Show & Tell: Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video overview see the lovely new effect (Crystal Rainbow Dark), pearl color (Iridescent Red Pearl), and new shapes and styles for Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18 launch. Also see some project ideas and learn tips on what to pair these new elements with.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with now at beadaholique two main components to the collection there's a new effect which is crystal rainbow dark there's also a new pearl which is crystal iridescent red pearl and I'm gonna start with the effect and show you some of the new pieces available in this really cool effect so if you look at this pear pendant right here and I'm just gonna try to catch the light at different angles you can really see there's a lot of colors coming into play here and I'm gonna pick up another one and show you a different one each piece is gonna be unique and it really looks much like an oil slick so it's got really pretty iridescent pinks and greens and blues all these different colors coming into play which makes it very easy to pair with other crystals when you're making your jewelry designs so we've got pear-shaped pendants hearts and a spike now on the pendant I'm going to show you the backside is that pretty kind of neutral gray tone and then on the beads they're considered a 2x finish which means the coating of the crystal rainbow dark is all the way around on every side of them so we've got rondelle's as well as bicones and here's a quick little example of how you might use these so Kat our designer made these earrings they're very edgy and modern and also quite glamorous at the same time and she paired it with gold and I think the gold is quite pretty with this new effect so in addition to the pendant shape as well as the bead shapes we have flat backs and if you're not familiar with a flat back if you flip it over it is just a flat back like the name suggests which makes it really easy to glue on when you're creating your different jewelry designs and they come in on quite a variety of sizes so down here we have an SS 9 12 16 20 30 and 34 and a 34 is equivalent to about 7 millimeters and again each one's gonna look slightly different with that really the effect over here we have some Rivoli's and i Rivoli is pointed on both sides catch the light to show that effect and then shoot on snow she tones are a little bit different from a rivet that they're pointed on the back but they have a flatter top to them so sheet ons are great if you want to set them down into like crystal clay which is an epoxy clay or maybe you want to do some bead weaving around the edge and then over here I think this is a great time to go right into the pearl because we can see how pretty the pearl looks with the new effect now this is called an iridescent red pearl so it's really got some nice burgundy undertones and like almost like a gray iridescent coating on it and again it comes in a variety of sizes I'm gonna show you right here we've got a 3 a 4 a 5 a 6 and 8 and a 10 and a 12 which is great if you want to do a graduated design which is what here cat did so she's got the smaller ones at the back and then she goes bigger bigger bigger until she gets more here and then she did that with this really pretty dangle earring as well now one thing that's interesting about this pearl is depending upon what you pair it with it really picks up that color so I'm going to take this crystal antique pink and pair it next to that pearl and to me the pearl looks much Pinker now suddenly now if I take Jett I instantly see a little bit more of the red and the grey come into play so it's gonna be a fun pearl to pair with different colors you might be wondering what these little guys are over here this is a completely new shape these are oval Rivoli's and they're a nice size too they're 14 long by about 10.5 wide which makes them really ideal to set into bezel rings and I'll show you the backside of them so we really thought that these would be very fun to work with and then up here we have another fancy stone this is a tribe fancy stone and you can see it's really got a nice ruffled edge and there's going to be more colors of these available too and it's if you look along that edge the edging is actually a different color than the center which adds unique element to it as well over here we have some evil and we've got one that's a charm which would be great for your european-style bracelets and then we also have pendants which would be easy to work into a lot of different designs and this is the vertical orientation we'll also be getting the horizontal in these are rimmed flat backs and we fell in love with these when we saw on so that is actually a special coating they got a flat back there hotfix and to us they look like studs so very edgy very rock and roll and then over here we have pearls and these are actually a pearl cabochon with a bezel edge and this is a metal edge we got the gold plate and the rhodium plate and I think these would be fantastic for wedding jewelry especially if you glue them on to something they're gonna look a lot like fancy little buttons so that is the new Sourav ski release again we got that real pretty color which is the Crystal rainbow dark and then we got the nice new pearl which is the iridescent red pearl and a couple fun new pieces to work into your jewelry designs as well you can find all of these as well as the projects you see here at you

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