How to Make Earrings using Austrian Crystal Pear Cut Pendants

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a pair of earrings using the Austrian crystal Pear Cut Pendants. The three different sizes come together to create a lovely tiered spiral effect. Adjust the length of the chain to suit your style. Go longer for a more dramatic look or shorter for more of a classic silhouette.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with now let's start by focusing on what these pendants really look like now if you'll take a look at my emerald right here it has that nice beautiful flat facet on the front but when you flip it over it has a little point on the back so you get all those beautiful facets that shine through that front sort of mirror like surface I'm gonna bring in the crystal silver night so you can see a little bit of a different example because this one has a little bit of a backing to it so in this one you can really again see that front flat piece right there but when you flip it over this one like I said it has a little bit of a different back it has all those beautiful facets you can really see that happening on this particular color so this is the crystal silver night but from my project here I'm going to be using that emerald but I do want to let you take a second to look at all the different color varieties we have so the idea for today is that we're going to be using all three sizes in the same design because they fit so well together and it's just going to be this beautiful glittering earring so you can see that I do have a finished piece here so this one it's gonna look very elegant and very drop like and I'm gonna talk about how we can adjust that chain to sort of suit your needs but this is gonna be a beautiful shoulder duster just really just focusing on letting all that shine and all that color come through alright so this is what we're going to be making so to do that we're going to be using a tierracast earring post I have a couple of my bullet clutchbacks there I have my three sizes all in the same color now you can do this where you change out the colors which could actually be very pretty too but I had those pear cut pendants right here I have a little bit of chain and one thing I'm going to be talking about is I'm going to be using two different sizes of jump rings and while they may look very similar there's a reason as a designer I chose to do it this way so we're going to be using four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings and five millimeter 21 gauge jump rings alright so that we're just going to need some basic tools for this I have some flush cutters and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and I also have a ruler on hand and we're gonna talk about that in a second alright so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so I'm gonna begin first by attaching the large pendant to the bottom of my length of chain here now again I have a little bit of I my ailing earring obviously isn't going to be quite this long but this is a great project if you do have just a little scrap of a chain you can use that particular chain as well so very kind of a cool little idea there alright so we're gonna start and we're gonna take that 5 millimeter 21 gauge jump ring and just give it a nice big twist to open slide it on to our pendant and slide it on to the last link in our chain and go ahead and close that up make sure it has a nice smooth closure alright now looking at this chain it does look like it kind of twists and turns which is what I wanted for this design because I really want this design to move again which is why I have it so long as I do so what I want to start by focusing though is these are round links but if you kind of start to adjust it a little bit you'll notice that they are perpendicular links so what we're going to do is we're going to kind of work our way going around this chain so I have my one pair pendant on to that bottom and now what we're going to do because we're moving to smaller pendants I'm gonna start using the 4 millimeter 22 gauge because it's gonna look a little bit closer to the size of my chain so if I went with those bigger ones it would just look maybe a bit too big and a bit too clunky so I didn't want to do that that's a choice but I just I wanted to use a different size jump ring alright so we're going to go ahead and take one of those 4 22s and open that up and now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to bring it to the chain and I'm going to go to the second link here which is where I don't have anything attached and I'm gonna go to the outside you see how I'm moving to the outside of it or it's actually rather at the front side right there so take that and you can go ahead and put on your pair now like I said the pairs do have a front and back but you can really put it on however you like because this is gonna be a nice tight little closure and we want it to kind of sit in a really fun way that's going to have some move into it alright I'm just making sure that has a nice closure alright so now we're just gonna repeat that and I'm gonna take another one of my medium-sized pear pendants and I'm gonna go around again so you can see that I put it on the front and now I'm gonna kind of flip that there we go around the front so now I'm going around the outside here and I know my hands in the way hold on around the outside so you're just kind of stepping up as though your chain is a spiral staircase alright so giving that a nice good closure as well there we go alright and we're gonna repeat again with both of our small little pendants here alright let me see if I can kind of show you what's happening here all right so what we have is we have our first little pendant there that's on the front and that second little pendant that's out there to the side so you see this little third link right there where my nail is we're gonna go towards the back so it might help you if you want to try to slip on that jump ring first and then kind of come in with your pliers and then you know that you can just sort of add on your little pendant and you're all set to go that might help as you're kind of finding this twist happen there alright and let's do it one more time got to find the seam and give it a little twist and again I'm just gonna set that down and we're gonna find my little my little pendant there so it's coming out on that side so now we are going to go back to the front here does that make sense so we kind of have it going around and around and around so now I want my pendant to come out on this side and like I said if you kind of get lost don't even worry about it this is our just a really fun little kind of technique that you can add just a little teared earring too and you can also space these out a little bit more if you want to kind of skip a pendant you can do that but I love the kind of cluster II look that this has all right so now the next step is to find out exactly how long you want your earring to be now you can add an earring your earring hook right here for a little bit more of a classic look it'll be just a nice little drop there the nice little cluster earring you can go you know just a little bit longer if you like maybe like an inch or so we're gonna go about an inch and 3/4 and I've actually counted out my links for me for the way that I want to do it cuz once you find the link that you want I recommend you make them absolutely consistent so we are gonna count out 19 links here and we flip everybody over all right here we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 16 17 18 19 so this is my 20th link that I'm gonna pick up here and this is the one that I'm going to cut off there we go separate out my chain and now again we're gonna use one of those 4 22s because it's gonna continue that nice sleek look towards the top you can use a bigger jump ring or a stylized jump ring up here at the top if you'd like I'm going for more of a hidden look so again that's why I wanted to use a thinner gauge of a jump ring and as small as I could get alright so that's it that is how to make a pair of earrings using the Swarovski pear cut pendants and you can just see that it's really fun they're really cluster II I just love the way it looks and you can make these in all of these different colors and styles so thanks so much for watching if you're new to our YouTube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button 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