Favorite Charms!

Charms are so fun and easy to use. Hanging one from a finished chain necklace creates an instant piece of personalized jewelry. For earrings, you can use two identical charms or mix & match for a fun modern look. Charms can be super tiny for delicate jewelry or larger for statement jewelry. They come in all finishes and all themes – making it so there is always something for every taste and style. Charm jewelry also usually falls into the category of “quick and easy” which means you can make endless accessories and gifts without having to devote a lot of time to any one project. Can you tell that I love charms? We have hundreds of charms at Beadaholique, but here are some of my favorite:

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Arelne Lack - February 17, 2023

These are all great! I do have the sand dollar & love it! Are there some dogs that would make this list too?

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