How to Make the Citrine Daydreamer Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner

In this video, you will learn how to make the Citrine Daydreamer Earrings from start to finish. This design features round Preciosa Crystals with simple wire loops spacing out tiny daisy links.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the citrine daydreamer earrings now these earrings feature beautiful six millimeter round crystals from preciosa in the beautiful citrine color and to bring it together i'm going to be using this beautiful daisy chain here i also have some daisy lever back earrings and i have some eye pins here ready to go now for tools we're going to need a pair of flush cutters we're going to need a pair of round nose pliers and we're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started alright so the very first thing we're going to do is we are going to break apart our little link chain here so let's go ahead and we're going to come into the center and you can see there are these little jump rings right in between all of our links so we just want to clip those off and we're just going to separate out six earrings or excuse me six pieces here and don't worry about those little scrap pieces we'll get those out of the way in a second all right now you could do more if you wanted to and i'll show you how you can extend it you can also do less you can do one or two it's entirely up to you all right and i need one more one more there we go all right so now i have my six little pieces here and let's move my little scraps out of the way all right so now we're going to come in and we're going to start by kind of constructing this in a little bit of a different way so we're going to take one of our six millimeter crystals slide it onto one of our eye pins there and you can see that i have the eye pin facing this direction but what i want to do is i want to create a loop that is perpendicular to that so i'm going to come in with my round nose pliers here and grip as close as i can to the bottom and keeping it nice and straight i'm going to bend it backwards again keeping it perpendicular to that loop and i'm going to wrap it up and over the top and rotate my pliers and bring that around to create a simple wire loop now i'm going to go ahead and remove my round nose pliers come in with my flush cutters here and trim that off now i can just set that aside all right so now let's start putting it all together so what we're going to do is we're going to come to that loop and you can use your chain nose pliers for this and just bend that backwards the same way you would a little jump ring and we're going to slip on our lever back earring hook there we go and close that up now the reason we did that perpendicular loop is so that we can add on one of our little daisies and it's going to face out the same direction so coming to the other side of our crystal here we are going to open up that loop slip on one of our little daisies and close that loop up so now this is what we have so far so like i said you can end here if you want or you can continue to go down to the bottom we're going to add a few more so now again picking up another eye pin and another crystal what we're going to do now is because if you can kind of see we're going to have it facing this direction but now that we're going to add another daisy to the bottom of it we can keep that loop facing the same direction so come in with your round nose pliers and now you can see that my loop is facing out like this we're going to keep it so that it is now a parallel loop wrap that up and over the top and bring it around come in with your flush cutters and snip that off okay and now let's just continue to build this so we're going to open up that loop slip it on to our daisy close that loop up making sure we have a nice good closure there come to this side of our loop again bending it backwards ever so slightly looping on one of our daisies and closing that up so we're just going to repeat that step once more so again taking that eye pin and this is where we're going to continue to do that parallel loop here wrapping it up and over the top bringing it around there we go opening it up and this is a really fun project you can do this with a lot of different link chains we also do have different colors of the daisy we have a beautiful multi-colored one but we also have some beautiful turquoise as well so if you wanted to do that be sure to check that out at okay so this is how i want my earring to look i want my three daisies and my three crystals but i have this little loop here at the bottom so let's go ahead and take care of that now if you wanted to you could add another crystal onto an a head pin and kind of finish it off that way so you would have four crystals or again you could just kind of finish it off like that but i'm going to show you a little thing that you can do with this chain here and we're just going to take our flush cutters and we're going to come in and we're just going to trim off that loop just like so and if you need to you can kind of give a little extra haircut there there we go all right so now we have our nice pair of earrings and it looks like it ends with a little daisy charm now so that is how you can make the citrine dreamer earrings i'm going to make the second pair really quick and then i'll show you what they look like together so there you have the citrine dreamer earrings and again it features these really beautiful little daisies and preciosa crystals i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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