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Hi, this is Julie with and what's nice about this project is you don't need any other bead and to complete it I simply strung a little bit of beading chain through the opening here the little gaps and then I finished it off with these little crimp beads with loops and a clasp so a very easy way to turn it into a wearable piece of jewelry so like I mentioned we're gonna be using Diamond beads these are Czech glass beads they have two holes in them and they are four millimeters by six millimeters in size and you can see that they have a very nice slim profile so for this particular project I am using three colors I'm going to be using we can see on the tube here a polychrome indigo orchid I'm going to be using a metallic suede pink and I'm gonna be using a turquoise and I thought it'd be fun I'm actually going to be doing the room first of this so instead of having the turquoise on the outside I'm gonna put it on the inside to see what it would look like so you can really mix-and-match and play around with your color combos even within your three colors besides your three Diamond beads you're going to need a needle as well as some stringing material I'm gonna be using fireline black and then the six pound weight and then your only tool is going to be a pair of scissors and I did lay out a couple of the other colors of the diamond beads just to show you that there's quite a range so you could pick any three colors that you like like I just think this beautiful deep blue would be so pretty with purple and then you could really brighten it up with a little bit of silver you can just start having fun you can put gold with it and see how that changes it just so many different lovely color combos that you can do so really play around and have fun and like I mentioned it only takes three colors to make this bead so how do you make it okay it's actually a lot easier than what it looks like if you've done a beaded bead for you know that some use a to needle method and one a single needle method or some use a single needle method I'm going to be doing the single needle method and I've strung on about four feet of my fire line here and I have not tied a knot so that's cute too like I said I want to do the roof first just to see what its gonna look like I think it could be really interesting so I'm gonna string onto my needle ten of the turquoise colored diamond beads now if you've worked with two whole beads before you know that sometimes you have to pay attention to which hole you go in sometimes one side is like a little curved and the other is flat or there's a right and a left side to it these are identical on both sides which is really nice you don't have to pay attention to which hole you pick them up with so let's see I've got five six seven eight nine and ten all right so I've got my ten beads on there yep okay pull them down towards your tail you want to have a tail of about at least eight inches so that you're gonna be able to weave it in later just loop it around and you're gonna tie a simple overhand knot and pull those into a circle now I'm gonna go back and do a double knot just gonna go through a couple times and pull that nice and tight and if you want you can even do one more knot for good measure you're just securing it okay after you've done that you're gonna be working now with the side that has the needle on it and what I like to do is I like to go through a couple beads and I'm gonna go through that original hole that I went through to begin with okay so I just went through a couple beads and now I'm gonna jump up to the next hole so if we see the side profile here I'm literally just gonna create a thread bridge and jump up to that next hole okay so you see how that looks and now between every bead I'm gonna add another color so since I want to do the reverse I think I'm going to well I have a choice here I could either do the purple one here the kind of pinky purple like I have here or I could do the blue I think it could be interesting to do the blue I'll make it look well the blue that'll be on the outside so this is part of the design process and it's a lot of fun maybe I'll do the purpley pink and then only reverse the blue and the turquoise in this design so let's just pick up this color and really play with it do whatever you like you can make a solid color one that would work too so I just added one I came out the next hole here and then just going over to the next Diamond bead that top upper hole and I'm just gonna work my way all the way around just adding that one bead between each we're gonna add our last bead and we're gonna go through that hole we're also gonna go back through that first purple bead we added as well as we can do one at a time or you could try to make your needle go through all of them here let's just do a couple at a time here okay so we're gonna go back through that first purple bead the same hole and then you want to go through another top turquoise and another bottom hole of the purple this allows you to just tighten up your work a little bit so now that we're a little bit aways from this original not what I like to do is just take my needle off of my thread string it back onto my tail and I want to get rid of this tail at this point I don't want to have to think about it just gonna go ahead put the needle back on that tail go through one of the bottom turquoises and it catch it under one of my thread bridges just tie another little knot go through another thread bridge you can go through a couple if you want and then just snip it if you have a thread zap or some type of thread burner you can use that for this too but now we don't have to think about this extra tail so now we're gonna go back up to our original main strand here a fire line rethread our needle and now you remember you're exiting that bottom purple bead with the hole so now we're just gonna jump up to the top again the same way we did with the turquoise there's just gonna be a little discreet thread bridge there okay so we've got two rows done and now we need to do the third row so to do that we want to add two diamond beads and now we're gonna use this pretty blue color so pick up two and then go through the top hole of the next diamond bead over and remember it doesn't matter which hole you go through for these diamond beads when you pick them up so you don't have to worry about that they're going to lay great either way and if you want you can also flip your beadwork so that you're going this way it depends if you're left or right handed as to which one is a little bit more comfortable for you it does not matter okay and we're just going to go all the way around picking up two beads at a time I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy this bead came together is one of those things that you have in your mind of like oh this is gonna work yeah this will work and then it's actually a little bit of a surprise what it does it's like oh that that was not very hard okay just two more and then we've finished that outer row okay so again you're gonna want to go through a couple more beads over so I'll just retrace your thread path and you want to be exiting one of the outer row beads okay so this is what we have right now so if you notice on the sample piece here we're actually going to now make the other side identical to the front side and to do that we're essentially folding these beads over so go ahead and you're going to jump up again and go through that top hole of both of those beads and create that little discreet thread bridge okay and since we're mimicking both sides are gonna be identical we need to pick up another of whatever your middle color bead is and for me it is this purple color and it's just one and then go through the top holes of this outer row of beads and you're going to do that all the way around I feel like this is a design that you can really play with and probably expand upon you can add seed beads you can probably make this quite a bit larger you could do something where you can do a really cool like bead cap where you don't fully turn it into a beaded bead okay so you see as I'm pulling it as curving and it's pulling it together okay last one to add okay so remember again go through a couple extra ones retracing your thread path and you want to exit one of the outer edge beads okay we're ready to riad our center beads again so again just jump up to that top hole there we go okay and now we're ready to add a turquoise bead and don't worry if they're a little loose right now you're going to cinch him up in the end all the way around just adding a turquoise speed okay last turquoise speed and this is the last bead that we're adding for our beaded bead okay so go through that purple one the turquoise one that used one of the turquoise ones you started with another purple one go through another turquoise one cuz you always end an exit on the last on the one of the beads on the outer row okay so now we just need to bring these all together so we're gonna jump up now to that last hole on that turquoise bead pull your beadwork if you can a little bit tighter right now what you can also do just grab that little thread bridge with your needle pull it there you go now we're gonna go all the way around now this might be a little hard to show on camera cuz what I did to get these and beads exposed their little holes if I held it like this almost like a little jellyfish and I looked underneath it so I'll try to do as best as I can to show you but I do find it easier if you let gravity kind of help you on this one but we just want to go through that last hole on all the turquoise beads and just let it be loose right now I'll make it easier okay last bead okay and then go through a couple more so you've already gone through and now on this one she can do is you can just pull it in nice and tight so now it's all cinched up and you can tie a knot so you can go through a couple more beads if you want we've already gone through a couple all right now we're gonna tie a knot so slip under your thread bridge make a little loop go through that loop with your needle pull tight alright and are not did not end up how I wanted it so this is a perfect example to show you what to do in case that happens because we do want this nice and tight so I ended up with a little bit of extra thread right there go through a couple more beads and we're gonna go all the way around that was a weird thing to happen but I'm glad it happened cuz that it does happen in be tweeting sometimes your thread just catches and creates a little extra bit of like a large loop there you see it's almost gone because we're just going through one more time that will probably not happen to you but if it does now you know what to do alright so now it's tight again and clean let's see if we can do this a little bit better okay there we go it's a nice tight knot go through it again and if you still want it to be a little bit more secure you can go through to another spot and then I would just weave your tail in a little bit before you trim it we are done with this guy and I'm quite curious to put them side by side with the original one okay just trim your thread and then let's see what we've got so there is the same beaded bead same color palette just done in the reverse order and these again are Diamond beads they're Czech glass and they are nice little two hole beads very versatile and you can make a bunch of these beaded beads or use them in your other projects I hope you enjoyed this tutorial video please check out our other videos and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel you

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