How to Cut Jewelry Wire

Many of the materials used for jewelry making require a proper cutting tool and for most jewelry makers the single most useful cutting tool is a flush cutter.

Flush Cutter A standard flush cutter has two sides. One side is flat. This is always the side that faces the wire as you cut. The other side is beveled. This side provides the proper angle for producing a sharp, even cut. A flush cutter will produce a flat end at exactly the point where you cut, leaving the smallest leftover piece possible and avoiding any burrs which can scratch the skin or get snagged on clothing.

At Beadaholique we recommend using flush cutters for sterling silver, gold filled and copper wires up to 18 gauge. We have also found them essential for cutting the Soft Flex, Soft Touch and Acculon wires. These consist of fine steel wires that are twisted together, so strong, sharp flush cutters are ideal.

We do not recommend for using with memory wire or any wire with a solid steel core. For that purpose we recommend using memory wire cutters.

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