New Projects to Inspire this St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun holiday to design for; with its green clovers, Celtic knots, and lucky horseshoes, it's a cheerful and inspiring jewelry-making endeavor. Besides using any shade of green, you can also consider using the colors of the Irish flag which are white and orange (and green of course). For instant inspiration, see our selection of St. Patrick's Day charms. Quickly establish the St. Patrick's Day theme with clovers as well as claddagh and triskele charms, celctic hearts, and more. 

Below are some designs to help inspire your creative side this St. Patrick's Day. Use the designs as a jumping off place and take them in any direction you like. Thank you to PRESTIGE Crystal Components for supplying these great designs to use for inspiration!

For these first 2 bracelets, we have been able to turn them into beading projects with step-by-step instructions and a components list:

Galway Braceelt

Galway Bracelet

Lucky Clover Bracelet

Lucky Clover Bracelet (Reboot)


The following designs from PRESTIGE Crystal Components may feature colors or components not in our catalog. Refer to them as inspiration for your own variation.

This is a great design that uses PRESTIGE crystal bicone pendants in the colors of the Irish flag and then accents them with classic symbols associated with Ireland. If you wanted, you could use regular PRESTIGE crystal bicone beads (not the pendants) placed onto head pins with wire loops to finish them. You could then attach them to a length of chain or expandable charm bracelet
I love the detailing on the bicone dangles in both the earrings above. Notice how the end is finished with a loop and is not a traditional head pin. This is a way of adding an extra unexpected decorative touch. You could make this type of look by using either cut pieces of wire (finish the base loop first, slip on your bead, and then make your regular wrapped wire loop) or you could take a head pin, cut off the head, and then make the loop in its place. 

This is a classic St. Patrick's Day design of a lovely PRESTIGE clover pendant hanging from a jump ring which is attached to a chain. You can keep the design simple like this or add some extra dangles and charms to customize it. Also consider getting a finished chain necklace and hanging a Celtic-inspired charm from it. Sometimes simple designs like this are a perfect way to celebrate this special day and they can be worn year round. For more design inspiration, see all of our St. Patrick's Day beading projects.

I hope everyone enjoyed these new inspiration designs. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Mary Trenne - March 1, 2023

Love being inspired with the photos!! Can’t wait for my beads to arrive!!🫶🏼

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