How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop

Learn how to make a wrapped wire loop with our instructional video tutorial or see below for written instructions and step-by-step photos. Knowing how to create a wrapped wire loop is essential for beading and jewelry-making.

For more on wire wrapping, check out our instructional videos on Wire Wrapping Techniques.

  1. Place your bead(s) onto a head pin. Right after the bead, grab the head pin with your chain nose pliers and bend the wire at a 90-degree angle above the pliers. This creates a small upright piece of wire between the bead and the bend. One of our favorite chain nose pliers is the Beadsmith Jeweller's Micro Pliers.
Bend the Head Pin
  1. Grab the wire with your round nose pliers just above the bend. Bend the wire up and over the top of your round nose pliers. We like the Xuron Jeweler's Super Fine Round Nose Pliers.
Bend the Wire
  1. Reposition your round nose pliers to make it easier to loop the wire all the way around the nose, creating a complete loop.
Create a Complete Loop
  1. Remove your round nose pliers and grasp the top of the loop with your chain nose pliers. Using either your fingers or another pair of pliers, grip the end of the wire and coil it tightly around the upright piece of wire below your loop, coiling from top to bottom. Keep coiling until your reach the top of your bead.
Grip the End of the Wire and Coil
  1. Where the wire coil tail meets the bead, snip off the excess wire end with your wire cutters.
Snip Off Excess Wire
  1. Use chain nose pliers to tuck the end of the wire into your wrappings.
Tuck the End

Also see How to Create a Simple Wire Loop. For more on wire wrapping, check out our instructional videos on Wire Wrapping Techniques and learn more about wire on our Product Guide: Choosing Wire for Wire Wrapping, Wire Looping, and Wire Jewelry page. Put your skill to use and try some of our free beading projects using a wrapped wire loop.

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