How to Make a Multi Strand Bracelet using Link Chain and a Tube Clasp

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner

In this video you will learn how to use a tube clasp to perfectly space a trio of flower link chains for a delicate stacked look. This design is easy to customize with your choice of chains and metals.

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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a multi-strand bracelet using link chain and a tube clasp now this here is a tube clasp and we have this and i'm going to be using this today with the three rings but we also have it in two four five so you can make a really multi multi-strand bracelet with that and today we're going to be using this beautiful daisy chain here and it's got a nice little enamel look to it it's very colorful very vintage we're also going to be using some four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings to help us with this project now over here i have my tools now today we're going to be using a pair of chain nose pliers and you can also use round nose pliers or bent nose pliers and we can also use our flush cutters here today and then i think it's always handy to have a ruler at the ready because we're going to be doing some sizing here because we are going to be making a bracelet so the very first thing is let's go ahead and bring our ruler in and i want you to be able to see the size of this chain here and how many pieces you're going to actually use because we have to kind of go with the little daisies here for our size so if you're going to add on the tube clasp let's go ahead and bring that to this one side here it's going to add about a half an inch there so just to kind of eyeball it let's say i want a six inch bracelet i'm going to need to use this as my last one there now if you want something longer you can extend it but just know that you're going to be kind of eyeballing how long you want this to be all right so i'm actually going to let's make a full seven-inch bracelet here so i'm actually going to cut my chain right here now these are little tiny jump rings that are right in between there and they're very fine and thin so you can just come in with your flush cutters and snip that off and that piece is done so now you'll notice that the colors sort of change so let's say i need to create my second strand here so i'm just gonna go and match up my daisy colors there now you can kind of take a look and see if you like that coloring or what you can do is you can kind of switch it you know to add one or another so you can also do it the same if you wanted to so you see you can do the same of the daisies there just make sure that you have enough for your third strand but i'm going to go ahead and let this be a little colorful so let's mix it up a little bit so let's make sure i have the appropriate number there and again i can just come in with my flush cutters and just snip off that jump ring there making sure to not snip the little loops that are attached to our little daisies there all right so there's my second strand and now let's do my third strand so let's bring this guy in here and i think i'm going to adjust the colors here just a little bit let's go ahead and flip this around let's get something new happening here let's see what happens if i do that okay so i have one that matches up there so let's see if i can adjust i can do that or that one let's go back to this side let me see now i'm just playing around okay let's adjust it like that that way we have all kinds of different colors so i'm going to come to this side and i'm going to actually snip this off and keep all these little links you could use these for earrings or all kinds of fun stuff let me move my ruler out of the way there we go and now coming all the way to this side here making sure my daisies line up and go ahead and snip that last little piece there all right and now you can set that aside this chain is sold by the inch so if you are looking to purchase a specific amount but honestly i think it's really fun go ahead and purchase a little extra that way you can make some fun little earrings and bubbles with these okay so i'm going to set those guys aside and now i'm going to separate out my tube clasp but i want to make sure that it's going to face the same way because we don't want to end up with it like this because it won't clasp so make sure that you have it flipped around all right now we need to come in and i'm going to use my chain nose and my bent nose here i'm going to pick up one of my little jump rings and let's go ahead and give that a little twist to open and coming to one side over here i'm going to slip it on to the top hole of my tube clasp and to one of my little daisies there now what i find easiest is to do all one side first that way we can line everything up so again this is just it's really just cutting apart that chain and adding these little jump rings here so again coming in now we're catching that second little loop there oops if i can get my pliers out of the way there we go and hooking on our second chain coming in and closing that up make sure we have a nice good closure all right and one more for that third strand here i just have a little bit of my scrap metal there there we go and once more on here attaching our chain and closing that up okay so now is probably the trickiest part because we want to make sure that our chains are going to lay flat so what i'm going to do is kind of separate out that first one and make sure that it's not twisted or anything like that that everything is laying nice and flat come to this other side here i'm just going to bring that in there and now we need to be mindful and this is why i like to do it this way just kind of that one at a time so now i need to go down through that piece there make sure it's still aligned all the way across and now i can come in and with confidence loop that jump ring through that that loop there all right before we move on let's just test okay looking good now let's do our second strand here and you can see that it already kind of starts to flip around there we go just make sure everything is good come in with one more jump ring here and loop it on close up that jump ring and let's double check just make sure everything is nice and flat and flush there we go all right and our last chain here again let's just eyeball it and make sure everything is looking good come in and open up that last little jump ring loop it on and loop it onto our tube clasp there we go nice good closure all right and now we have our triple strand bracelet all ready to go so you see how colorful that is it's really delicate and beautiful and we know that it's going to clasp nicely so we have our little tube clasp so everything is nice and separated as you wear it all right that is how easy it is to use a tube clasp to create a multi-strand bracelet i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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