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Hi, this is Kat with it features a lot of open best bezel as well as the open frames that are really great for wire wrapping so let me draw your attention first to the 4 different finishes that you're going to find a lot of these items in so we're going to have that antique copper an antique silver antique gold and then a bright silver so those are basically going to be the four finishes for many of these some of them won't come in all four so just go ahead and check to find out which ones come in which styles but this is a beautiful little open frame and you can see that it's got nice little holes there so you can string through or you can do some wire wrapping you can actually even try to back these with tape and fill them very delicately with a resin so lots of options with these so these are the horseshoes here so they're a little bit wider and a little bit shallower you can kind of see them next to each other and just sees a little bit of a shape different and of course these have those holes on the side as well so the side is a little bit larger and then down here we have these open frames and what you can see here is that the tops are flattened but the bottoms here are nice and rounded so it actually gives a really nice little look to this type of style so it's nice and flattened on the top there but it is rounded on the bottom so just to move along here we have these long diamond open frames and there are a couple examples of use here one is just a simple wire wrapping stretch that goes right across there just with some gemstone and that's just a really nice little delicate piece and this is actually a finished chain so all you have to do is click the center and add some jump rings so if you purchase this all of your chain will be already together with your clasp so it's a really nice little technique if you don't want to try to purchase a whole bunch of clasp you can just get that long chain so and over here this is a beautiful piece and I just love the use of copper and the wire wrapping here and these are Union seed beads there's a lot of beautiful colors that you can use and it really brings out that bright antique copper so just some fun things here and we'll get to talking about what this is this is one of those paddle head pins and I'll talk to you about that in just a moment but I want to draw your attention over here to some of the rings that are offered with this collection there are these small hammered rings and these are really beautiful and nice and thin now all these rings here are actually sized six seven and eight so this one here I just did a little bit of wire wrapping on just to give it a nice little look and just across the top there for a nice delicate little piece there and I honestly I think I might make a few more of these and just kind of stack them up and make a really pretty statement ring now these over here these are open back bezel ring and they have a hexagon a circle and a square and you can see in this square one here I used a little bit of crystal clay and some of the jus deacons rocks so if you look on the back here you'll just see a little bit of that gray crisp crystal clay excuse me and it's nice and soft against the finger and these are beautiful and like I said their size they are really made very very well so this is a great idea especially if you're making gifts for someone and you happen to know the ring size there's a lot of opportunity here with just resin crystal clay and many other things that you could put in your bezels so moving along we have some additional flat tags here we have the arrowheads as well as the half oval so those are really fun to play with as well and then going back to what I was talking about these are those paddle head pins now these are really really neat but I will say this they're a little bit more like eye pins because you won't really be able to stretch this out and put beads on top of it just because this wire is so sick but it does open if you just take a pair of pliers to open it the same way you would any other eye pin or a jump ring so you can attach it to something I do however want to show you that there is a little bit of a difference between the short one and the long one you can see this paddle shape is a little bit different so the short one here is going to have that bigger paddle and the long one is going to have the smaller paddle but you can actually see how nicely they complement each other so if you kind of strong a few together I think it would actually looks very very nice so moving along we have some bezels here this is a really beautiful channel bezel and this is a gorgeous long pendant we also have stars and moon and these actually fit with the Nunn design collage and transfer sheets so be sure to check that out at D to Holly and then moving along here to the left part of the collection here and these are adult open back bezel now we have the it seems down here in that circle hexagon and square we have the arrow head we have the half oval and then we also have over here the drops and the inverted drops now I think this might be my favorite piece of this collection I just love how thick this bezel is and just the cool little shape that it has it's just really unique it's a little bit modern but it's also got that nice classic sort of teardrop but the inversion just really makes it stand out as a lovely piece so this is the Nunn design summer collection for 2017 be sure to check out all of these items and more videos at and be sure to hit that subscribe button below you

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