PRESTIGE Color and Effect Chart for Crystals and Pearls

Made in Austria, PRESTIGE Crystal Components are available in a wide variety of colors including classic Crystal, traditional jewel tones, signature shades, and limited-edition fashion colors. Find even more options with special effects which change the look of the base color. Many popular "colors" are in fact clear crystal with an effect applied. See the table at the bottom for all available effects.

Air Blue Opal Air Blue Opal Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst Blend Amethyst Blend Aquamarine Aquamarine
Army Green Army Green Azure Blue Azure Blue Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Pearl Black Pearl
Blackberry Pearl Blackberry Pearl Blue Zircon Blue Zircon Blush Rose Blush Rose Bordeaux Pearl Bordeaux Pearl
Bright Gold Pearl Bright Gold Pearl Bronze Pearl Bronze Pearl Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend
Buttercup Buttercup Cappuccino Cappuccino Capri Blue Capri Blue Caribbean Blue Opal Caribbean Blue Opal
Ceramic Marbled Ivory Ceramic Marbled Ivory Ceramic Marbled Yellow Ceramic Marbled Yellow Chrysolite Chrysolite Chrysolite Opal Chrysolite Opal
Citrine Citrine Citrus Green Citrus Green Cobalt Cobalt Coral Pearl Coral Pearl
Cream Pearl Cream Pearl Creamrose Pearl Creamrose Pearl Crystal No Effect Crystal No Effect Crystal Crystal
Cyclamen Opal Cyclamen Opal Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Grey Pearl Dark Grey Pearl Dark Indigo Dark Indigo
Dark Lapis Dark Lapis Dark Moss Green Dark Moss Green Dark Purple Dark Purple Dark Red Dark Red
Deep Brown Pearl Deep Brown Pearl Denim Blue Denim Blue Dusty Pink Dusty Pink Eden Green Pearl Eden Green Pearl
Elderberry Pearl Elderberry Pearl Electric Blue Electric Blue Electric Green Electric Green Electric Orange Electric Orange
Electric Pink Electric Pink Electric Violet Electric Violet Electric White Electric White Electric Yellow Electric Yellow
Emerald Emerald Erinite Erinite Fern Green Fern Green Fern Green-Topaz Blend Fern Green-Topaz Blend
Fire Opal Fire Opal Fuchsia Fuchsia Gold Pearl Gold Pearl Golden Topaz Golden Topaz
Graphite Graphite Greige Greige Grey Pearl Grey Pearl Heliotrope Heliotrope
Hyacinth Hyacinth Indian Pink Indian Pink Indian Sapphire Indian Sapphire Indicolite Indicolite
Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl Iridescent Dreamy Blue Pearl Iridescent Dreamy Blue Pearl Iridescent Dreamy Rose Pearl Iridescent Dreamy Rose Pearl
Iridescent Green Pearl Iridescent Green Pearl Iridescent Light Blue Pearl Iridescent Light Blue Pearl Iridescent Purple Pearl Iridescent Purple Pearl Iridescent Red Pearl Iridescent Red Pearl
Iridescent Rouge Pearl Iridescent Rouge Pearl Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl Iris Iris Ivory Cream Ivory Cream
Ivory Pearl Ivory Pearl Jade Pearl Jade Pearl Jet Jet Jonquil Jonquil
Khaki Khaki Laguna Laguna Lapis Pearl Lapis Pearl Lavender Lavender
Lavender Pearl Lavender Pearl Light Amber Light Amber Light Amethyst Light Amethyst Light Azore Light Azore
Light Blue Pearl Light Blue Pearl Light Colorado Topaz Light Colorado Topaz Light Coral Light Coral Light Creamrose Pearl Light Creamrose Pearl
Light Gold Pearl Light Gold Pearl Light Grey Light Grey Light Grey Pearl Light Grey Pearl Light Peach Light Peach
Light Rose Light Rose Light Sapphire Light Sapphire Light Siam Light Siam Light Silk Light Silk
Light Smoked Topaz Light Smoked Topaz Light Topaz Light Topaz Light Turquoise Light Turquoise Lilac Lilac
Lime Lime Lotus Pink Lotus Pink Majestic Blue Majestic Blue Majestic Green Majestic Green
Maroon Maroon Mauve Pearl Mauve Pearl Mint Green Mint Green Mocca Mocca
Montana Montana Mulberry Pink Pearl Mulberry Pink Pearl Mystic Black Pearl Mystic Black Pearl Neon Green Pearl Neon Green Pearl
Neon Orange Pearl Neon Orange Pearl Neon Pink Pearl Neon Pink Pearl Neon Red Pearl Neon Red Pearl Neon Yellow Pearl Neon Yellow Pearl
Night Blue Pearl Night Blue Pearl Ocean Ocean Ochre Ochre Olivine Olivine
Orange Orange Orange Glow Orange Glow Pacific Opal Pacific Opal Padparadscha Padparadscha
Palace Green Opal Palace Green Opal Pastel Blue Pearl Pastel Blue Pearl Pastel Green Pearl Pastel Green Pearl Pastel Grey Pearl Pastel Grey Pearl
Pastel Rose Pearl Pastel Rose Pearl Pastel Yellow Pearl Pastel Yellow Pearl Peach Peach Peach Pearl Peach Pearl
Pearlescent White Pearl Pearlescent White Pearl Peony Pink Peony Pink Peridot Peridot Petrol Pearl Petrol Pearl
Pink Coral Pearl Pink Coral Pearl Platinum Pearl Platinum Pearl Powder Almond Pearl Powder Almond Pearl Powder Green Pearl Powder Green Pearl
Powder Rose Pearl Powder Rose Pearl Provence Lavender Provence Lavender Purple Purple Purple Velvet Purple Velvet
Red Coral Pearl Red Coral Pearl Rosaline Rosaline Rosaline Pearl Rosaline Pearl Rose Rose
Rose Gold Pearl Rose Gold Pearl Rose Peach Rose Peach Rose Water Opal Rose Water Opal Royal Blue Royal Blue
Royal Green Royal Green Royal Red Royal Red Ruby Ruby Sapphire Sapphire
Scarlet Scarlet Serene Gray Serene Gray Siam Siam Silk Silk
Silky Sage Silky Sage Smoked Amber Smoked Amber Smoked Topaz Smoked Topaz Smoky Mauve Smoky Mauve
Summer Blue Summer Blue Sun Sun Sunflower Sunflower Sunshine Sunshine
Tangerine Tangerine Tanzanite Tanzanite Topaz Topaz Topaz Blend Topaz Blend
Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise Pearl Turquoise Pearl Velvet Brown Pearl Velvet Brown Pearl Vintage Gold Pearl Vintage Gold Pearl
Vintage Rose Vintage Rose Violet Violet White Alabaster White Alabaster White Opal White Opal
White Pearl White Pearl Yellow Opal Yellow Opal


Some of the above colors can also be found with signature coatings for a special effect. For example, the "color" Bermuda Blue is actually a clear stone (Crystal color) with the Bermuda Blue Effect applied. Most effects are applied only to Crystal colored stones, but some effects, such as the popular AB Effect or Shimmer Effect, can be found on a wide variety of base colors.

*The Ignite Effect is available in several shades: Crystal, Maroon, Purple, Orange, Aqua, Light Rose, Agave, Dark Grey, Denim, Electric Blue, Electric Pink, Electric White, Flamingo, Linen, and Sky.
**The LacquerPRO coating is available in several shades.

1/2 Matte 1/2 Matte AB AB AB 2X AB 2X Antique Pink Antique Pink
Astral Pink Astral Pink Bermuda Blue Bermuda Blue Black Patina Black Patina Blue Shade Blue Shade
Bronze Shade Bronze Shade Comet Argent Light Comet Argent Light Copper Copper Dorado Dorado
Gold Patina Gold Patina Golden Shadow Golden Shadow Hematite Hematite Ignite Ignite*
Iridescent Green Iridescent Green LacquerPRO LacquerPRO** Light Chrome Light Chrome Light Chrome 2X Light Chrome 2X
Lilac Shadow Lilac Shadow Luminous Green Luminous Green Meridian Blue Meridian Blue Metallic Blue Metallic Blue
Metallic Light Gold Metallic Light Gold Metallic Light Gold 2X Metallic Light Gold 2X Metallic Silver Metallic Silver Metallic Sunshine Metallic Sunshine
Metallic Sunshine 2X Metallic Sunshine 2X Moonlight Moonlight Nightfall Nightfall Nut Nut
Paradise Shine Paradise Shine Paradise Shine 2X Paradise Shine 2X Partly Frosted Partly Frosted Rainbow Dark Rainbow Dark
Rainbow Dark 2X Rainbow Dark 2X Red Magma Red Magma Rose Gold Rose Gold Rose Gold 2X Rose Gold 2X
Rose Patina Rose Patina Satin Satin Scarabaeus Green Scarabaeus Green Shimmer Shimmer
Shimmer 2X Shimmer 2X Silver Night Silver Night Silver Night 2X Silver Night 2X Silver Patina Silver Patina
Silver Shade Silver Shade Vitrail Light Vitrail Light Vitrail Medium Vitrail Medium Volcano Volcano
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