How to Straighten Bent Wire and Head Pins

One of the basic techniques that every jewelry maker needs to know is how to straighten bent wire and head pins . Most likely the wire you purchase, such as sterling silver wire, gold filled wire and craft wire, will have been rolled into a coil on a spool. This sets the wire into a curl shape. Also, delicate head pins can be bent during transit. And of course we all make mistakes from time to time that need undoing.

Nylon Jaw Chain Nose Pliers Straightening wire is most easily accomplished using nylon jaw pliers. Simply draw the wire through the nylon jaws while gently holding the pliers closed. Repeat this a few times until your wire is straight. The nylon jaws will protect your wire from nicks and scratches. And although the nylon tips should last awhile, they can be replaced when needed.

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