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Hi this Megan with Today I'm going to show you how to use this BeadSmith velour paper. We got this in recently and it's a pretty cool supply that you can use. What you use this for is to back glass tile jewelry. So you can see here I have these glass tile earrings that I made and on the back of them is just the back of the image. It's just been coated with the diamond glaze. But if you use the velour paper on the back it gives it a really nice finished look. It's super easy to use. You apply it the same way that you do the images. I'm just going to put down a scrap paper or a surface that you don't mind putting glue on. After you've applied your image and let it dry and trimmed it then you just going to put some Diamond Glaze right onto the back like you usually would to seal it up but instead of smoothing it out over that surface you're going to take the fuzzy side down and plop your tile down onto the back of the velour paper. So onto the paper feeling side. You want to make sure you push it down nice and firm some that you get any air bubbles out. If you get any diamond glaze on the side of your tile you can always remove it with nail polish remover after it's dry. You're going to do that and then you're going to let your Diamond Glaze dry thoroughly. Then you just use a pair of scissors to trim around the edges just like the images and then it's all finished. You don't have to worry about what the back looks like. You can glue right onto a bezel or a ring finding or any other magnet or whatever you like to use for your setting and the E6000 will hold perfectly to that paper and it is a really quick and easy way to give your work a more finished look. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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