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Hi, this is Kat with and lightweight so it's not too heavy on the ear but what's great about using the memory wire is that it keeps its shape so if it gets pulled or anything it actually just sort of goes back to its usual loop and I'm going to be using some ear wires here that are unique to this project and I just want to point them out to you now normally when you look at an earring hook that's like this French wire you'll have that loop facing to the side which sometimes makes it difficult depending on what you're doing so but I actually found these ones where it's facing the front so you'll see in my piece here I have the loop going around so that when I wear it it'll actually be facing the right way and that's sort of a really nice little quality to these earring hooks so for this particular design I have three sizes of czech fire polish I did sort of a graduated loop I have four millimeter six millimeter and eight millimeter and I have some memory wire here and this is how it comes because it's generally used for bracelets but we're going to sort of adapt it for our purposes today and then I have a pair of round nose pliers and you're going to want a good pair of round nose pliers because this wire is very thick and because of that you're going to want special cutters and these are memory wire cutters so you can see that the shape is a little bit different than your general foot generally and a usual flush cutter and then I have my Z Rana pliers and these are the four and one crimping pliers and I'll show you how these can be useful a little bit later so let's go ahead and get started so to begin simply take your memory wire and it will come like this like I said you'll have several different coils so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to take and just cut about one full loop and maybe just a little bit extra just to give yourself a little safety when you're going to cut off that number wire just in case it's always easier to trim you always can't add so I have a little bit of a loop and a little bit of extra and what I'm going to do first is I'm going to take those round nose pliers and I'm just going to form a simple loop and again this wire is very thick so you're going to want a good good plier to use and just keep that loop formed on that first side and here's where those are on four and one pliers come in handy because they are actually crimping pliers so what you can do is just for a little extra security take it in that crimping section and just crimp that gently crimp that so there's no opening on that loop okay so this is the start of your earring and now simply add the beads in whichever order you like I'm going to start with my four millimeters and I'm going to add about five actually I'm going to add exactly five don't quite know how you have about five beads three and four and five slide that down I'm going to move on to my six millimeters and again I'm going to add five four one more five just slide that down and for my eight millimeters I'm going to add seven I want a nice big focal and like I said earlier because these are Czech fire polish they're actually a really nice light weight so this earring will not be too heavy on your ear which is always a concern for me I have very delicate ears hey one two three four five six seven okay and now I'm just going to reverse my patterns I'm going to add five of these six millimeters and five there we go and now five of those four millimeters two three four and five there we go and just slide that down and I do have a little bit extra on my wire so I'm going to need to trim that but like I said you're always going to want just a little bit extra not less so what I'm going to do first is I'm going to make sure that those beads are nice and snug around my loop take my flush cutters and I really only want a loop that is about I would say a little less than half an inch is what you're going to really want to make that loop okay so now I'm just going to trim that wire away from yourself and now again take that round nose plier and I'm just going to bend that in towards my beads we go make sure that loop is nice and tight again I'm just going to use those Iran pliers just to kind of squeeze that together and make sure that it is nice and flush all right just a little bit a little bit of love okay there we go so now it is nice and tight and ready to go so all I need to do now is take my earring hook and this is again where you're going to use those pliers and just open that loop ever so slightly slip on your hoop and just close that loop and there you go there is your nice second earring and you'll just repeat that process obviously to do your second one but that's how you can make really simple fun earrings using the memory wire loops I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more instructional videos at you

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