Spotlight: Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are a staple in jewelry making, with fire polished beads being one of the most popular options used by beaders everywhere. Available in a rainbow of colors and finishes, these beads are faceted on all sides for added sparkle and shine. The cut edges are then softened in hot ovens or over open flames, resulting in a beautiful glow and the subtle variations that give fire polished beads their signature artisan look.

Discover styles that look like crystal, metallic finishes, dual-tone colors, matte surfaces, color-lined varieties, and hundreds more. No matter your aesthetic, there's a fire polished bead perfect for your next project.

Find design inspiration with free beading projects using Czech fire polished glass beads.

Golden Summer Necklace

Golden Summer Necklace

This long gold necklace has shimmering Czech Fire Polished beads in a warm summery pink palette dangling from wrapped wire loops for maximum sparkle.