Product Guide: PRESTIGE Crystal Hotfix Facts & How-tos

PRESTIGE crystal flatback rhinestones have a premium hotfix glue on the back. Benefits include flexible application temperatures and shorter application times plus improved adhesion and increased quality. The primer’s neutral shade of gray ensures that it is as unobtrusive as it is reliable. If your fabric is easily damaged by heat you should not use hotfix stones.

PRESTIGE crystal hotfix flatback rhinestones can be applied in at least two different ways:

  1. You can use a regular clothing iron or press, set at lowest heat setting (no steam).
    • Some people recommend putting a dish towel or other light-to-medium weight cloth over the area you are ironing.
    • Hold the iron in place long enough for the glue to melt.
    • Wait for stones and glue to cool before testing adhesion with your fingernail at the edge of a stone. If it is not sticking, you should iron it again until the glue melts properly.

Sound too complicated? Afraid you will knock the stones out of position while you are ironing them? Well, then try method number 2:

  1. We also carry Bejeweler Pro, a specific tool for applying round Hotfix flatbacks.
    • This is the latest and best version of the tool you have probably seen advertised on television.
    • It will pick up and heat your rhinestones until the glue starts to melt. You can then attach each stone to the fabric without touching it or its glue.
    • We recommend hand washing items with glued-on rhinestones, no matter what kind of glue is used. It is best not to dry-clean, either.
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