Show and Tell: Nunn Design Winter Collection 2017

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will take a look at the Nunn Design Winter Collection 2017 featuring bezels, pendants, open back bezels, bracelet cuffs and lapel pins. All of these elements come in antiqued gold, antiqued silver, and antiqued copper.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and i've in and show you all the beautiful pieces that are part of this collection so i'm going to start over here and these are actually nice and cute and tiny little bezels and they're bezel here are links and we also have round links as well and you can see how tiny and kind of perfect views would be to maybe string together and create a nice little channel bracelet and we also have some little hearts over here and now these are just pendants because they only have one loop at the top but you can see how small they are so this is really something that you can stack up and add to your designs and these are all and this goes for the whole collection featuring an antique gold and antique copper and an antique silver so those are the three finishes that you'll find in many of these pieces so just continuing up here you can see just for size comparison we have some larger bezels up here we have some really cool arrowheads now these have just a flat backing to them and a nice bezel which is great for crystal clay or resin and we have these sort of flag terms here so it's that oval half shape and these are also just really neat and then we also have a teardrop shape again these are bezels great for using with resin we have several videos showing you how to use colored resin and does all the various things that you can put in here transfer sheets and lots of fun ideas also moving up here I am very excited about this group of cuffs because what's really unique and I sort of pulled out one of each style we have this one here that has that channel charm and just to bring it up here and show you so this is that if see charm and I'm sorry that it's the link and it is about the same size so you just kind of get a little bit of a feel for how big this is so you can do the one that has a circle and a rectangle we have one that has two circles two rectangle and one that has a circle and a triangle and you I think it's really neat and I'm very inspired by youth because they give a cool industrial look and just imagine them all kind of stacked up and to sort of neat together so it's really a great thing to kind of mix and match these and create some really fun looks now I will say with this one if you'll notice in my hand if you're going to do resin you can't do both resin at the same time you'd have to put this into something where you get it to stand up straight so that you can do this nice and flat let that here and then you'd have to come back on a separate date and then do this side so that is the only drawback if you're wanting to do resin with ease but I recommend doing these in batches and then you can really get some fun neat ideas so that's just something to do if you wanted to put resin into both and that goes for all of them they all sort of have that little angle going out at the sides so you'd have to do it in two sessions not a bad idea so definitely get inspired with some resin and crystal clay and I could see a cute little crystal going right in there so lots of fun ideas down here we have lapel pins and these are super fun and user brand new to Becky's line so she has not done something like this before and we are really excited to show the Nunn design kind of versatility with these pins so very simple we have some hearts and again it's that same size as those links as I showed you before I'm sorry those pendants as I showed you before and we have some stars we have some great circles which I just want to show you on the back of these that they are not Center drilled so that hole is a little bit towards the top so there is definitely a top and a bottom when you're looking at it from the side and then we have some moons as well so you definitely have a celestial feel to these and you can definitely do some fun Valentine's Day things possibly for has bender boyfriend make him a nice little heart lapel pin and finishing it off we have some hammered pieces and these are just flat tags and we have some big drop circles we have the sort of oblong shape and then we have a nice little oval and then over here we have a couple of pendants and these are actually nice and weighty so they got some weight to them nice and heavy so you can use these in your jewelry as well and they have a nice big hole so that you can just put a big jump ring through there or possibly a fine chain so lots of versatility with these pieces as well and I just want to show you really quick on these flat tags I'm actually going to take the gold one here so you can see so it's hammered on the sides and I have a rounded edge but when you flip it over it's completely flat on the back so we do have a video showing you how to do this technique where you add just a very fine layer of resin to the back to seal something in or to give it some color so that's something that you could do with all of these tags they all have that same feature where it's a little flat on the back and it's got just a very small little lip of metal so that you can actually keep that resin in there it's a delicate technique but it's definitely worth trying you can have a lot of fun with it and do some really neat things so I hope you enjoyed this presentation of the Nunn design winter collection in 2017 you can find Becky men's videos and more beadaholique videos at you

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