How to Use Bead Bumpers on a Beadable Earring Hoop

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see how to secure your beaded hoop earring design with Bead Bumpers by Beadalon. You will also see from start to finish how to make the Chain Ruffle Hoops in Fuschia by stringing Austrian crystal beads onto sterling silver 30mm beading hoops with flat cable chain embellishments.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to show you how to use bead bumpers on a beatable earring hook here's a finished earring that I made using some beautiful Swarovski crystal on a sterling hoop with some sterling chain and you'll notice right on the ends these tiny little two millimeter silicon beads called bead bumpers and what those do is stabilize my design and so in this video we'll be making the companion to this earring using some six millimeter fuchsia Swarovski crystal with some four millimeter beautiful rondelle's in the crystal a B finish we have these little two millimeter bead bumpers in the silvertone and some sterling flat cable chain I've got a little bit of craft wire that I'll be showing you a quick tip with and for tools I've just got flush cutters and a pair of chain nose pliers so the first thing that we're gonna want to do is prepare our chains and what I've done is cut a couple of 15 link lengths that I'll create a third length of and the quick tip here is just to take any piece of craft wire you have sitting around and once you've got your desired length you can measure the next one up just by holding the two together once you've strung them and hang them so they lay flush together and then clip the appropriate link so that's my quick way of getting same length chains when when it's a matter of counting links as opposed to measuring though I will say that these measure about seven eighths of an inch so to begin with our hoop we're going to start by taking pliers and just straightening out this end bit when you first order your hoop it may come already turned up and so we just want to flatten that down to get our beads on the first bead that we're going to put on is our little bead bumper so that's gonna go on like so all the way around to the edge about where we think that our design is going to ship on that end the next bead we're going to add is a little Rondo then we're going to put on the end link of one of our chains and another rondell then a pink bead fuchsia and we'll repeat that pattern we'll bring on another rondell and here is where we're going to come around and string on the opposite side of our chain to incorporate it into the design so I actually have to bring all my beads right down to the end point so that I can take up that end link of my chain and carefully swing it on to the tip of my hoop like so all right and we can come back up and resume beading the first thing we want to add on is our next link of chain so the end link goes on then another Rondo then our pink bead another rondell and here again we're gonna scoot ourselves back to the edge of our hoop and bring up the end link of our chain and slide that on now our design tip here could be if this is too tricky of fit you can attach little open jump rings that are slightly larger than the size of your bead links so maybe a three millimeter could work there if that makes it easier for you I've chosen a challenge here myself so let me add on our next length link of chain there just get the design back a bit and add on the next rondell there we go and then a pink bead another rondell and this will be our last chain attachment getting that end link on there just like so alright so scooting everything back to Center we'll add on our final rondell bead and our final bead bumper so these bead bumpers come in different colors of this side particularly there is a little black one there's a gold-tone one and then there's some larger sizes that come in cube shapes as well very handy for lots of aspects of design work so now I'm ready to take my plier and just curve that little end point up again the way we found it and that will fasten my earring so I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful you can find all of these tools and supplies at please also subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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