Guide to Preciosa Pearl Colors


Preciosa Pearl Color Chart

Preciosa nacre pearls are available in a wide variety of colors for jewelry making. Elevate your designs with this beautiful alternative to naturally occurring pearls from the world leader in Czech crystal. While traditional Czech pearls are made of glass beads with a pearlescent finish, Preciosa nacre pearls contain a genuine Preciosa crystal core coated in several layers of nacre. This combination creates a silky-smooth finish just like naturally occurring and cultured pearls. Preciosa nacre pearls are available in three finishes: pearl effect, pearlescent, and gem color. See at a glance all Preciosa nacre pearl colors with their color chart below. Note: Not all colors may be currently available. If you would like to request a bulk Preciosa pearl order of a color we currently do not carry, please contact our customer service team.


Preciosa Nacre Pearl Color Chart by Color

Preciosa Nacre Pearl Color Chart by Number

View/Download the PDF: Preciosa Pearls Color Chart PDF (2.01MB) 

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