How to Wire Wrap Crystal Rondelles onto a Beadable Wire Frame

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate

In this video you will see how to wire wrap a tiny row of rondelle crystals onto a beadable wire frame. This delicate earring design is perfect when you choose your favorite color of crystal to suit your style.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to wire wrap crystal rondelles onto a beatable wire frame so i have my frame here and this beautiful little fan style is what we're going to be using and i'm going to be wrapping those rondelles right along the bottom there so my little tiny rondelles are here and these are really really sweet and i picked out this little turquoise color here today so you can just see how teeny tiny they are they are 1.5 by 2.5 and i also have some earring hooks to help me finish my look and today we are going to be using 28 gauge wire you can also use 30 if you want a little bit of a finer look and just so you are aware the rondelles will accommodate up to 24 so if you wanted to do this technique on a different piece you can absolutely do so alright so let's go ahead and get started so the very first thing we want to do is i'm going to show you really quickly how to straighten out the wire here so go ahead and take it in your chain nose pliers and if you need to straighten out the wire mine's pretty straight i mean it will have a natural little curve to it and that's okay but just go ahead and just run your nylon jaw pliers right along and i'm just pulling it all the way through all the way through all the way through there we go and that can help straighten it out just a little bit this is also helping to work hard in it so it's nice and easy to work with and the last tool that you're going to need is we're going to need our flush cutters here in just a little bit but let's go ahead and begin our wire wrap so i have about 12 inches here and let's pick up our piece and what i want to do is i want to take about an inch or so and just start my wrap and what i'm going to do is i'm going to wrap around coming to the outside here and just wrap three times so using that short little tail to do this wrap one two and three now if your wraps look like this where they're a little separated that's okay we're just gonna we're gonna move that whole thing to one side we want to get it nice and close up to one side there and then you can either do this with your fingernails because this is a light uh wire or you can come in with your chain nose pliers however you like and what we're going to do is just kind of holding it there we're just going to pinch those coils together just like so and again we want to make sure that we are scooching that all the way to one side now i like to leave the little bit of a tail there i don't like to cut it off just yet because it gives me something to sort of grip on to and then if you need to you can come in with your nylon jaw pliers and just kind of straighten out that side in case it got just a little bit kinked there all right so now i'm going to take this side as though i was you know kind of picking something up with a needle i'm going to pick up one of my beads and let that slide all the way down to the bottom there and now continuing the wrap i'm going to wrap up and over and i'm going to go to the front of the piece and wrap it to the back and i'm going to do that only twice now so two times wrapping up and forward to the back all right and you can see that it kind of starts to coil on you and that's okay i'm going to pick up another bead and just simply repeat let me see if i can get that nice up and close to the camera here so we have our bead there and we're just wrapping towards the front and you can just see that i like to hold it with my finger so i know it's it might be a little bit hard to see but just hold it with your fingers in place and make sure that you're wrapping and your coils are nice and tight so go ahead and just scooch everything together there make sure everybody is nice and cozy and then we can continue so you're just going to continue in the same manner here to pick up the beads and again you just want to make sure that everybody is kind of nice and cozy you can just see that i'm kind of again again i kind of like hold it with my fingers just because i want to make sure that everything is going to fit nice and snugly there and do that second wrap there and if you look down this way you'll just want to make sure that they're aligning properly so you can just kind of squeeze them together and again this wire is really really really thin which is great because you're not using any anything load bearing on it so you don't have to worry about it being uh you know kind of heavy and dealing with any kind of stress so this really is just decorative which is actually the way i like to wire wrap i think it's just a little bit nicer and it's a little sweeter too all right so as you can see it's just really repetitive from here i'm just going to continue to add the beads and then i'm going to show you on the other side what it looks like in just a moment okay so i am just adding that last little wrap there my last bead and now i'm going to come through and remember how we did it on the first side we're going to do three wraps so i want to make sure that i can mirror that on this side here so one two and three beautiful all right and bring it to the back and now the last piece here is we're just gonna come in with our flush cutters and trim as close as we can to that very end and trim off both of our little tails here and if you have your little wires sticking out there you can just kind of come in and pinch them with your chain nose pliers there we go all right now the last little piece here to complete one of our earrings is we're just going to come in with our chain nose pliers bend back the loop of our earring hook now because this has the little ball on the beginning what we're going to actually do is we're going to slip it over the back so that it can come and sit right there and now we just go ahead and just close up that little loop there all right beautiful so that is one earring and you can fit about 12 roundels you can do less or you can do more you know you can continue to wrap up the sides if that's what you want but i just really like that nice little fan there of 12 beads so i hope you enjoyed this video you just repeat all of that with the second piece there but you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorials by heading over to you

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