using some eight millimeter gemstone beads but you can also use a crystal or various other beads you can use a wood bead and all you do is just sort of slide it in there and then line it up at the top there and then just bring those together and you can just sort of pinch them with your hand so you don't need any tools if you do want to use tools i recommend using a nylon jaw plier just to really pinch that together and make sure that it's not going to go anywhere you can see i can shake it around and that little bead is nice and safe in there so that's one part and then the second part we're going to use this little earring hook here now this has an open loop at the bottom so simply take your chain nose pliers and we're just going to bend that backwards slip on our pinch bail and close it up so it's really fast and very simple to do and you can see that i brought out the gold and the silver versions here so i was using the diamond one here but we also have this cool little teardrop and again it's about the same size there so you'll be able to fit at least an eight millimeter bead in there you can also go a little bit wider just make sure that your prongs are really gonna fit in there and it's not gonna be a problem all right thank you so much for watching you guys you can find everything you see here and even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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