14K Gold-Filled Filigree Pearl Clasp Top Quality (1 pcs)

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  • This 14K Gold Filled two piece filigree clasp is a secure, beautiful and top quality way to put that finishing touch to a pearl necklace, or to give that antique air to your jewelry.
  • This clasp looks airy and delicate, but it is strong and secure fasteners. First hook the U-shaped part of the clasp around the tiny post at one end of the oval filigree - then push it in gently until it 'clicks' into place. Unfasten by squeezing gently on the tabs of the U-shape, and reverse the procedure. Even if the clasp gets accidentally 'unclicked', it will remain hooked, and your beautiful creation will not be lost by the wearer.
  • Measurements: 15 mm long x 6mm wide, exclusive of the 4mm soldered ring at each end of the clasp (included, permanently attached).
  • Quantity: 1 complete clasp.
  • Quality: 14/20 Gold filled. This means that the outer 5% of the piece is 14K gold. This is thousands of times thicker than electroplate, which can be measured in mere microns. This is gold that will not rub off.
  • SKU: FCL-5557
  • Weight: 5 g
Additional Information
Style Filigree, Box
Shape Marquise
Materials Gold Filled
Size Reference Chart
14K Gold-Filled Filigree Pearl Clasp Top Quality (1 pcs)

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