Swarovski Crystal, #6695 Chessboard Pendant 20mm, 1 Piece, Jet

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  • A limited production item from Swarovski. Similar to the #6696 Urban Pendant, the #6695 Chessboard Pendant has a modern look with a rectangular shape and square facets. The large rectangle hole is great for use with knotting cord to create edgy look in your jewelry.
  • Color: Jet
  • Style #: 6695 Chessboard Pendant
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Swarovski Austrian Crystal
  • Measurements: 20mm Long, 10mm Wide. 6mm Depth, 4x2mm Hole.
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Low stock/limited availability. Swarovski has decided to retain strict control of jewelry made with Swarovski crystals and will no longer be manufacturing beads and other components for hobbyists and small jewelry makers. Stock up on all you may need for your projects. This will not come back in stock once sold out.
  • SKU: SWCR-6314
Additional Information
Shape Rectangle
ITEM SHAPE Rectangle
Materials Crystal
Package Type Bag
Size Reference Chart
Swarovski Crystal, #6695 Chessboard Pendant 20mm, 1 Piece, Jet

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