Bead Embroidery: The Direct Attachment Method

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Designer: Julie Bean
The direct attachment method of bead embroidery is exactly what it sounds like, you directly attach your beads, beaded pieces, etc. to your embroidery by going in and out of the beads along the edge. One of the very easiest ways to attach.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with Today I want to show you the direct attachment method with the embroidery. This is going to come up in a lot of your books and patterns where it says directly attach to your bead embroidered piece, bead embroidered cabachon and I want to let you know what that means and show you what it is. So it is essentially what it sounds like. It's very easy. There's really not much to it. You have some thread and a needle and let's say you want to attach two pieces together. If you have just a single beaded edge like this all you're going to do is your going to take your beads that you want to attached to it. I just have an assortment here which the colors compliment. Whatever pattern you may be doing then you're just exactly what direct attachment sounds like. You're going to directly bead into your embroidery. So I got that beaded edge just going to directly bead right onto it and then I'll just come up. I went down one I'm just going to come up one of them next to it. This is just for example so I don't have this attached to anything and if I want it to have another strand of beads then I would go ahead and just bead some more or I could go head to go in and out of the edge beads. Let's do that to see what that looks like. Go into one of the beads next to it out of one of them coming up out of the next bead. Now I've got a little bit more of a gap and I could just string the same pattern. There you go. Put two more. Let's say you want to attach this to another bead embroider piece we have. Same thing we're going to go in and out of the bead work along the edge. I'm going to go down through a bead and then up through the bead next to it and so on and so forth. So you are just attaching these as you go. And we keep adding pieces as we go. So that's one way of doing direct attachment if you have a single bead edge like that. I also want to show you a really easy way to connect two pieces which have a picot edge. I'm just going to take out this beading so I can use this thread again. So now I want to show you another method. Now let's say you want to attach two pieces together that has a lovely picot edge. You want to do it with a direct attachment method. So you're just going to take your thread with the needle on it and go through one of the little beads along the edge and I like to think that these as teeth along a zipper and we just need to zip these up. So then I'm going to go the same direction through another bead on the other edge. Now I'm going to go back to my first beaded cabochon here and so here I came out of this one and went down to through that one next to it I'm going to go through and then I'm going to go to my second cabochon find the one you came out of and go to that one on top of it the one next along the row and I'm not pulling these tight it's going to be too hard to see what I'm doing if I pulled these tight. So I'm going to go to the next one and back and forth. I'm keeping that loose on purpose like shoelaces or like courset strings is how I think of that. I'm going to do one more then I'm going to show you how to pull these together. I have all these semi-loose thread, so I'm gonna go ahead and take my starting tread, the tail right here and then this part here and pull them gently at the same time. Make sure that they don't have any knots in there. Let them come together keep pulling and there we go. They are connected now. That's going to be a nice tight bond now what you can do is you can either go back through these again just to doubly reinforced if you like. I might recommend that if you're doing a piece of jewelry that's going to bear a lot of weight or a lot of use you might want to just go back through it and reinforce that and then just incorporate your thread back into your bead work and tie off as usual. So there is a brief explanation of what the direct attachment is when is referred to in bead embroidery. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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