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Hi. I'm Andrea and I'm the senior designer here at In today's video, I'm going to show you how to do a flat even count peyote stitch. Peyote stitch is one of the most versatile and in my opinion, easy to learn bead stitches. And today we're going and a teach you how to do a flat even count peyote stitch. And I'm using two contrasting colors here. I like the combination of turquoise and red so that's what I've chosen. And I've strung about one yard of black wildfire .006 inch size wildfire. And the reason I chose black was just to show some contrast and maybe you'll be able to see the thread path better. So I've strung this onto my needle. I've threaded my needle with it. And now I'm going to thread on a bead stopper. I'm going to use a yellow contrasting with the red and turquoise. Just thread this on and when I get to about eight inches away from the tail, I'm going to take the needle and go back through the bead. And this will stop your beadwork from sliding off. So to begin I need an even number of beads. And I'm going to use let's say six. So I'm going to do red, turquoise, red, turquoise, red, turquiose and that's six beads. I'm going to slide them all the way down to the bead stopper. And now if I want my pattern to have stripes, which I do today, I'm going to pick up my next row. I'm going to pick up a turquoise bead. I'm going to go through the next bead, which is a red bead. The next bead in the row is a turquoise bead so once again I'm going to pick up a turquoise. Go through the following red bead. As you can see by doing this I'm creating rows. I'm gonna have rows, stripes of turquoise and red. I'm going to pick up another turquoise and go through the final red bead. At this point you're at the end of your row. What I like to do is, I like to flip my beadwork over so I'm always stitching in the same direction. And now the first bead in the row is the red bead. So you're going to pick up a red. Go through the second turquoise. When you began tension is always a little bit wonky, so as you stitch more rows things will kind of fall into place and you just need to keep on kind of pulling on your thread and making sure everything's tight but not too tight. Once again pick up a red. Go through the final turquoise bead in this row. Now that the end of that row so I'm going to flip it over again. And as you can see you can start to see the rows forming. Once you get the hang of it you're going to definitely notice that the rows are forming and you know once you get really good at it you can start playing with the pattern. Here's an example of just a little sampler I did of different colored rows so you can see what it's gonna look like. Except obviously the colors I was working with were just turquoise and red. This bracelet was also made with the same exact stitch. Just using the smallest size seed bead and just increasing the size until it gets to the middle of each of these bubbles. And that's how I made the ring and also I made a ring to match the bracelet as well. So as you can see it's really versatile and fairly easy and just have fun with it. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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