PRESTIGE Crystal Design Inspiration - Beaded Crystal Snowflakes

When you think of Christmas, lots of wonderful images come to mind. The colors, the sparkle, the iconic symbols, the decorations, and more. The designers over at PRESTIGE Crystal Components sent us some beautiful design inspiration pieces that are Christmas personified. These beautiful snowflake ornaments feature delightful patterns of PRESTIGE Crystal beads threaded onto the snowflake wire arms. There are even Margarita beads stacked to make Christmas trees, and the colors are not limited to clear crystal alone, but reds and greens take center stage too.

Wire snowflake forms make up the foundation of these ornaments. You can find the forms in a nice variety of sizes. To finish each arm, simply turn the ends into loops using chain nose pliers or round nose pliers. We have a video showing you how to do this: 

Featured Video: How to Make a Beaded Wire Snowflake Ornament featuring Dazzle It Wire Frames

We hope you enjoyed these inspiration pieces. To make your own, check out the entire collection of PRESTIGE crystal beads. 



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