Product Guide: CzechMates Dimensional Beading System

CzechMates Dimensional Beading System

With the CzechMates™ Dimensional Beading System, you can use multi-hole beads to add depth and intricacy to your work, creating 3-dimensional designs difficult to achieve with standard 1-hole seed beads alone. Even relatively simple designs will come together more quickly with multi-hole beads. Available in a wide range of colors and shapes, CzechMates increases your design options—uniting the beauty and versatility of Czech glass with uniform hole spacing and size, so you never have to worry about bunching, warping or puckering. Combine classic CzechMates 2-hole beads in Lentil, Brick, Tile, Dagger, Triangle and SuperDuo shapes with 4-hole QuadraTile and QuadraLentil beads for striking, multidimensional designs.

Find CzechMates in the following categories. Please note that any other 2-hole beads available on our site are not guaranteed to work perfectly with CzechMates.

  • **2-Hole Square Beads**
  • **2-Hole Brick Beads**
  • **2-Hole Lentil Beads**
  • **2-Hole Dagger Beads**
  • **2-Hole Triangle Beads**
  • **2-Hole SuperDuo Beads**
  • **2-Hole Bar Beads**
  • **2-Hole Round Cabochon**
  • **3-Hole Beam Beads**
  • **4-Hole QuadraLentil Beads**
  • **4-Hole QuadraTile Beads**


CzechMates Project Tutorials

Find inspiration and step-by-step instructions for working with CzechMates with these beading project tutorials from our design team.

  • **Retired - Coco Bracelet Set**
  • **The Laura Bangle**
  • **The Sally Bangle**
  • **Retired - Metallic Rays Bangle**
  • **Black & White Rays Bangle**
  • **Retired - Golden Dragon Peyote Bracelet**
  • **Kavala Cuff**
  • **Kavala Cuff in Night**
  • **Retired - Alexis Bracelet**
  • **Retired - Matte Metallic Bangle**
  • **Retired - Moroccan Princess Necklace**
  • **Retired - The Tree of Vienna Necklace**
  • **Springtime Parade Necklace**
  • **Hawaiian Goddess Necklace**
  • **Retired - Moonshadow Ring**
  • **Midnight Blooms Ring**
  • **Iris Moon Bracelet**
  • **Retired - Flying Saucer Necklace**
  • **Veracruz Bracelet**
  • **The Palms Bracelet - Riviera Resort**


Also check out our **instructional videos** section to find more videos and to learn other beading techniques, and our **free beading projects** for all of our jewelry-making project tutorials.

More 2-Hole Beads

Two-hole beads open up a new world of design options. See below for more styles of 2-hole beads from brands such as **Miyuki** and **Preciosa**. Note: These beads are not guaranteed to work perfectly with each other or with the CzechMates line.

  • **2-Hole Pyramid Beads**
  • **2-Hole Twin Beads**
  • **2-Hole Spacer Bars**
  • **Miyuki Tila Beads**
  • **Miyuki Half Tila Beads**

Beading Patterns and Project Tutorials

Find beading patterns and project tutorials using 2-hole beads.

  • **Retired - Abby Twin Bead Bracelet**
  • **Tribeca Bracelet**
  • **Retired - Gemini Bracelet**
  • **Pyramid Bead Stretch Bracelet Set**
  • **Black & White Rays Bangle**
  • **Sundance Tila Bracelet**
  • **Retired - Morning Mist Tila Bead Bracelet**
  • **Retired - Twin Bead Beaded Bead Stretch Bracelet**
  • **Mayan Revival Cuff in Turquoise and Pink Luster**


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