Soutache 101: How to Create Soutache Jewelry

Soutache 101: How to Create Soutache Jewelry

Learn how to do soutache bead embroidery for beading and jewelry making with our free tutorials and instructional videos, then pick up some soutache supplies and create your own soutache jewelry.

What is Soutache?

Soutache is a narrow, flat braid in a herringbone pattern usually used as the trimming of drapery or clothing. Soutache bead embroidery utilizes the **soutache cord** differently by stacking the cord in multiple layers and stitching them. In soutache bead embroidery, the soutache cord can be curved into different patterns, not only creating a stable base for adding beads, but a stunning piece of soutache jewelry.

How to Soutache

Making jewelry using soutache bead embroidery can seem a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of starting a project, you'll be creating impressive pieces in no time! Flat briolette **pendants**, **cabochons**, **round pearls** or **Czech glass beads** can be used as the focal point of your soutache embroidery, with **seed beads** accenting the design. The design process for creating soutache bead embroidered jewelry comes together organically as the braid curves back and forth around your chosen beads. This jewelry-making technique can be a bit difficult to describe and is best learned visually. View our soutache jewelry project tutorials and step-by-step instructional videos for more details. You'll soon be making your own soutache necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more!

Soutache Instructional Videos

See how to do soutache bead embroidery with instructional videos from our design team.

Featured Video: **How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 1 How to Make a Shaping Stitch**


Soutache Project Tutorials

Find inspiration and step-by-step instructions for soutache jewelry projects with our free beading patterns and project tutorials.

  • Retired - Augustine Soutache Earrings
  • Key West Soutache Earrings

Visit our **instructional videos** section to find more videos and to learn other beading techniques, and our **free beading projects** for all of our jewelry-making project tutorials.

Soutache Supplies

Before starting your project, select the soutache cord and beads you'd like to use in a complementary color scheme. Of course, don't forget the essentials—**needles**, **thread**, and **beading foundation materials**.

  • **Soutache Cord**
  • **Swarovski Crystal Pearls**
  • **Swarovski Crystal Round Beads**
  • **Czech Round Druk Beads**
  • **Czech Fire Polished Beads**
  • **Czech Melon Beads**
  • **Czech Party Beads**
  • **Cultured Pearls**
  • **Seed Beads**
  • **Beading Foundation Materials**
  • **Beading Thread**
  • **Closed Jump Rings**
  • **Needles**
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