How to Make the Holiday Elegance Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to make the Holiday Elegance Necklace which is quick and easy to make and costs just around $20! It's a fun project that has a lot of 'bling' and style. In the video you will learn how to turn bezel cups into links and how adding just a little cup chain can really increase the 'wow' factor of a design.
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Hi, this is Julie with you can see it's really quite blingy it's very fancy I think it's perfect for holiday parties and you're gonna be able to make this entire necklace for just around $20 which I love I love it that you can get something this dramatic and this much of a statement piece for not much money and it's very easy to put together what you're going to need is you're gonna need these little bezel cups and you're gonna need five of them you're gonna need some of these great gem color acrylic they're they're not glass they are acrylic Kappa shots but that's nice because you're really lightweight and I picked out some red ones here to do the project in the video you can see that my example has some great emerald colored ones and then there are also available in sapphire and also this great amethyst purple color so you have a lot of choices here I just was going for a real holiday look so I went with the deep red and then the green you're getting some chain and you're just going to need 1 foot of chain and then we're going to use some cup chain and this is what really makes this necklace pop so I've got two feet here I'm gonna have a little bit left over and there's a lot of different colors of cup chain available I like this opal one and then a findings kit this is great because it comes with the jump rings as well as the clasp and you get it all in one kit and you're gonna have a lot of extra findings for other projects and then you're going to need some glue now to keep this project under $20 you're going to be using some e6000 but I always show e6000 and videos because I love it but for this video you know what I want to show you how to use a different glue and that's Diamond glaze this is another really good product I just don't highlight it enough so you could use either for this project the e6000 this little tube is great because super convenient but this is nice if you have it at home and maybe you're using for other projects as well in terms of the tools you're going to need a ruler and then just some of your basic tools that you already probably have at home a pair of cutters and two pairs of chain nose pliers so to begin what you're going to want to do I move my example aside these little bezel cups are great because the loops on the side are somewhat flexible and I am going to take my chain nose pliers grab on to one of the loops and bend it back and that just made this bezel setting into a linkable object and so I'm going to go in on the other side I'm just going to eyeball it where the one loop opposite is of the one I just bent down and bend it down as well so now I have just created a link and I'm going to do that on a total of four of my five little bezel cups and this is not hard I'm not having to use a lot of strength here to bend these back but they will stay in their bent position which is nice now these are gonna be the side ones for the center one I want the loops not to be exactly opposite each other I want them to be a little bit higher up just so that when the necklace sits on on the neck it has a nice natural curve to it so I'm gonna bend back one like so and then I'm not gonna go opposite I'm gonna go more about here it's really up to you where you want this and just bend back that one perfect so you can see how this is gonna link up like so and now I'm gonna cut my rhinestone cup chain when I want to cut about three and a half inches of each and you can eyeball this you could get away with less I'm going to show you when you lay this into the cup so three and a half you could get probably away with three inches but what I'm going to scoot these little rhinestones together so that they're tighter and that way it's gonna be a little bit of a fuller look to it so one just shy of three and a half actually there we go and there's a little metal bridge between each of the settings and you can just slip it very easily so I need to do that five different times and that's why you have two feet of this rhinestone chain so again just shy of the three and a half mark okay so you can tell you have some left over for another project now we're gonna set this down into our bezel settings so I'm going to take my diamond clays you can see we've used this in the workshop before and I am just going to squeeze some out and swirl it around the cup and now I want to make sure that it actually goes to the edge not so it spilling over but it does go to the edge and then some in the middle as well and take one of my colored cabochon and set it down in the center and now I'm going to take one of my links of cut cup chain and just lay it down along the edge and a very pleasant surprise when I came up with this project is that it's really the perfect size that the cabochon is the perfect size that cup chain is the perfect size so it just fits in there beautifully there's really not much of a gap anywhere press that down and set it aside I'll repeat with the other four again just put some of the diamond glaze in here the diamond glaze in this instance is working as an adhesive and it is going to hold it which is quite nice it's just a different application for Diamond glaze whenever possible I do like to try to show a variety of different products and how you can use them I am fond of e6000 so you definitely can use that for this project as well and the only thing I'm paying attention to with my glue like it is starting to pull up a little bit right in here that's fine it's gonna dry clear I don't want it to go over the crystals though and I don't want to spill out the edges okay those are set I'm gonna let them dry put away my glue I'm done with it for this project now for my chain I'm just gonna cut it in half if you wanted a longer necklace you can just purchase some more chain just cut a link in the middle I've got my two lengths now and now I'm gonna open up my finding skip so you get a lot of different findings in this kit which is nice you're gonna be able to use all of these for other projects we get a variety of clasps head pins eye pins and jump rings you actually get two sizes of jump rings I'm gonna use this smaller size I'm going to use the little four millimeters so I'm gonna take them out and I'm gonna use a clasp now let's say you just wanted your necklace to be slightly longer like maybe an inch longer than it ends up being you can always link some of these larger jump rings together and put them at the end of your chain and make it a little bit longer just as like an extender okay this should do take my chain nose pliers if you're not going with how to open a jump ring these are open jump rings they have a little slit on one end you're gonna grab with your chain nose pliers one side of the jump ring and then Glock grab with the other pair of chain nose pliers the other side with the slit up top and rotate and you just twist it open and then you link on whatever you want to link on in this case it's the toggle bar and then also the end chain link of my cut chain and then just twist it back to close it I'm going to do that on the other side as well so this is my other length of cut chain and the round part the loop of my toggle and close it so all these other findings are extra yay use those for something else my ruler aside and now I need to link up my links now I'm gonna do this in the video pretty quickly because I want to get this video done so you can see it but I would normally let these dry for a good hour just you know be aware of that I'm gonna be careful here and not disturb them too much as I'm linking them so I put the one that has the not centered I bent down loops in the middle and I've got two on each side and then I'm gonna put a length of chain on each side what I'm going to connect them just with jump rings linked on to that loop it's very easy to do put your length of chain onto the jump ring I'm being pretty cautious here because I know these are still wet but normally you'd be able to just handle them you know how you would normally handle them okay those the jump ring oh there we go and now I'm just going to open a jump ring you get the idea of what I'm doing here and again a link onto that loop do the same so I've got the two loops together and close it up put those down go to my other side same thing so actually create feeling pretty stable to me I'm not quite as concerned they're drying rather fast but I would if you're home doing this I would just let them dry a little bit longer than what I'm showing here in the video two more jump rings and our necklace will be complete and we are done so this was a very quick very easy and very affordable project which I think has a really pretty end result again these are the holiday elegance necklaces you can find them their instructions and all their ingredients on you

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