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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com these are going to be your 1.5 millimeter round cords and the ones up here are going to meet your 2 millimeter now I want to start by showing you just a little bit of a size difference I'm going to pull one of these out and show you the two millimeters next to that one millimeter kind of put it in my hand here so that you can sort of just see the size difference that you're working with they're not a huge size difference but it will alter the cord ends and projects that you are working with now I did make a project here using the 1.5 millimeter and this I did on the rapid loom a very simple technique and we do have a video showing you how to use that loom and I just wanted to show you this because as you can see that I'm holding it the structure is actually really nice and tight so while the cord is beautiful and buttery leather it does actually have a good strength to it so you can really do a lot with this really play so we do have some beautiful color so I just want to go back up here to so you can see all these nice colors we have some beautiful greens and of course we do have all of your traditional blacks and browns but I do want to point out a couple quick things and you can see it mostly between these two oranges here so this is going to be our orange color and this one up here is going to be our natural orange color so you can see it's a little bit more distressed but the coating is still very good and strong so don't read distressed as being less pliable so I just want to kind of point that out to you here you can see we have a couple of the other styles down here where we have a brown and then this is the distressed Brown so I'm just going to bring that next to it so you can kind of see just a little variation between those so really different look but still the same beautiful strong leather cord so this is the round leather cord we have it in two millimeter and one point five millimeter and this is just a selection of colors be sure to check out via Hawaii comm from one

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