How to do Faux Enameling with Crystal Clay and Resin by Becky Nunn

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Designer: Becky Nunn
In this video tutorial learn how to get the look of an enameled piece of jewelry using epoxy clay and resin. Becky Nunn of Nunn Design teaches this intriguing technique and shows you how easy it is to get this lush look.
Audio Transcript
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This is Becky Nunn of Nunn Design in here to studio shooting a great video on how to do a Faux enamel look using crystal clay and Gel Du Soleil. What you need for this project are some bezel findings, some brass stampings the gel Du Soleil, crystal clay some cutters and some sort of heat source whether it be a lighter like this or a match. I'm also using the UV lamp. The first part is video I used my cutters to trim away a little bit of the bees legs so it would fit nicely inside of the bezel. and then I've already premixed following the manufacturer's instructions two equal-sized balls of the crystal clay into one. Now what you wanna do is take the clay and press it down into the base of the bezel squeezing it down with my thumb pulling on the clay to fill that pointed edge coming over to this edge pushing it up inside of there making sure that I don't have any the clay on the side edges there's another point that's filled so you want to have your clay recessed down below the sidelines here because if it's too high the Gel Du Soleil will tend to run over the edges once you have it patted down go ahead and take your bee and press it firmly down into the crystal clay you wanna make sure that the bee is completely down and submerged and there's not any opportunity for the crystal clay to rise up above or go underneath your bee finding because if any other it goes underneath the bee the full piece will not cure because the UV resin has to be completely exposed to UV light in order for it to cure I went ahead and popped the top of the Gel Du Soleil because I find that I often get air bubbles when I have that one little plastic nib on the top you want to just pour a tiny amount into the bezel, under pouring because it's always easier to add more than it is to clean up having too much. I'm just slightly rotating it around and having the difference having the gel flow into the different corners of the piece. If you had a head pin handy it would be nice to be able to slide it down into the different crevices once your gel is fully coated over the full piece turn on your UV lamp and slide it into the UV light after about 20 minutes your pieces should be cured. Go ahead and turn off the UV lamp I had some pieces in here curing from prior and they are now cured and good to go. Here are some other samples of using this faux enameling look these are some pieces that show a specter Nunn Design created for us using crystal clay, two different colors and here is one that I did. This is Becky Nunn for showing you a great project using crystal clay embellishments and Gel Du Soleil to create a faux enameled look. Thanks for joining us. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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