How to Use DeCoRe Epoxy Clay and Make A Ring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to use 2-part DeCoRe Epoxy Clay and make a stylish ring using the clay, Swarovski Chatons, Swarovski Cosmic Ring, and a bezel ring finding. The clay is self-curing and adheres to all surfaces. Make many projects using just 1 pouch of clay.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with I'm going to show you how to use DeCoRe which is a two part epoxy clay. I'm going to show you how to use it and actually make a project which is going to be this ring here in a different color. It's using a Swarovski cosmic ring and some Swarosvki Crystal chatons. So far this project you're gonna need the clay itself. You're gonna need some type of tool to pick up your chatons and I've got a magic pick right here. It's got a great little rubber tip that allows me to pick up the chatons very easily. You also need a pair of rubber gloves. To start open up your DeCoRe. when you open it up it comes in this little sealed container you just grab it by the corner open it up It's nice because there's full instructions in here. It's going to tell you that you have a part A and part B. And what you need to do is mix equal parts together. We're just gonna peel back the corner. We want to take just as much as we need for the project itself. If you find your clay is a little bit hard or too stiff to work with? Put it in the microwave for a few seconds. All it takes is about four, five seconds. It'll help to soften it back up. I'm going to make a little ball. I have one part. The colors are always a lot looser, a lot more flexible. Make another little ball to see if they're equal size and that to me looks like my color is a little bit off in terms of smaller amount. Now I have too much. So the curing process is not going to start until you mix the two together. So you can fiddle with this for a little bit. And that looks like they're equal. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead push the plastic back over your clay and seal your pouch and I'll keep your clay clean fresh for next time. So at this point put on your gloves. Actually looking at these again I think I have a little too much of one. I'm just going to pinch that off and I'll put that back in my pouch in a moment. Take my two parts squish them together start kneeding them Your goal is to do this for at least four minutes. You want to make sure that you have an even color when you're done with no striations. So just keep squishing them together. I kneeded my clay for about four five minutes and you can see I have a nice even color at this point. There's no stripes in there and there's no blotchiness. For this project I want you to do is take a little bit of the clay. Pinch off a little bit. Squish it flat. Once you made it flat little round shape go ahead and put it into your ring base. Now what's great about two part epoxy clays is you don't need any glues or adhesives. It actually works as an adhesive itself. It's going to stick to any surface. It's just going to air dry. We don't have to worry about baking this or putting this in the oven. So what we're doing for this project is we're gonna put our cosmic ring right on top of our epoxy clay round and squish. Just going to press down. Again it's nice and even press pretty firmly. My fingers were touching the clay and I don't want that clay residue on my ring so I'm just going to go ahead wipe it off a little Now I want to remold this into a ball. I'm not applying much pressure. Just lightly rolling it. Now I"m going to put this in the center of the cosmic ring and tap it down until it's flat there we go. Now for this ring here I used really tiny chatons. For this particular project I wanna do a little bit of a larger size one. I'm going to take my magic pick remove the protected tip and actually I wanna make sure that this is good and sticky to pick up those chatons just roll it against the tape which is on the little pad here This comes with your magic pick So when you're ready to apply your chatons, pick one up and place it where you want it into the clay roll your pick but make sure that the edge of the chaton is just slightly under the edge of the clay and that's going to make it so that your chaton will not fall out once the clay cures place the next one I like mine as closely placed together as possible They're not overlapping. They're just barely touching and then keep going along the edge placing one after another You sees it picked up like that I didn't have it set in there enough So I need to go ahead push it down a little further make sure gets just under the edge of the clay You can go back at the end too and make sure that they're all firmly placed. Now here I'm coming towards the end and I'm not gonna have enough room to place two of them So I'm just gonna go ahead in place one in the middle I'm rolling my magic pick over them that's going to allow my magic pick to come off I think I still have enough time and take my edge of my magic pick remove that one Slightly smooth it out a little bit and I want to move it a little bit over to fill in that gap. You have about an half an hour of work time here so take your time. Place your stones carefully. The next row Start looking to see what you're gonna be able to cover space wise and place your stones appropriately looks like I can only get three in this middle section you don't want them to overlap otherwise they are not going to adhere to the clay. When you're all done take your fingertips, a clean one that hasn't been touching the clay that's not all sticky and doesn't have residue. And just press them down All you have to do is let this cure in a upright position for twenty four hours and then it'll be ready to wear. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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